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Cezanne is a Self-taught Visual & Spoken Word Artist, and Author of the novel ‘Journey of a Sister’, which features her artwork and poetry. 

My Her-Story

In 1998 I asked God what my purpose was. The immediate response was ‘To Spread LOVE through Creativity.” Back then, I was creatively blocked; my natural gifts of writing and art had been lying dormant for over 15 years, since leaving college. My first thought was “That’s LOVE-ly!” but my second thought was “Who am I to spread Love?”

I had grown up neglected of hugs and kisses, and being told “I love you.” This had led to me being unable to give or receive love properly, and to low self-esteem. At this point, I was suffering from a Self Love deficit; I didn’t love myself. Who was I to ‘Spread Love through Creativity?’

I was a single mother of two young boys; I had turned down the opportunity to marry someone who truly loved me, only to have children for a man who didn’t love me at all!

Yet I had built a beautiful relationship with my Creator, who I experienced as pure, unconditional LOVE. It was in one of my quiet times in God’s presence that I discovered my soul purpose. Before I could fulfil it though, I had to do some work on myself – and God had to do some work on me  too.

I started speaking biblical positive affirmations, such as “I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, my mouth is a fountain of life; whatever I desire and say will be granted. My future prospect is joy, because the way of the Lord is a refuge for me. I am like a tree planted by the rivers of water that brings forth its fruit in due season. My leaf does not wither, and whatever I put my hands to prospers!”

In 2000 I started channelling beautiful messages from ‘the Poet in the sky’. In 2001 I launched my first business, selling posters featuring my ‘prophetic poetry’. One of them, titled “Look to Me!” now features in Year One of Journey of a Sister:

2001 was also the year I met my Twin Soul, which triggered my ‘Awakening’. I was a Christian, he wasn’t, which caused inner conflict for me, but started me on this journey. I broke up with him due to my religious beliefs, which led me to write a fearless letter to God; I ended it by asking for “the Truth!”:

This marked a turning-point in my life. I started attracting books, seminars and courses that taught Universal Laws, and the creative power of my mind.

In 2001 I held my first event, a Valentine’s Date called ‘Love Inspires…’ where we explored the true meaning of the word ‘Love’ through poetry, music, dance, drama and comedy. I was finally starting to fulfil my purpose!

But having asked for “the Truth!” I still had a long way to go…

Undoing the Indoctrination 

In 2007, still on my quest for “the Truth!” I left church and entered the Black ‘conscious’ community.  I began to learn the true story of my ancestors before they were enslaved, and how Christianity played a big part in the slave trade.  Learning my history gave me a new sense of pride in myself as a Black Woman, and racial pride.  I grew locs, which was symbolic of my search for my ‘roots’.

In 2009 I collaborated with an acoustic guitarist, Theo Calliste, and wrote lyrics to 8 of his compositions, for my debut poetry CD ‘Seeds of Love’. My poems and poem-songs also feature a djembe drummer, pianist and saxophonist.

Between 2009-10 I also painted my first collection ‘Nature’s Art’. In the process I healed myself from Seasonal  Affective Disorder (a form of depression caused by lack of natural sunlight).  This led me to study and teach Colour Therapy.  Most of my paintings have a complimentary poem, which you can listen to on the Art page.

In 2010 I watched the film ‘Sankofa‘ which changed my whole perception of life. For the first time I recognized that as the descendant of an enslaved African, I was still carrying the trauma of my ancestors in my DNA. I could also see how my community were still suffering a form of PTSD, which had been passed down genetically. I committed to using my gifts to help free my people from MENTAL slavery.

I started writing the First Edition of my novel in 2010; during the process I was led to include my poetry and art in the story.  I published it in 2012 under the title ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!’  Apart from writing the story, I also formatted the book myself, and designed the cover!

In 2013 I published ‘How to Get the Ring On Your Finger‘ which has contributions from over 30 brothers! I hosted a number of events where we discussed the topics raised in my books openly.

Visiting my Motherland 

In 2014 I visited my Motherland for the first time, Ghana. I was honoured to be able to perform my poem ‘Who Am I?’ in the dungeon of Cape Coast Castle, to pay homage to my ancestors:

Upon my return, I revised my novel, added two new chapters (inspired on my 5 month stay), and re-titled it ‘Journey of a Sister’, as lots of women were saying how the book really helped them on their journey!

