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Award-winning actress, model, producer and author Jacinth Headlam is coming for the UK release of her motivational memoir LOVE AFTER…

Help me welcome her on Friday May 3rd 2019 for her UK Bo​o​​k Launch, Short Film Premiere & Empowerment Reception at Weatherill House Business Centre, Whitestone Way, Croydon CR0 4WF from 5.30pm-7.30pm.

The event will  be hosted by Jacinth, and will feature a short documentary film about her life, her motivational presentation, and networking empowerment mixer.  There will also be some surprise guests artists/entrepreneurs in the building!

“So many of us are struggling with past or present hurts, pains, traumas, betrayals, insecurities, addictions, abuse, abandonment, and brokenness that block us from walking in our purpose and knowing our true identity,” said Jacinth, who was born in Jamaica and now lives in the USA.

Love After will show you how to turn your pain into your purpose and shows you the path to your Love After encounter.”

Tickets are just £21.91 which includes a gift bag with your FREE Love After… autographed book, and free Juzmania refreshments, order yours from Eventbrite by clicking on the link or image above!

Visit the website: for more information

DeBorah Bellony of Who I Am Ministries will also be flying over from the USA to share how the Destiny Cards system works.  Cardology is an ancient system preserved in the deck of playing cards based on astrology and numerology that can help you innerstand your life path and cycles to make better choices on your journey in life. She will share for 10 minutes at Jacinth’s event, and will facilitate her own one day intensive workshop on Saturday 4th May from 11am-5pm, where she will also be teaching a technique that can help clear trapped emotions from your subconscious that may be preventing you from moving forward in your destiny. For more information, join my Soul Purpose Tribe (below) and you’ll receive an email with more details!  Listen to my Soul Purpose Tribe message (date is 4th May with 5th being added depending on demand):

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