It’s My Birthday! 🌍 🌞 ♏️

Today marks my 57th solar return, and I'm feeling so accomplished! πŸ₯³ I usually take this time of year to reflect and evaluate my progress in life, and this has been one of my most productive years to date, thanks to plant medicines and healing frequencies! πŸ„πŸ€ Some of you may know that in 2018 … Continue reading It’s My Birthday! 🌍 🌞 ♏️

Halo Festival Review (Halloween) πŸ’€πŸͺ˜πŸŽΆ

If you were following my Black His-story Month vlog series and was wondering what happened to the rest, I decided that it's okay to carry on the series after October since OUR story is 365 days of the year! I took some time out towards the end of October to attend the Halo Festival, an … Continue reading Halo Festival Review (Halloween) πŸ’€πŸͺ˜πŸŽΆ

BHM Vlogs Day 4: Jesus and His Divine Mother

In Day 4 of my 'Black His-story Month' vlog series I explain how Jesus' ministry relates to sacred geometry and Numerology! I also explain how he was birthed from a union between the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, in line with the ancient Egyptian creation story: Listen to this extract from Year Six of … Continue reading BHM Vlogs Day 4: Jesus and His Divine Mother

Self Love Challenge Day One: 8 Ways to Love πŸ’ž

Welcome to Day One of my 5 Day Self Love Challenge, leading up to Self Love Day on JanuaryΒ  8th πŸ₯° Each day will include a simple task, and a self-affirmation to repeat. Today's challenge is to understand the 8 different types of love, which will give us a better understand of our relationships, including … Continue reading Self Love Challenge Day One: 8 Ways to Love πŸ’ž

Self Love Day! πŸ₯°(Official)

I'm officially declaring January 8th 2022 as Self Love Day! πŸ’ž This is when Venus, the planet of Love and Beauty, reaches her annual Star Point, at the pinnacle of Venus Retrograde. Venus Retrograde The planet Venus goes retrograde from December 19th 2021, and turns direct again on January 29th 2022. It reaches its peak … Continue reading Self Love Day! πŸ₯°(Official)

BHM Day 26: I Met God…She’s Black!

Did you know that Black Women are the physical representation of the feminine aspect of God here on Earth? The Black Woman is known as the 'Mother of all Nations' because she can create all other types of human beings, which is known as Mitochondrial DNA. Through mainstream media, she has been made to … Continue reading BHM Day 26: I Met God…She’s Black!