Join us at the Launch of the Kings & Queens Book Tour! (Sun 1st Oct)

The Kings and Queens Book Tour starts next week! Come and learn the secret science to Black Male & Female Relationships!  Have you got your tickets? They’re going fast!

I’ve invited TC Carrier, author of ‘The Secret Science of Black Male & Female Sex‘ and King Kevin Dorival, author of ‘7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire‘ to join me from the USA, to share some important information that will help us elevate ourselves as a commUNITY, and regain our rightful positions in society!  This is no joke…

As I was writing the First Edition of my Self-help novel (then titled ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!) I woke up in the middle of the night and ‘auto-wrote’ the scene where Suzanne and Charles performed their first sex ritual.  By the following year they went on to build a multi-million pound business!  46,000 words of my novel were ‘channelled’, which meant I didn’t have to think about what I was writing, it came through me rather than from me.  When I published the e-book on Amazon, I did a search for it (as you do when you’re a new author!) and TC’s book ‘The Secret Science of Black Male & Female Sex‘ came up beside it as ‘recommended reading’.

I was curious so I ordered it, and lo and behold, his book explained the whole science behind what I thought I’d made up!  It took me a few years to get in contact with TC, and I was ecstatic when he agreed to come to London to share this knowledge with our commUNITY!

King Kevin Dorival contacted me last year and asked me to write the Foreword for his book ‘7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire‘.

I was happy to, as the King/Queen theme run heavily through my books, art and poetry!

(My painting ‘My King’ features in Year Five of my Revised book, now titled ‘Journey of a Sister’)

King Kevin had also referenced TC’s book in his, so I invited them both together, to join me in getting this important information into our commUNITY, is this is the key to us elevating our relationships and re-building our empires! Our ancestors built great civilizations by harnessing their sexual energy and using it to create.  In order to regain our rightful positions in this world, me must get back to practicing these ancient rituals!

I now truly believe that this is the reason why there’s a covert operation to keep the Black Man and Woman apart – because we’re powerful together, when we’re operating on a high level of consciousness! (this relates to the crown chakra, hence the title of the tour).

If you have a religious mindset, the very word ‘ritual’ might seem off-putting, but as I explained in my novel, the word ritual is found in spiritual!

In today’s society, the sexual act has been degraded, and we’ve been taught to dissipate our sexual energy instead of harnessing it.  Most people only operate from their lower, animalistic nature when having sex.  But did you know that there’s ‘another level’ you can reach in your sex and spirituality?  This is what you will learn when you join us on the Kings and Queens Book Tour.  On Thursday 5th October from 6-9pm TC Carrier will be doing a Lecture on ‘The Secret Science of Black Male & Female Sex‘ – don’t miss it!

On the same day from 2-5pm, King Kevin Dorival will be running a workshop to help you identify what type of Queen you are, so you can attract the right type of King.  Each of these workshops are only £15, attend both for just £25.00 (use the same link to book individual workshops).

Join us at the Launch on Sunday 1st October!

Meet the Authors at the Launch of the Kings & Queens Book Tour on Sunday 1st October, 1-3pm at 146 Queen Victoria Street, Blackfriars.  I will be interviewing TC and King Kevin, and this will also be your opportunity to ask us any questions!  The topic will be “What does it mean to be a King or a Queen?” reserve your  ticket now – limited seating, all we ask for is a donation towards the tour to cover travel, accommodation, and meals etc.  Myself, TC and Kevin have so far used our own resources to put this tour together, any amount whether small or large will be greatly appreciated!  From 4-7pm both authors will be on the Panel at the Kings & Queens United event (same venue), your ticket price includes a meal, to book yours >> click on this link <<

TC and King Kevin will sign your books at the Launch, order them online if possible so you can read them ahead of the tour.  You can order your signed paperback of ‘Journey of a Sister’ below, with FREE postage in the UK:

For full details of the whole tour, and for tickets to all events (some are by donation only) go >> HERE <<

Are you a King looking for your Queen?  These will be the perfect place to find one!  Are you a couple?  Come and learn how to take your relationship to the next level!

