BHM Day 8: Blue Lotus Feet of the Divine Mother

I was listening to a track by Sacred Earth yesterday which inspired today’s post. As I was listening to their track ‘Divine Mother’, she mentioned ‘The Blue Lotus feet of the Divine Mother‘. It suddenly dawned on me that my subconscious mind has been gently guiding me towards the Divine Mother since I asked for “the Truth!” in 2001!

I painted Blue Lotus in 2010:

God in the aspect of Divine Mother is frequently depicted as sitting or standing on a large lotus, a symbol of purity and wisdom, hence a symbol of the Christ (Kutastha) Intelligence, the ‘only-begotten’ reflected intelligence of God the Father in creation.

Kutastha Chaitanya is a Sanskrit term synonymous with ‘Christ Consciousness’. Kuta means the bone of the forehead, or the point between the eyebrows, and Chaitanya means consciousness.’

In my blog post The Origins of Christianity I shared how Wisdom (personified as a woman) was with God during the Creation process, and that without Wisdom, nothing was created.

‘The Blue Lotus of the Nile has long been regarded as sacred by many of the world’s religions, especially in Egypt, where it is held to be a symbol of the Universe itself. Rooted in the mud, the Blue Lotus rises and blossoms at dawn (unlike the white lotus which is a night-blooming flower). It symbolizes purity and resurrection, and victory of the spirit over the senses. It is also the symbol of intelligence, wisdom, and knowledge. It is generally represented as a partially opened bud, whose centre is unseen, the embodiment of the “perfection of wisdom”.’

‘In the various traditions of India, the Blue Lotus has many treasured and sacred meanings. In “Cosmic Chants” by Paramahansa Yogananda, it is spoken of in reference to his beautiful chant “Blue Lotus Feet”.’ However this is the song I was listening to:

“Blue lotus feet” poetically suggests Her origin in the Kutastha Intelligence, which is associated with the colour blue.

Wisdom initiates and guides all activities of Cosmic Nature, the active principle or vibratory power of God manifesting in His creation.

Aum, Holy Ghost, Cosmic Nature are all symbolic names of the Divine Mother.
It is often compared to the enlightened being who emerges undefiled from the chaos and confusion of the world. In Egypt, not a monument in the valley of the Nile, not a single papyrus scroll is without this plant in an honoured place. On Egyptian pillars, on thrones and even headdresses of the Divine Kings, the lotus flower appears everywhere.’

Which leads to the QUESTion: “Why was the Divine Mother removed from the bible?”

It seems Asians and Caucasians still worship the Divine Mother (the Feminine aspect of God). Only Africans and their descendants were led astray, away from ‘the Truth’. I explained in my blog post The Origins of Christianity that the bible was created from manuscripts stolen from ancient Kemet (Egypt). They were then used to create new ‘holy books’ which removed the Divine Feminine and made women subservient to men.

Is it that men became afraid of the woman’s pow-her? How weak she made him feel?

There are various stories in the bible where women used their beauty and sexual prowess to bring a man down (e.g. Samson and Delilah). This is a mis-use of Feminine Energy, and only further gave them reason to suppress feminine inner-g.

‘In Ancient Kemet (Egypt) the Blue Lotus water lily was possibly also a symbol of sexuality. Dr. Liz Williamson says that the flower “has a sort of Viagra effect” when mixed with wine, especially in women, but like Damiana (Turnera diffusa), it reportedly works well for both sexes.’

‘The Egyptian idea of sexuality was identified with creation. Being a flower of creation, the Blue Lotus became linked to human fertility and sexuality. The images of women holding the flower may be hinting at her ability to bear children or that they were sexually desirable, and images of men holding the flower may hint at their potency. It could also be a way to ensure that the person painted would be fertile – and sexy – in the afterlife.’

‘But sexual connotations are only part of the allure of the Blue Lotus. The pleasurable effects, especially when mixed with wine, have much anecdotal as well as historical evidence to back up the claims.’

Please note: I knew none of this when I painted Blue Lotus in 2010, I was just following my in-tuition…and I still am!

Blue Lotus features in Year Four of Journey of a Sister. Listen to this extract from the audiobook:

Download the audiobooks and the e-book so you can listen and read at the same time! I’ve shared everything I discovered since asking God for “the Truth!” in a beautiful story form! 📖🎧

Most of my paintings have an accompanying poem, listen to them on the Art page! The poem for Blue Lotus is called ‘Equilibrium‘ – it’s all about creating BALANCE which is perfect for Libra Season – balance must be restored!

Fun BHM Fact:

In summary, the Divine Mother is the Feminine Aspect of the Creator – both are needed to create Life.

Right now, there’s far too much masculine energy on the planet, brought about by man-made religions. We must all do our part to help create EQUILIBRIUM.

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