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Uncovering the Secret Science of Black Male & Female Relationships!

In 2017 I invited TC Carrier, author of ‘The Secret Science of Black Male & Female Sex‘, and King Kevin Dorival, author of ‘7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire‘ over from the USA to join me in revealing how we can build stronger relationships, build empires together, and ultimately rebuild our commUNITY!  Watch this short promo video I created:

I had especially wanted to bring TC over, because I had ‘channelled’ a scene in my novel where Suzanne and Charles performed their first sex ritual.  When I published the e-book on Amazon, TC’s book came up beside it as recommended reading.  I ordered it, and he had explained the whole science behind this ritual I thought I made up!  
King Kevin Dorival had contacted me asking me to write the foreword for his book, and since it was on the King/Queen theme, I thought it would fit in perfectly for the tour. Here’s some footage from the launch event:
It was an event-full week which covered North, South, East and West London, and culminated in a Grand Finale at Brixton Library, which was packed to full capacity!
Each event  covered a different topic; at the Launch we discussed “What does it mean to be a ‘King’ or a ‘Queen’?”  TC Carrier explained the energy systems in our bodies, also known as chakras.   The highest level you can reach is the crown chakra; this is the level we need to reach in order to be able to perform the rituals our ancestors used to build great civilizations!
The reason we called the tour the Kings and Queens Book Tour is to remind us that we need to raise our level of consciousness to our crown chakra in order to be able to perform these rituals!
In my Self help novel I also explained that it’s the man who needs to become a King in order to perform the ritual. He can choose a goddess or a Queen, but she MUST choose a King; it’s her responsibility to raise him from god status to King.
In this clip TC Carrier explains The Law of Gender:
I explained that Black organizations must put the Black Woman in her rightful position, which is BESIDE the Black Man.  As long as they continue to put the man at the top, they will lack pow-HER.

Look closely at this picture (included on the flyer for the tour) and you’ll notice that the King and Queen are reigning SIDE BY SIDE, and he’s looking towards her.  In the past, the King relied on her Feminine Energy and Intuition for guidance to rule his kingdom.  So if we truly want to regain our power as a commUNITY, we must balance the Masculine and Feminine Energies, it’s that simple! 

Why is it important that the Black Woman regains her Rightful Position?
The Woman is the core of the FAMILY, and the family is the core of the commUNITY.  Our family structures were broken down through slavery and colonialism, but we can rebuild them.  The Black Woman MUST heal, in order to help her male counterpart heal, so they can both raise strong children for our future. Part of this healing process is for the woman to regain balance with her man; the two energies must find a balance.  Through social engineering, women today are expending far too much masculine energy, while men are being feminized.  What will happen to future generations if this continues?
How do we reclaim our rightful position in society? What needs to change for this to happen?  
Look back at the picture of the King and Queen on their throne; he knows that without her, he cannot build his empire.  In Year 8 of Journey of a Sister, Charles and Suzanne stumbled upon this little-known secret, and a year later went on to build a business empire!   TC Carrier’s book ‘The Secret Science of Black Male & Female Sex‘ explains the whole science behind these rituals – but we cannot begin to perform them until we are operating at the level of Kings and Queens!
This clip is from TC Carrier‘s workshop on The Secret Science of Black Male & Female Sex, where he performed reiki on me, and ‘opened the gateway’ (you can just about hear him say it under his breathe!):

 Below, TC shows the right way to perform a sex ritual, with the woman on top:
As I said in the video (below), the womban’s womb is a portal; when we as the Black Man and Woman are operating on a high level of consciousness, we will be able to build empires as our ancestors did, by harnessing our sexual energy and using it to CREATE.  The Black Womban must re-member her pow-HER! She can  help her male counterpart MANifest his desires, and our MELANIN is the conductor that boosts the process!  By practicing these rituals, we as a commUNITY can reclaim our rightful position in this world.
Here’s part of our Couch Interview with BlackIceTV:

 How Can We Reach this Heightened State of Consciousness?
By eating food provided by Mother Nature (instead of processed foods), listening to high frequency music (some mainstream music affects us negatively both mentally and on a cellular level), drinking lots of water, spending more time in nature and the sun  (parks, woods, beaches etc), praying to our ancestors and our Source for guidance, meditation, ‘going within’ and spending time in the Silence.  These are some of the practices that will help you elevate your consciousness, and get you on the path to becoming a King or a Queen – P.S. turn off the tell-lie-vision and tune into your Self!
GRAND FINALE! (Held upstairs in Brixton Library)
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