Watch this video made by TC Carrier:

Watch this video made by King Keving:

I look forward to seeing you there!

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Join me on the Self Love Retreat!

There are still a few places left on the December Retreats, if you’re looking for a holiday break that will nurture your INNER and OUTER Self, click on the image above for details!

Promoting LOVE through Creativity!

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Join us for the BOOK LAUNCH this SUNDAY 6th Nov!

Just 4 DAYS TO GO!

I’m getting all excited; what I’ve been doing in the dark is finally coming to light!

The Revised Editions for both my Self-help books have gone to print, and I’m expecting 1,000 copies of each!  It’s been a labour of love, patience and focus, to bring you these Revised Editions!  (I’ll be explaining why I felt the need to revise them on the day).

On Sunday, we’re going to be discussing ‘How to Get the Ring On Your Finger‘ – some of the brothers who contributed to it will be on the Panel to answer your questions – get the FREE download so you can come and join in the discussion!


Watch a clip from the Book Launch of the First Edition to get an idea of what to expect:

BOOK Your Seat!

Visit Eventbrite to book your FREE ticket, or pre-order your book to guarantee your seat! (please only reserve a free ticket if you know you’ll be able to attend). Pre-ordering your book in advance means you won’t have to queue up to get it signed on the day!

Out with the Old, in with the New!


If you bought the First Edition of my Self-help Novel, bring it with you to get the Second Edition for only £5! You can keep the first one as well  🙂

RAFFLE and Art Print Sale! 

You’ll also be able to WIN Framed and Laminated Prints of my art in the Raffle, and I’ll also be selling them on the day!  (They all feature in my novel).


Get a FREE copy of ‘Journey of a Sister‘ when you join my 30 Day Online Course!


More about it on the day, or visit

(You can pay for books and the Online Course by Paypal, credit or debit cards.)

I look forward to seeing you there!


The Marcus Garvey Library is less than a 10 minute walk from Seven Sisters station, or you can get the 149, 279, 259, or 349 two stops.  If you are coming on the underground, turn left when you come through the ticket barriers, and go up the stairs past the sweet shop.  When you get off the bus (two stops), stay on the same side and take the path towards the Bernie Grant Arts Centre, you’ll find Tottenham Green Leisure Centre behind it (take the path to your right).

To reserve your seat(s) visit Eventbrite

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A Spiritual Union – Download Years 8 & 9 (Joint Chapter) FREE this weekend!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have such a deep spiritual connection with your partner, so deep, that you can even communicate without words?

That’s the type of relationship the two main characters in my novel cultivated over the years!  Most people give up before they achieve this level of connection (myself included), or they are in a relationship with someone who isn’t their soul mate and wouldn’t be able to achieve this no  matter how hard they tried.   But Charles and Suzanne were twin souls (see my previous blog), so it was relatively easy for them to ‘go deep’.


Year 8 covers such topics as the sacredness of the ‘yoni’, the importance of raising your level of consciousness, and the benefits of Melanin.  In Year 9, Charles takes Suzanne on a surprise trip to Egypt, where she receives a ‘download’ (a message from her ancestors).

