Kings & Queens Book Tour 1-8th Oct 2017

What Type of King or Queen Are You?

What is Spiritual Sex?

Join us for the ‘Kings & Queens Book Tour‘ to find out, and much more!

I’ve invited two authors from the USA to join me on this tour:

TC Carrier is author of ‘The Secret Science of Black Male & Female Sex

TC with Book

I referenced his book in the First Edition of my Self-help novel (then titled ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!‘), because after publishing the e-book, I was doing a Search for it on Amazon, and TC’s book came up beside it as recommended reading.  I was curious so I ordered it, only to find out that it confirmed information I had ‘channelled’ in Year 8 about sex rituals!  (I’ll tell you all about it at the events!)

You can download his e-book or order your paperback and get it signed when he comes over!

King Kevin Dorival is author of ‘7 Types of Queens Kings Desire

King Kevin

Kevin contacted me about a year ago and asked me to write the Foreword for his book – I was happy to as the King/Queen theme is prominent in my books, art and poetry!  His book is making waves in the USA, and we’re expecting all the queens in the UK pay attention to it too; want to find out what type of queen you are?  Buy the book, and join him at his workshops!  (he also informed me that he’s on the look-out for his queen!)

Order his book, and read it before he comes so you can join in the discussions!

Why these two Kings?

Both of their books compliment my own!  In my Self help novel (now titled ‘Journey of a Sister’) I ‘channelled’ what it means to be a King or a Queen;  We are all gods and goddesses, but we are not all Kings and Queens.  You become a King or a Queen when you have reached your highest level of consciousness (located at your crown chakra). In order to be able to perform a sex ritual, all gods must become Kings; a King can then choose a Queen or a goddess to perform the ritual, however she must choose a King in order for the ritual to work.  (if you think that’s deep wait until you read the books!)

The Kings and Queens Book Tour is going to be filled with information, practical workshops,