BHM blog series Day 2: The Origins of Christianity

Today’s topic is about how African spirituality was stolen, repackaged and handed back to us in the form of mental slavery.

When I read that God loved the world so much that he sacrificed his only Son, I had to ask “Where is the Mother in the Creation Story?”

As a Truth-seeker, and someone who had developed a close relationship with my Maker, I wasn’t afraid to ask QUESTions. See, I knew in my heart that God is Pure, Unconditional LOVE, and that no matter what I said or did, He would always LOVE me.

So when I QUESTioned God about the Mother, it led me on another journey…

First, I was directed to Proverbs 8:22-31 which said that Wisdom is personified as a woman, and that Wisdom was with God during the Creation process, and that without Wisdom, nothing was created.

I also discovered that originally, there was a Father, Mother, and Son:

In ancient Egyptian religion Ausar, Auset and Heru were the original Father, Mother and Son: The Holy Trinity.

Auset and Heru were often pictured together: the Divine Mother and her Son.

When Europeans stole the manuscripts from ancient Kemet and burned down their Universities, they used these ancient manuscripts to create new ‘holy books’, and whitewashed all the characters 👆🏾

Key knowledge that would enable us to evolve our souls and create life on our own terms was omitted, and kept within the ‘select few’.

Instead, these ‘holy books’ were used to enslave the minds of the masses, primarily targeted at Africans and their descendants.

In their new version of religion, there was only a Father and his Son, but no Mother.

This led me to ask the QUESTions: “Why was the Divine Mother removed from the Creation story?”
And “Why did they say that God made Eve from Adam’s rib?” (I’ll deal with this in the next post!)

So we have a Father, a Son, but no mention of a Mother. Hmmmm….

See, these new religions were designed to suppress the Feminine Energy and give ‘a select few’ more power. When you understand GENETICS, you’ll understand why the (white) man felt the need to turn everything upside down, and put himself at the top. In Truth, the dark-skinned Black Woman is at the top of the gene pool (see Year Eight of Journey of a Sister: The Black Womban).

Upon further investigation, I discovered that the Pope still worships the original Black Madonna and her Son:

It took years for me to get to “the Truth!” about the Divine Feminine, and I’m still learning. The above image features in Year Two of my novel Journey of a Sister, where I shared my findings about the his-story of Christianity.

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