How to Get the Ring On Your Finger

Are you seeking MARRIAGE as opposed to long term dating?

I was inspired to write this book to help my single sisters prepare to meet, date, and marry their soulmate.  Over 30 brothers contributed to this book (both married and single) to give you a better idea of what would make them put the ring on.  It will help you PREPARE to meet your soul mate, helps you identify WHERE you are likely to meet a good black man or woman (including my events!) then guides you through the whole dating process by introducing the ‘DIY Arranged Marriage, which involves doing the 6 Month Test, to help you climb the ladder to dating success!  Click on the book image above to order your paperback, or to download the e-book click on the buttons below; If you’re an Amazon Prime member, it’s FREE to borrow from their lending library!




I also shared my own her-story of why I chose not to marry, despite getting the ring on twice! Marriage isn’t for everybody, but if it’s your desire to marry, this book will help you on your journey, but be sure to follow the plan!

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