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Cezanne is an award-winning Visual & Spoken Word Artist, Author of the Self-help novel ‘Journey of a Sister’, and its sister-book ‘How to Get the Ring On Your Finger’.  She is also a Workshop Facilitator and Inspirational Speaker.  Her work is a creative expression of her spiritual journey and personal development.

My Her-Story


“I was born in London in the mid 60’s of Jamaican parentage, and raised in the Christian faith.  This laid a solid foundation to my spiritual development, yet by my mid-thirties I had reached a point where I could no longer continue walking in blind faith, so  in 2007 I wrote God a fearless letter asking all the questions the church couldn’t answer, which I ended by asking for “the Truth!” The letter, which I titled ‘The Rebellion’ now forms the foundation to my Christian romance novel ‘Journey of a Sister‘! (originally titled ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!‘):

Writing the letter marked a turning-point in my life; up to that point I walked closely with God, spending time in His presence and hearing from Him in my own bedroom.  In fact the first poems I wrote were simply things God were saying to me which I was instructed to write down. Both the letter and God’s reply “Look to Me!” feature in Year One of Journey of a Sister :

(You can listen to/download “Look to Me” on the Poetry page)

I left church in 2007 and stumbled across the ‘Black conscious’ community. While there, I learned all about my history, including what Melanin is and how it benefits Black people. I learned about the creative power of my thoughts, and how Christianity was used to take over the wealth of my Motherland, Africa. It was a big shock when I discovered my roots were in Africa, which led me to write the poem ‘Who Am I?‘ (features in ‘Year Two’). The only identity I had was ‘in Christ’, but I didn’t know who I was as a Black Woman. I had low self esteem, but this grew as I learned about things like melanin, mitochondrial DNA, and the pow-her of my sacred yoni, all of which I’ve shared in Journey of a Sister, which is only part autobiographical. 

As a child, I was psychologically damaged through beatings and negative affirmations spoken to me, including religious programming received every week at church of being a ‘poor, wretched sinner’ etc.  As an adult, I was able to trace my programming back to the plantations; my ancestors were brutally treated in order to break them down mentally, and Christianity was forced upon them to make them docile and to develop ‘the attitude of a servant’. Mothers were taught to raise their children to obey and not ask questions, otherwise they would be severely punished. I was mistreated because of my dark skin, which was another way enslaved Africans were programmed to believe ‘the whiter you are, the better’.

“It’s easier to raise strong children than to mend broken adults”

In 2007 I began the process of self-healing, and during the process, I painted 11 paintings, wrote and recorded over 30 poems, and wrote Journey of a Sister and it’s sister-book How to Get the Ring on Your Finger.  I was able to see how the effects of slavery and colonialism were still affecting my community today,  so began to share what I’d learned through my creativity, in order to help others heal too. My motto is “As I heal myself, I heal others, and as I help others, I help myself”.

As a devout Christian, I had ‘channelled’ prophetic poetry (messages from God).  Now I’d left the church I was still channelling: 46,000 words of Journey of a Sister were ‘auto-written’ (meaning I didn’t have to think about what I was writing), and most of my poetry and art, while not bible-based, were channelled, as if coming through me, rather than from me.

Visiting my Motherland

In 2014/15 I visited Ghana, and saw the effects of colonialism and white supremacy firsthand; images of a white saviour everywhere, religion enslaving the minds of the people,  Europeans benefitting from the wealth of the land, while the majority of natives live in abject poverty.  Upon my return, I revised my novel, added 2 new chapters (the Sequel) and re-titled the book ‘Journey of a Sister‘. I am now on a mission to help free my people from mental slavery, using the gifts God has given me.

In 2017/8 I spent 5 months in the Gambia and was led to set up a base there. I’m now encouraging my people to ‘COME HOME’, especially those who, like me, are the  descendants of enslaved Africans; completely cut off from our spiritual roots, and force-fed a religion designed to keep us in mental bondage.  You can join me in the Gambia for The Self Love Retreat, and the Nurture Your Inner Child Retreat (see below).

Between 2009-2011 I collaborated with acoustic guitarist Theo Calliste and wrote lyrics to 11 of his compositions; 8 feature in Journey of a Sister. In November 2014 I won the title ‘International Artist of the Year‘ in the Spokenword Billboard Awards (USA) for my poetry. Most of the poems were recorded in my home studio, and are available to listen to on the Poetry page.

Book of Lyrics with CD

I was originally known as ‘Cezanne Poetess‘ and enjoyed performing my poetry at various community events. Then I decided to focus on writing my novel; while writing, I had the idea to use my poetry and art to illustrate it; the main character Suzanne writes poetry, while her lover (turned husband) Charles is an artist! 12-editions

 The revised edition includes the Sequel (Years 12 & 13) which outlines a plan for us to save ourselves, exclusively in the paperback! Order yours here with FREE p&p!

In 2017/8 I spent 5 months in the Gambia and decided to set up a base there, and am now encouraging my people to ‘COME HOME’, especially those who like me, are the  descendants of enslaved Africans, were completely cut off from our spiritual roots, and force-fed a religion designed to keep us in mental bondage.  You can join me in the Gambia for The Self Love Retreat, and the Nurture Your Inner Child Retreat (see below).

Where am I now?

On my spiritual journey…I’ve left the Black conscious community,  but cannot go back to church. I’m seeking to re-develop the close relationship I had with my Creator without the religious indoctrination, and whilst retaining my Black Pride.  I know that the bible is an adaptation of ancient manuscripts which were stolen, tampered with, and re-packaged in order to enslave us mentally.  Yet still, there’s a lot of Truth in there.  What really matters in the end, is my relationship with God.

I’m now in the process of writing my autobiography because so many people keep asking me if Journey of a Sister is based on my life. I hope that by sharing my own her story people, especially young women will learn from my ‘mustakes’, and those who are on a similar journey to me will be inspired to follow their heart, ‘fear not’, and develop an authentic relationship with their Creator, which has nothing to do with organized religion.

Nature’s Art


I was a blocked writer and artist for over 20 years; during my Self-healing journey, I learnt how to meditate to control my negative thinking patterns.  During the process I also unblocked as an artist, and between 2008-2010 painted my first collection ‘Nature’s Art’., inspired by my early morning walks in nature.  Intuitively, I also healed myself from the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).  I held my first exhibition in 2009, and have since taken part in a number of other exhibitions.  9 of my paintings have been used to illustrate Journey of a Sister. You can learn all about the Colour Therapy & Symbolism used in them, and download them from my Art Page.

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 The Story of my Inner Child

I was a blocked writer and artist for over 20 years; the book I credit with helping me to unblock is ‘The Artist’s Way’ by Julia Cameron; it taught me to nurture my inner child, and allow her the freedom to create.  It was a long and slow process, but eventually I unblocked, and she is now writing and painting freely!  One of the first poems I wrote when I unblocked as a writer in 2001 was ‘My Artist Child’ and the first painting I did when I unblocked as an artist in 2008 was of – you guessed it, my inner child!

My Artist Child smallCezanne‘ is pronounced Sh-é (as in elephant)-z-ann and means: “I CREATE AS I SPEAK”.  The name came to me one day when I was still at school: I was doodling on the back of a text book in class  (obviously bored!) when the name ‘Cezanne’ appeared in the doodles.  The name stuck in the back of my mind all those years, and when I was going through the process of unblocking and I had to name my inner child, this was the name that came to mind!

Read The Story of My Inner Child

I am the proud mother of 3 ‘suns’, the jewels in my crown:

me with boys1

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