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I started writing and recording my poetry in 2001, and published my first collection Seeds of Love in 2014. The Book of Lyrics came with an accompanying CD.

In 2014, I won the title ‘International Artist of the Year’ in the Spokenword Billboard Awards (USA) for my debut poetry collection!

Instead of a CD, you can now listen to my poems and poem-songs on the Journey of a Sister YouTube channel!  Purchase your Book of Lyrics so you can listen and read at the same time, I also share my inspiration behind writing each poem! 💭

All 13 poems feature in my novel Journey of a Sister, I’ve listed them in the order they feature in the story…

“Look to Me!” (God’s Reply)

Features in Year One of Journey of a Sister:

© Cezanne Poetess 2001
Music by Noel Robinson

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The Preparation

Features in Year Two:

© Cezanne Poetess 2009
Acoustic guitar by Theo Calliste

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Trust feat. Chi Bomani 

Features in Year Two:

© Cezanne Poetess 2010
Acoustic guitar by Theo Calliste, djembe drumming and male vocals by Chi Bomani

Who Am I?

Features in Year Two:

© Cezanne Poetess 2008
Djembe drumming by Chi Bomani

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Fertile Soil

Features in Year Three:

© Cezanne Poetess 2009
Acoustic guitar by Theo Calliste


Is This…Love? 💔

I recorded my heartbreak poem for the audiobook in 2020! It features in Year Four:

© Cezanne Poetess 2002
Piano by my youngest son ‘Azzy’,  Saxophone by Wadada Stanbury

Download the mp3 for just £1.99!

Conversations Within 

Features in Year Four:

© Cezanne Poetess 2009
Acoustic guitar by Theo Calliste


Features in Year Four:

© Cezanne Poetess 2009
Acoustic guitar by Theo Calliste


R U ‘The One’?

Features in Year 5:

© Cezanne Poetess 2009
Acoustic guitar by Theo Calliste (spiritra@hotmail.co.uk) Djembe Drum: Chi Bomani

Download the mp3 for just £1.99!

Ode to My King (Part 1) 

(Written in the style of Ancient Egyptian Poetry)

Features in Year Five:

© Cezanne Poetess 2009
Djembe drum by Chi Bomani

Listen to Part 2, written in 2023!

Love Attraction 

Features in Year Seven:

© Cezanne Poetess 2009
Acoustic guitar by Theo Calliste

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We Belong Together 

Features in Year Seven:

Inspired by the film ‘Sankofa’, dedicated to descendants of enslaved Afrikans  who are still suffering from Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome:

© Cezanne 2010
Acoustic guitar by Theo Calliste


“I Am What I WILL to Be!”

Features in Year Six:

I am…Cezanne!
And I’m not just jumping on the “I Am…” bandwagon
Along with the likes of Beyonce, Nas and Slim
Because none of them took the time to explain the great significance
behind these two small words,
But in this poem, I will.

‘I AM’ are the two most powerful words in the universe,
Because anything following “I am…” is creative
Whether it is POSITIVE or NEGATIVE
So by using Positive Affirmations starting with “I am…”
You can steer your Self in the way you wish to go
(A Positive Affirmation is a strong statement
that something is ALREADY so).

Your WILL is the part of you that drives you
Either you control IT, or it controls YOU!
You can use your will to accomplish whatever you may
“Where there’s a will there’s a way” they say…

“I am… Cezanne!”
I can write
I can paint
I can dance
I can sing
I can do anything I put my mind to!
And so can you…

Years ago (long before it was actually so)
I began telling my Self;
“I am a brilliant and successful artist!”
“I am a prolific writer!”
“I am a first-class performer!”
“I am mentally free!”
And now,
I am what I WILLED to be!

Let me give you an idea how I train my subconscious mind
To believe the suggestions I make to it
So that IT co-operates with ME;
By using my will-power with the power of “I am…”
I am in the process of changing everything about me
Recreating Who I Am and Who I wish to be
So listen carefully…

“I am the master of all my thoughts and feelings”
Whatever I say my mind has to follow – I am the one in control!

“I am in a constant state of bliss”
By keeping my Self feeling happy,
I am attracting good things to me!

I am what I WILL to be!

“I am grateful for every little thing that happens to me”
My positive mental attitude of gratitude
Helps me to see the good in every situation,
And opens the doors for me.

“I am in control of my destiny”
I don’t have a victim mentality
Every experience I go through only serves to give me the opportunity
To decide Who and What I will to be.

“I am strong”
I bend, but I don’t break.
I rise above every challenge that life throws at me
Metaphorically, I am like a tree planted by the rivers of water
That brings forth its fruit in due season
My leaf does wither,
And whatever I put my hands to PROSPERS!

“I am unique”
I am an extraordinary woman doing extraordinary things;
I THINK differently, ACT differently and SPEAK differently

I Am What I WILL to Be!

“I am a Truth-seeker and a Truth-speaker”
I know the Truth, and the Truth has set me FREE!
I am free to follow the path of Truth wherever it may lead…

“I am a born leader”
I have the ability to influence many
Through the various gifts and talents that have been given to me.

“I am an Advancing Personality”
And I WILL take all who wish to follow with me!

“I am a natural healer”
I have the power to heal with my hands,
My voice and the words I speak
My work sends out a healing energy.

I am what I WILL to be
And nothin’ or no-one ain’t stopping me! (rep)

“I am subject to change”
With me, nothing stays the same!
I am constantly moving, changing, evolving
Transforming my life into Who I Am
And Who I wish to be!

“I am a channel”
The ancestors speak through me,
So listen carefully…

I am the Original Woman –
I was here first;
MAN came out of WOMAN
HE came out of SHE
MALE came out of FEMALE
And HE came out of HER
See, it’s hidden in the words!