Read an extract from Year 9: Dance in Trance

…He knew Suzanne well enough by now to know that he was in for a treat. He thought perhaps she was going to re-appear in some sexy lingerie, so wasn’t mentally prepared for what he saw when she did finally emerge.
Suzanne seemed to have transformed her Self into some kind of Exotic Dancer/Sexual Healer/Temple-Priestess. She was wearing a white see-through flowy dress-thing which plunged into a V-shape at the neck-line right down to her navel. It was fitted at the waist, with long, flowing bell-sleeves that reached down to the hem of the dress. The skirting dropped in multiple folds down to her ankles. He could see right through it – and she wasn’t wearing anything underneath; her nipples jutted through the sheer material, begging for his attention. Around her forehead, she wore a gold chain with various symbols hanging from it – he’d never seen it before.
As she began moving her body to the rhythm of the drum beats still playing on the CD, the spirit of her ancestors seemed to take over. With arms swaying like leaves in the breeze, she twisted and twirled, gyrating her hips in a sensual, sexual manner, as she sent forth her Inner Womb Message. The whole atmosphere in the room changed.
Charles became aroused, moved almost to tears, and concerned all at the same time. The look on her face was unlike he’d ever seen before. She wasn’t focused on him; she looked as if she was in a trance, totally caught up in the moment. The elongated shadows on the walls behind her created by the candlelight looked like spirits dancing along with her. Perhaps she was calling on the spirits of her ancestors…or was it the Holy Spirit? He couldn’t tell – all he knew was that it was a force of Love. He felt at peace as he watched her; he’d never seen her move that way before. ‘Where did she learn to dance like that?’ He wondered.
“Is there no end to your talents?” he asked, awestruck.
“I can do whatever I put my MIND to!” she replied, smiling as she sat next to him on the bed….
That night when they made love, it was as if all the heavens, God, the angels and their ancestors were all watching and cheering them on. It felt like nothing they had ever experienced before. Suzanne cried from the bottom of her heart, and afterwards, Charles clung on to her for ages, remaining inside her long after he had ejaculated, as if not wanting to break the newly-created bond between them.


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I’ve just set up a new Crowdfunding campaign to raise £4,790 to print 1,000 paperbacks; printing them in bulk means I’ll be able to print my artwork in FULL COLOUR, allowing YOU to benefit from the COLOUR THERAPY in them!  For £20 you’ll get a signed book and a FREE copy of the ‘Seeds of Love’ CD (all 13 poems feature in the story), visit Indiegogo to get great perks for pre-ordering your SIGNED paperback!  Haven’t started the journey yet?

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I’m in the process of organising Book Signing & Discussion Events where we will be discussing the topics raised in my Self-help books openly.  These are good opportunities to ask me any questions, and to meet like-minded people.  Your contribution will help with travel (I’m willing to travel outside the UK),  accommodation, venue hire, marketing and filming (for details visit the Events page).

If you own a business, reap the benefits of being my sponsor which includes your company logo and website on my flyers and promotional material, as well at the opportunity to promote your business at my events!

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Why Change the Title?

When I returned from Ghana in March I thought I’d finished revising my novel.

When I published Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual! in 2011, I was eager to share everything I’d been learning about the creative power of the mind, Universal Laws, and the his-story of the religion I’d been indoctrinated into.  I though this new way of thinking was finally going to help me to begin creating my life how I wanted it to be.

But 4 years later, I’d made little progress financially.  This made me go back to my Creator and ask “So what was all this about?”.  Well, this opened up a whole new can of worms!

If you’ve read the book, in the first chapter I was questioning God about the Fall of Lucifer story, and why God had allowed Lucifer and his ‘minions’ to corrupt His creation (us).  This to me, was the root cause of all the world’s problems today (and mine, as I’d been taught in church).

I haven’t watched tell-lie-vision in over 10 years, so I wasn’t up to speed on current affairs.  But I started watching YouTube videos about the Illuminati and the New World Order agenda.  I learnt that many pop stars and film stars were selling their soul to the devil for fame and fortune, and that the Luciferian agenda was to do away with all religions and create one New religion: Luciferianism – in other words, they want us all to worship Lucifer, like them!

If you watch mainstream TV or listen to mainstream music, you’ll notice that everything ungodly is promoted, even down to sexualizing children.  Most of it is so subtle that you don’t pick it up on a conscious level, but it goes through to your subconscious mind.  I watched YouTube videos where film and pop stars admitted openly to selling their soul to the devil, to being possessed so they could perform better, and to worshiping Satan.

As you can imagine, I panicked at first, but then I realized the importance of my book even more.

