BHM Day 9: The Sex Craze

We are now in Libra season, the perfect time to talk about BALANCE. ⚖

In yesterday’s blog I explained how there’s an imbalance of masculine and feminine energies on the planet; today I will talk about the imbalance in how sexual energy is used.

Through the media and pornography, we are taught to dissipate our sexual energy. However, our ancient ancestors knew that sexual energy is a powerful creative force, and learned how to ‘ankh’ it in order to create things other than babies.

In Year Seven of Journey of a Sister I channelled in-formation about how a woman’s womb is a portal. The same way she’s able to bring forth souls from the non-physical realm into this 3rd dimension, she’s also able to give birth to things other than babies.

In the same chapter, Suzanne and Charles performed a sex ritual (also channelled) with Charles focusing on what he wanted to MANifest. The spiritual seed was planted, and the following year they made their first £1,000,000 through their business.

But it took them 7 years to reach this level in their sex life!

Nowadays, we are taught to have sex willy nilly (pardon the pun), with no sacredness to the sexual act.

The theme in Journey of a Sister is TRANSFORMATION – even their sex life transforms from lustful sex into sacred sex.

However, today we don’t even realize there’s a spiritual aspect to sex. The First Edition of my novel was titled Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual! which sums up the fact that we can be spiritual AND sexual.

Religion taught us that if we’re single we can’t be sexual, and if we’re sexual we can’t be spiritual (unless we’re married).

My job is to put the two back together again: sex and spirituality go hand in hand!

I tackled the taboo topic of ‘sex before marriage’ in Years One and Two of the story; at this point Suzanne and Charles were just having ‘normal’ sex, but by Year Seven, they had reached ‘another level’ in their sex life. By Year Ten, it was too sacred to even mention what happened.

Wouldn’t you like to experience sacred sex?

As melanated people, we are naturally sexual and spiritual. In fact, MELANIN is concentrated in our sexual organs for a reason.

But first, you have to reach a certain level of consciousness. You can’t experience sacred sex if you’re living a toxic lifestyle; you need to clean up your body-temple first.

Many men are suffering from prostate issues such as low sperm count or even cancer because they abuse their sexual organ, usually from over-ejaculating.

And many womben are experiencing gynecological issues due to chemical reactions to products they use on their skin and hair.

In my ARTicle The Serpent and the Tree of Life I explained how eating figs are beneficial for both male and female reproductive disorders.

Your physical body and your mind must be in optimal health before you can think about MANifesting – or wombanfesting – your desires. (If you’re not in a relationship you can still wombanfest).

In my novel I channelled IN-formation about what it means to become a ‘King’ or a ‘Queen’. Apparently, a man who has become a King (reached his highest level of consciousness) can choose a womban who hasn’t yet become a Queen to perform a sex ritual, whereas she must find her Self a King, because they can only go as far as his level of consciousness, as it’s his desires that will MANifest.

This is the scene I channelled in Year Seven, just before they performed their first sex ritual:

‘All men are gods, but not all men are Kings. To become a King, he must raise his level of consciousness to his crown chakra, located at the top of his head. This is the same for the goddess; for her to become a Queen, she must also raise her level of consciousness to her crown chakra. When a god reaches his highest level of consciousness, he can then use his ‘key’ to open the goddess’s gateway in order to MANifest his desires. A god can choose a goddess or a Queen to perform the ritual, but a Queen must choose a King, because the two can only go as far as his level of consciousness. It is therefore imperative that all gods raise their level of consciousness to their crown chakra, and become Kings.

Once a god has achieved Kingly status, he should then find him Self a goddess or a Queen; without her Feminine Energy it will be difficult to MANifest his desires, since the gateway to bringing things from the spiritual realm into the physical world is found in her.

By finding, protecting and serving his goddess or Queen, she will in return love, nurture, protect and heal him, opening the gateway to infinite possibilities.

It is therefore necessary for the Black Man to understand that before he can lead, he must first allow his Queen to sit on her throne…in allowing her to do so, his own immortality will be heightened.

Suzanne is grateful to have Charles as her King. She realizes that many gods and Kings don’t understand the importance of finding their goddesses and Queens, for the way that leads to paradise within her. And many goddesses don’t innerstand the power they have inherent within themselves.’

Since the First Edition I’ve experienced both spiritual and psychic attacks to try and prevent me from getting this IN-formation out to my people, but now I walk in the strength of an army of ancestors, angelic hosts, and guardians. NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST ME SHALL PROSPER! (I could do with a man with a warrior spirit too!)

Religion has been used to suppress our sexual energy because it’s where our power lies. If it’s not being suppressed, it’s being abused.

Music videos dishonour the Black Womban and turn her into a sex object, instead of the symbol of the Divine Feminine that she is.

In tomorrow’s ARTicle I will explain WHY the image of the dark-skinned Black Womban has been destroyed by the media, and how it is now being put back in its rightful place.

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