“I am a True and Living Goddess”
That is, God in the flesh!
Made in the image and likeness of the Great I Am
I have the creative power of the universe at the tip of my tongue!
I can speak things into being
And when my thoughts, words and actions are aligned
All three unlock the creative power within me.
My body is my temple – sacred.
I am what I WILL to be!

“I am spiritual”
There’s more to me than meets the eye;
99% of me you cannot even see!
I am a Spirit, living in this body,
More Divine than human
Yet I use my body to express my Self perfectly.

I study Ancient Wisdom like a religion
Yet this ‘Higher Education’ cannot be gained from any university;

I am what I WILL to be.

“I am sexual”
Is it possible to be spiritual AND sexual?
As I awaken the Sex Goddess within me
I experience the joy of discovering
That sex is a natural form of healing,
And the fountain of youth;
I take sex seriously as I study
The Tantric secrets that link SEX to SPIRITUALITY
And I find that to reach the highest heights
Real magic happens when I fully surrender;
And as I am renewed and recharged,
I radiate rejuvenating elixir for my partner!

“I am a great creator”
I can create from nothing but the raw materials of mental principles!
My sexual energy is the key to my creativity…

I am what I WILL to be!

“I am a genius”
Genius is developed through the Sixth Sense;
I stimulate my mind so it vibrates at a higher frequency
This enables me to tap into the faculty of my Creative Imagination
There I am able to see what others don’t see
I let my in-tuition guide me as I create SOMETHING out of NOTHING
Which is real creativity.

I am the creator AND the creation,
The giver AND the gift,
The teacher AND the student;
I learn as I teach,
I practice what I preach
I am compassionate and caring
Sensitive and sharing
I give unconditionally
Whether you give back to me
I give to those in need
I see money as a seed
What I sow I will reap
But I don’t give to receive
I am the Source,
Everything comes from me
And everything returns TO me
It’s just a Natural Law of the Universe!

I am what I WILL to be
And nothin’ or no-one ain’t stoppin’ me! (rep)

“I am a freedom-fighter”
I fight for the right to be free, daily!
I’m constantly breaking free from the mental chains of religion,
Mis-education and how society tells me I should be

I’m always breaking boundaries,
Thinking OUTSIDE of the box
So don’t try to cage me into your way of thinking;
Who are you to tell me what I should think, do and expect
Don’t you know I have my own spirit guides and intellect?
I will not be controlled by the will of another,
Not even my own black brother!
I have a mind of my own
And a free will to use it,
My mind, I am the only one to control it!
If I didn’t ask for your advice,
What makes you think you should give it?
So you master your mind
And let me master mine
My will, not your will, be done! (laughs)

Some call me an inspiration,
Others, an abomination!
People can think and say all kinds of things about me but

I am what I WILL to be
And nothin’ or no-one ain’t stoppin’ me! (rep)

“I am a Mastermind”
To think according to what you can see is easy,
But to think ‘Truth’ regardless of appearances requires mental tenacity;
I think thoughts of riches when faced with poverty
I think thoughts of perfect health when sickness attacks my body
I choose not to believe everything I hear or read in the newspapers and on T.V. (tell-lie-vision)
Because I know that this world is the EFFECT of our mentality
The CAUSE is our collective thoughts
But the work starts with me
To keep my thoughts on track every minute of every hour
So I can change my world from the inside out
I’m mastering my mind through my sheer WILL-power!

“I am a great success!”
Success in life is becoming what you choose to be
Not what society tells you you should be!
“I am great”
Not because I want others to serve me
But because I wish to be of service to others
And give to those in need
It is my will to give to the poor and needy
As Jesus would have said
“She that will be great among you,
Let her serve”.

I am what I WILL to be
And nothin’ or no-one ain’t stoppin’ me! (rep)

“I am a Best-Selling Author”
I am changing millions of minds for the better
Through my books, art and poetry –
I am what I WILL to be.

“I am goal-oriented”
(Not time oriented)
Time is just an illusion;
In Truth the past, present and future are all in one
I believe in time-lines,
Not dead-lines
So I will reach my goals at the right time…

“I am a risk-taker”
I prefer the challenges of life
To the guaranteed existence
The thrill of fulfilment
To the stale calm of Utopia.

“I am financially free”
I no longer wish to be a kept citizen
Humbled and dulled by having the government look after me
I will not trade my freedom for beneficence
Nor my dignity for a handout
I will support myself and my children independently
I am what I WILL to be.

“I am a money-magnet”
Money comes to me easily and frequently
The flow of currency is always towards me.

“I am rich!”
There’s nothing wrong in desiring money,
Desire is the seed which gives birth to reality
The lack of money is what prevented me from fulfilling my destiny
Without money I could not have produced this CD,
Or bought the tools I needed to express my Self freely,
I desire riches so that I can make the most of my Self;
BE my best, DO my best, HAVE the best,
To help my Self and others reach our potential, fully
So, I am what I WILL to be!

“I am a Queen – Royalty”
Health, wealth and abundance are mine
I have the right to be rich
It is my birthright
I was born to live an abundant life
To have the best of everything
I am a child of the King
Heir to the Kingdom of Heaven,
Which is within.

“I am in perfect health”
Mind, spirit and body
“I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy!”

“I am being the change I want to see”
As taught by Mahatma Ghandi,
Changing my world from the inside out
I am what I WILL to be.

I WILL my Self to wellness!
I WILL my Self to transformation!
I WILL my Self to claim the riches of God’s Kingdom!

What I will for my Self,
You can be too
All you have to do is tell your Self that you’re ‘it’ already
And soon you’ll become what you WILL to be!

Marcus Garvey gave the call for liberation
And now his place I fill:

© Cezanne 2010
Music by Dave Anderson


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