The ‘powers that be’ are using our minds (mass consciousness) to achieve their goals, and religion is one of their greatest tools for mind control.  The biggest issue single Christians have to deal with is the ‘no sex before marriage’ rule.  As a single black woman, the chances of getting married are something like 10-1.  As a Christian woman, what do you do?  Well, I discovered that ‘fornication’ doesn’t actually mean ‘sex before marriage’, and I’ve explained what it DOES mean in the revised version of my book!  There are some other major changes I’ve made, but I urge you to read the original version first, as some of the information I’ve taken out in order to keep the word count around the same.

The revised version will have a new title and cover design (watch this space!).  I decided to change the title to appeal to a wider market, including the church.

You can still get the original version in glossy PAPERBACK on LULU.COM

Book 2 copy

Read what others had to say about it HERE

Join me in Grenada for the Self Love Retreat 2-6 May 2016!


Treat your Self to 5 days of pure self-indulgence on this 5 day retreat with me where we will nurture our Selves both inside and out!  For more information see my previous post

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FREE PDF ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!

Last week I had a two-hour coaching session with ‘SuccSex Coach’ Cv Pillay, author of The Secrets Your Mama Didn’t Tell You About Men (the MANual to Amazing Sex).  He set me a 7-day challenge and said if I complete it, what he was going to tell me next was going to blow my mind! The first part was relatively easy; get 5 clients paying me £30 for a half hour Skype session.  I was unable to complete the second part of the challenge, as it involved having sex! He applauded me for being honest with him, and seemed to develop a new level of respect for me for not having completed it!  Cv is doing everything I want to do; coaching women on how to have amazing sex.  The only difference is, I’m coming from the spiritual aspect; his book is all about using sex to keep your man, whereas I want to show you how to build a connection with your partner on a mental, spiritual and physical level.

Since writing my Self-help novel ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!’ I’m much more aware of sexual energy, and what it can be used to achieve.

Book 2 Whilst writing my novel, I woke in the middle of the night and ‘channelled’ the scene where the couple performed their first sex ritual (I’d never even heard of them before!)   In the ritual, the man built a clear image in his mind of what he wanted to MANifest (it’s the MAN who creates the image).  He then shared his vision with her, and once she had ‘caught the vision’ the gateway opened (her womb) and the seed was planted.  I’m not talking about babies here; the womban’s womb is a portal for anything from the non-physical realm to come through.  As my book explains, babies are souls coming from the non-physical realm into this physical world.  However, the womban has the ability to bring anything from the non-physical realm into the physical world through sex rituals.

The reason I chose not to complete the second challenge was because I’m waiting to meet ‘The One’ I can perform my first sex ritual with!


Email me at and I’ll send you the PDF version of ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!’ FREEPass this offer on to at least 3 of your friends!

If you prefer, you can order a SIGNED COPY of the paperback, with it’s complimentary poetry CD ‘Seeds of Love’ for only £12.99 from

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If you would like to speak to me about any of the topics raised in my Self-help books you can now do so via Skype! Visit for details!


I’ve been nominated in TWO categories of the SpokenWord Billboard Awards: ‘International Artist of the Year’ (my name is at the top of that category) and ‘Best Perfect Bound Collection’ for ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!’ – please take two minutes to vote!

Many thanks, and wish me luck!


P.S. Check out the latest issue of Conscious Vibes Magazine promoting Natural Hair & Fashion – The Story of my Inner Child is on pages 32-33!

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Saved by Grace

I realise that the hardest people I will have trying to convince that I am still a child of God, is Christians.

Even my Christian friends who I have known for years, refuse to believe that I could possibly still have a relationship with God, since I haven’t been to church in 7 years.

They tell me to ‘come back to God’, or that I have ‘backslidden’.  The question I ask is; can God only be found in church, and doesn’t ‘the devil’ go to church too?