In 2018 I spent 5 months in the Gambia where I facilitated The Self Love Retreat:

In 2019 I turned my novel into a film script, revised the book to match the film script (I wrote some new scenes!) and then in 2020 I recorded it as an audiobook.

In 2021 I wrote a blog a day for ‘Black His-story Month’, which is now a resource 365 days of the year!

In 2022 I plan to make a trailer for the film project, if you’ve read the book and would like to see it as a film, make a donation to my GoFundMe.

Journey of a Sister isn’t just a beautiful Black Love story, it’s packed with ancestral wisdom, and is designed to take you on your own journey of Self-discovery, self-healing and to discover the true meaning of the word ‘Love’.

Download a preview of Year One FREE on the Books page; if you’re a Kindle Unlimited member, borrow the e-book series from their lending library FREE!

Here is another of my prophetic poems:

More of my Her-Story

In 2016 I was one of the Speakers for the Natural November tour, which covered London, Manchester and Birmingham. My speech was titled ‘Be-YOU-ti-full, Naturally!

In 2017 I organized the Kings & Queens Book Tour and invited two authors over from the USA to join me in revealing the Secret Science of Black Male and Female Sex!  Religion separates sex from spirituality which leaves us in conflict with our true nature. The aim of the book tour was to share how sex and spirituality go hand in hand, and to explain the proper use of sexual energy.

Fort Lauderdale Book Festival

In 2017 I was a Featured Author at the South Florida Book Festival, courtesy of King Kevin Dorival who took part in my Book Tour later that year. They had chosen to feature ‘How to Get the Ring On Your Finger’, and I had to explain why I chose not to marry even though I had the (engagement) ring on twice!

I hosted many Book Signing & Discussion Events where we discussed the topics raised in my Self-help books.

Where am I now on ‘the journey’?

I’ve left the Black conscious community,  but don’t feel like going back to church. I’m seeking to re-develop the close relationship I had with my Creator without the religious indoctrination, and whilst still retaining my African ancestry.  Now that I know the bible was compiled using stolen manuscripts in order to create organized religion, I can’t go back to reading it – even though it contains a lot of Truth.

Just after I asked for the Truth God sat me down and gave me this poem:

I became a Targeted Individual for sharing what I discovered, and have also suffered psychic and spiritual attacks (to the point where I ended up on a psychiatric ward for a month). This only makes me think I must be doing something right!

Cezanne’s Art

I held my first exhibition in 2009, and have since taken part in a number of other exhibitions.

You can learn all about the Colour Therapy & Symbolism used in my paintings, and download them from my Art Page and use them as screensavers to benefit from the Colour Therapy in them! After healing myself from SAD (a form of depression caused by lack of natural sunlight) I now teach Colour Therapy workshops, also on my Retreats.

(Facilitating a Colour Therapy workshop at Brixton Library)

The Story of my Inner Child

The book I credit with helping me to unblock as a writer and artist after 20 years is ‘The Artist’s Way’ by Julia Cameron.

it taught me to nurture my inner child, and allow her the freedom to create.  It was a long and slow process, but when I finally unblocked, it was as if a dam had been released and everything gushed out!

The first poem I wrote when I unblocked as a writer in 2001 was ‘My Artist Child’ and the first painting I did when I unblocked as an artist in 2008 was, of course, my inner child!

My Artist Child small

‘Cezanne’ is pronounced Sh-eh (as in elephant) –z-ann. It means “I CREATE AS I SPEAK” (that’s the meaning I gave it, as a reminder to myself!) The name came to me one day when I was aged around 14; I was in class at school doodling on the back of my exercise book (obviously bored) when the name appeared in the doodles!  It stuck in the back of my mind all those years that my creativity was crippled, and only came back to me when I was going through the process of un-blocking, and had to name my inner child!

Read The Story of My Inner Child

I am the proud mother of 3 ‘suns’, the jewels in my crown:

me with boys1

 So technically, I have 3 ‘suns’ and one daughter!

I hope you enjoyed learning a bit about me; as an indie Author I rely on word of mouth advertising; if you have benefited from reading Journey of a Sister, share the link to this website so your friends and family can read Year One FREE! If you haven’t read it yet, click on the link!

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