Blog Tour DAY ONE! ‘The Black Butterfly Effect’ Today is DAY ONE of my online Blog Tour!  Over the next 5 days you'll be able to read exclusive articles I've written as a guest blogger for 6 other blogs;  today's article is called 'The Black Butterfly Effect', which compliments my painting 'Black Butterfly': I actually found the topic 'The Black Butterfly Effect' … Continue reading Blog Tour DAY ONE! ‘The Black Butterfly Effect’

Does Charles Really Exist?

"Your book is amazing!!!! ...While experiencing a range of emotions, I wondered, pondered, shrieked, gasped and almost wept when I came to the end!!! From the opening sentence, I felt compelled to read all the way through – I didn’t stop until a few minutes ago! And PLEASE GOD – any chance of meeting someone … Continue reading Does Charles Really Exist?

Why Change the Title?

When I published Single, Spiritual...AND Sexual! in 2011, I was eager to share everything I'd been learning about the creative power of the mind, Universal Laws, and the his-story of the religion I'd been indoctrinated into. I though this new way of thinking was finally going to help me to begin creating my life how I wanted it to be.

FREE PDF ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!

Last week I had a two-hour coaching session with ‘SuccSex Coach’ Cv Pillay, author of ‘The Secrets Your Mama Didn’t Tell You About Men’ (the MANual to Amazing Sex).  He set me a 7-day challenge and said if I complete it, what he was going to tell me next was going to blow my mind! … Continue reading FREE PDF ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!

Chocolate Delight for a Night! Wed 14th May

Fancy a mid-week treat? Join us this Wednesday 13th May 7-10pm for an evening of Sensual, Seductive, Sultry poetry! Tickets are £6.50 in advance from Eventbrite (£10 on the door), don't miss this mid-week treat! For details of this event and also the Book Signing & Discussion of my Self-help books 'How to Get the Ring On … Continue reading Chocolate Delight for a Night! Wed 14th May

5 Days Left to Raise over £5,000 for my Book Tour!

I have just 5 days left to raise over £5,000 to begin my Book Tour, and I need YOUR help! For the last 15 years I have worked on developing my Self by doing the 'inner' work, and as a result, I unblocked as a writer and artist, and have shared my spiritual journey through … Continue reading 5 Days Left to Raise over £5,000 for my Book Tour!

Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual! FULL E-BOOK only £2.99! ($4.56)

GREAT NEWS! I've just published the FULL E-BOOK (text only) of 'Single, Spiritual...AND Sexual!' for around £2.99 ($4.56) on Smashwords! (prices fluctuate with the stock market!)  I've also Self-published it on Kindle for the same price! (If you live outside the UK change the to .com) So the full story is now available in various e-book formats including Kindle, … Continue reading Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual! FULL E-BOOK only £2.99! ($4.56)

Replay of my show ‘Pure Poetry’

"Does Poetry have to be PURE Poetry to be GOOD Poetry?" Listen to the replay of yesterday's show 'Pure Poetry' on my Soundcloud!  Joining me in the studio was Errol McGlashen, multi award-winning Performance Poet despite the profanity in his lyrics! I also played a sequence of poems from the CD 'Love Inspires... Vol. 1' … Continue reading Replay of my show ‘Pure Poetry’