In 2007, I had reached a point in my Christian walk where I was questioning everything I’d been taught to believe.  I had built my relationship with God despite being sexually active while attending church regularly.  I could hear God clearly; in fact, the first poems I wrote were ‘messages from God’, otherwise known as ‘prophetic poetry’.  One of them, which I entitled “Look to Me!” features in Year One of my Self-help novel ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!’ (it’s also on my current CD ‘Seeds of Love’; all 13 poems feature in the story)

This is another one:

Back then, I would spend hours studying my bible, praying, and seeking God for revelation of His word.  But I had physical as well as spiritual needs.  I always felt guilty after having sex, yet I felt I just couldn’t help myself.  I would tell God to leave me alone, that the Christian walk is too narrow for me, that “my spirit is willing, but my flesh is weak”.  Yet it wasn’t God who was making me feel guilty about my sexuality, it was the church.  I remember when I fell pregnant with my first son in 1991, I was mortified – now everyone would know I’d had sex!  What should I do?  I confided in one of the sisters in church who advised me to terminate the pregnancy; “Loads of girls do it”, she claimed.

But then I went to God. In my panick-stricken state, I asked “What kind of a life will this child have?” (since I wasn’t married, and felt I had nothing to offer a baby).  I remember God’s answer as clear as day: “The same way you were born ‘in sin’ (my mother never married) and I have a plan for your life, is the same way I have a plan for your son’s life”.  This was how I found out I was having a boy, and sure enough, a scan later confirmed what God had told me!  Three years later, I fell pregnant with my second son, still ‘out of wedlock’.  I thought I’d really blown it this time.  But again God reassured me that I was still His child, and blessed me with a brand new house.  I asked Him “Why do you keep blessing me like this, I don’t deserve it!” He replied “I didn’t give it to you because you deserve it, I gave it to you because you needed it”.

Even as I write this, tears are streaming down my face because I realize I’ve strayed so far from God’s grace.  Not by having sex before marriage, but by trying to do things in my own strength.

Book 2 copy

Read Year One of  ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!’ FREE !

Voice AD copy

Enjoy reading, and feel free to pass the link on to your friends to read Year One FREE too!


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My Books Are Now on Amazon!

Good News!

My books are now available as paperbacks as well as e-books on Amazon!

I will be hosting monthly Book Signing Events where we will have fun discussing the topics raised in my books, so buy your paperbacks, read them in advance, then come and join in the discussions!

‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!’


Inspired by my own life story (with lots of imagination thrown in!) this Self-help novel is a beautiful Afromantic Love story of a young woman’s 11-year quest for ‘the Truth’ about sex before marriage, the creative power of her thoughts, Universal Laws, her African ancestry, and the his-story of the religion she had been indoctrinated into!  Read Year One FREE!

Order your paperback for only £8.34 from Amazon, or download the e-book (see below for FREE complimentary CD offer)

‘How to Get the Ring On Your Finger’

'How to Get the Ring On Your Finger' Self-help book by Cezanne

Are you a single Black woman seeking to meet and marry your soul mate?

This insightful book has contributions from over 30 Black men (both married and single) who were only too willing to let you know what would make them put a ring on it!

It shows you how to best prepare to meet your match, then guides you through the whole dating process, including doing the ‘6 Month Test’, and a ‘DIY Arranged Marriage’

Preview the book FREE!

Order your paperback for just £7.99 from Amazon or save 15% when you order it from Lulu! (£6.79)

FREE ‘Seeds of Love’ CD when you order the book online!

Buy any of the paperbacks, bring them to one of my Book Signing Events and I’ll SIGN them and give you the ‘Seeds of Love’ CD FREE! (all 13 poems feature in my novel)  You can listen to them at

‘Seeds of Love’ Book of Lyrics

You can also get its Book of Lyrics!

'Seeds of Love' Book of Lyrics

I’ve shared my inspiration behind writing each poem, as well as including their complimentary artwork; I thought it would be a good idea to give you the option of reading the lyrics while listening, as some of my poems are quite long, deep and meaningful! (I Am What I WILL to Be!” is 13 mins long!)

Order your paperback or download the e-book from Amazon, or save between 10-20% when you order online from Lulu! (only £4.76).  

(If you are outside the UK, simply change the store to the country you are in).

Watch this clip from the book launch of ‘How to Get the Ring On Your Finger’ :

Join me at the Book Signing and Discussion of ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!’

Book 2

My next Book Signing event will be held at the Marcus Garvey Library (inside Tottenham Green Leisure Centre), Philip Lane, London N15 4JA on Sunday 27th April 4-6pm. Read your book in advance and be ready to join in the discussion!  To get your £10 ticket (includes a FREE paperback of the book of your choice) visit Eventbrite

Come to my Book Signing Events

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I raised £212 in my Indiegogo fundraising campaign; as a Self-published author only 5% of my work was writing the books – 95% of my work is marketing them!  If you would like to help me serve my community by helping to break the chains of mental slavery, reminding us of who we are and the power that we have when we unite, and working towards building Sustainable Black Relationships, you can still make a contribution to my Book Tour via Paypal (see bottom of the page).  Your Donation will go towards travel and accommodation costs, filming and editing of events which will then be shared on YouTube.  If you would like to help me serve our community on a larger scale, please consider making a donation!  In return, I will email you a PDF version of both my Self-help books ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!’ and ‘How to Get the Ring On Your Finger’!

Many thAnkhs in advance!

Cezanne (Artist/Poet/Author)

Touching the Heart…through Art!

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New York Here I Come!

I woke up this morning and realized I was letting fear of the unknown get the better of me!

I’m due to be in New York on March 19th for the launch of my Facebook friend William Frederick Cooper‘s book ‘Unbreakable’ (my poem “I Am What I WILL to Be!” is featured in it!)  I have also planned to do my own Book Signing Event at Uptown Sisters Bookshop.

Unbreakable Book Launch

But….I hadn’t even packed or bought my tickets yet! I realized fear was preventing me from taking action, I mean, what am I doing organizing a Book Tour – who do I think I am?(have you ever had those thoughts going through your head?), and why do I keep putting my Self under all this pressure?

But this morning I woke up and decided to take POSITIVE ACTION; I packed my suitcase and passport, and I am now checking around for flights and hotel costs.

This is daunting to say the least, but as the saying goes, ‘feel the fear and do it anyway‘.

For the last 15 years I’ve worked tirelessly and passionately to create products that I believe will help free ‘my people’ from mental slavery,  break the taboos around Black sex & spirituality, re-mind us that ‘We Belong Together‘ and of the power that we have when we unite, and help us work towards building sustainable Black relationships.

Support my Book Tour and Get Great Perks in Return!

Do you want to get signed copies of my Self-help books, prints of my artwork and even ORIGINALS of my paintings?  They are all available to you as perks for sponsoring my Book Tour!

Cezanne Profile Pic with Products copy

If you would like to show your support for the work I do and help me take it further, go to my Indiegogo fundraising site and choose your perk in return for your contribution  (ends 13th March), or make a donation via Paypal – no amount is too small or too great!

Many thanks for your support, and may your seed return to you ten-fold! ( “I Am Fertile Soil”)

Cezanne Poetess (Artist/Poet/Authorpreneur)

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5 Days Left to Raise over £5,000 for my Book Tour!

I have just 5 days left to raise over £5,000 to begin my Book Tour, and I need YOUR help!

For the last 15 years I have worked on developing my Self by doing the ‘inner’ work, and as a result, I unblocked as a writer and artist, and have shared my spiritual journey through my poetry, paintings and Self-help books.

I now wish to empower other Black women (and men) and show them how to ‘re-programme’ their mind for success, to raise their children (if they have) with high Self-esteem and ‘programme’ them for success,  to prepare to meet their soul mate, and work on building sustainable Black relationships.

Watch a short clip of my latest Book Launch:

You can help me achieve my goal and help your Self at the same time!

Donate to my Indeigogo fundraising campaign and receive great perks in return! (click on the link for details, last day 13th March) or make your contribution via Paypal

Alternatively, buy the paperbacks of my books from (takes less than a minute to open an account) then join me at one of my Book Signing Events where we will be discussing the topics raised in them  (I’ll sign your books for you too!)

A3 Products Poster copy

Buy the paperback of my Self-help novel ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!’, bring it to one of my Book Signing Events, and I’ll give you the Seeds of Love’ CD FREE! (all 13 poems feature in the story)

Read Year One of  ’Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!‘ FREE!

Preview ‘How to Get the Ring On Your Finger’ FREE!

Make a Donation

If you believe in the work I’m doing and would just like to make a DONATION towards my Book Tour, please do so at  A while ago, my spirit guides (as I affectionately call them) told me that I am fertile soil, and anyone who plants a seed in my life WILL receive a bountiful harvest, so don’t miss this opportunity!

Are you a Black Business?

I’m planning on touring America as well as England, and am looking for Black Businesses to sponsor my tour; in return your company logo will be placed on all my promotional material including 10,000 flyers which will be distributed wherever I go.  You will also be entitled to promote your business at my events. Please contact me on +44 7944 244 116 if you would like to sponsor my Book Tour!

I am due to be in New York on the 19th March for the launch of William Frederick Cooper’s book ‘UNBREAKABLE’ (My poem “I Am What I WILL to Be!” is featured in it!).

Unbreakable Book Launch

I believe this will be a great opportunity for me to build links in America and to begin booking venues for my tour there –  I haven’t even bought my ticket yet!  To make a contribution, go here

Many thanks with Gratitude and Love, looking forward to seeing you at one of my Book Signings/Discussions!

Cezanne Poetess  (Visual & Spoken Word Artist/Authorpreneur)

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Touching the Heart…through Art!

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Book Tour begins March 2014!

I’m very happy with the progress I’ve made so far this year, are you?

At my goal-setting workshop on 5th January, I intended to sell 1,000,000 copies of my books this year, to publish my youngest son’s first book, and to help others reach their goals too.

Marketing expert Michael Conally will be helping me organise my Book Tour which starts in March; I will be touring both England and America!

Get Your Books in Advance, then Come to a Book Signing Event!

How to Get The Ring On Full Boo copy

At each Book Signing Event, we will be discussing the topics raised in my books, and I’ll also be performing poetry which relate to the books.  They will also be a good opportunity to meet like-minded people!

If you’re on Facebook, join Michael’s group Entertainment Reports, where he will be posting details of my Book Tour – in March I’ll be in London and New York!

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FREE ‘Seeds of Love’ CD!

Buy any of my books in advance from (change the store for the country you’re in), bring them to any of my Book Signing Events and I’ll sign them and give you the ‘Seeds of Love’ CD FREE!

FULL BOOK COVER DESIGN copyYou get a 10-20% DISCOUNT for purchasing your paperbacks from Lulu, and it takes less than 2 minutes to open an account, so don’t delay, get yours TODAY!

Details of the Book Signing Events will be added to my Events Page by the end of February.

I look forward to seeing you at one of them!

‘Bring Back The Love’ Thurs 30th Jan

This might be the only drama you want in your relationship….

BBTL Flyer Jan 2014

Join us on Thursday 30th January 7-9pm for an evening of serious laughter as we explore relationship ‘insecurity’ issues through Drama & Debate!  I’ll be sitting on the Panel and giving away a framed print of my painting ‘Trust’ in the raffle to help raise funds for BAP Theatre! Get your £5.50 advance ticket from: (£7 on the door).  Prints of my artwork (£15-25) and my books will also be on sale!

Goal-Reaching Workshop with Cezanne Sun 9th Feb

Feb Goal Reaching

Also, my Goal-reaching workshop has been moved to Sunday 9th February 2-6pm at the Mella Center, 73 Oxford Street, visit Eventbrite for full details and to purchase your £15 ticket; last day for purchasing is Friday 7th Feb!  Read my Review of the first workshop!

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