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‘Step into my world of the magical and mystical, the weird and the wonderful, the strange and surreal…’

My collection ‘Nature’s Art‘ was painted between 2009-10 when I was learning how to meditate and studying Universal Laws.  I also wrote some poems to compliment them; both are creative expressions of my spiritual journey and personal development.

At the time I was homeless (staying with a friend) and had been forced to send my three suns to live with their fathers.  It was at this low point in my life that I ‘found my Self’.  I ‘cocooned’ my Self away from the outside world for 9 months and focused on meditating, which led to me writing poetry and doing the paintings – before this I hadn’t painted in over 20 years!

While painting, I intuitively healed myself from the symptoms of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), a form of depression caused by lack of natural sunlight which mainly affects people of colour.  If you lack energy, are moody, and find it hard to motivate yourself during the cold, dark winter months, and generally feel ‘under the weather’, you could be suffering from SAD!  However, after hanging my paintings on the walls, I didn’t feel ‘SAD’ at all!

This led me to study the effects of colours on the mind and emotions, known as ‘COLOUR THERAPY’.  I learned that colours can influence mood, perceptions and even the ability to concentrate.  For instance, red is known to stimulate the senses, while blue has a calming effect. So you see, my paintings aren’t just good to look at, they will also have a positive effect on your mental and emotional well-being!

Black Butterfly

Black Butterfly Original

Black Butterfly‘ is symbolic of ‘Transformation of the Mind’.  Before you can transform into the person you wish to become, your MIND has to go through a transformation. I wrote and recorded my poem ‘The Black Butterfly Effect‘ to compliment my painting, take a listen:

When you are feeling drained of energy (especially during the winter months) the colour red provides the power from the earth and gives energy on all levels. It connects us to our physical body. Red is a passionate, stirring colour which relates to happiness, life and courage. It is a highly emotional and energizing colour.

 ‘Black Butterfly’ is featured in Year One and Year Seven of my Self-help novel ‘Journey of a Sister’, the Limited Edition features my artwork in FULL COLOUR! (see below)


Wings of an Eagle

Wings of an Eagle Products copy

Wings of an Eagle‘ compliments ‘Black Butterfly’ – I was painting them both at the same time!   Both are 4′ x 5′ in size.  The stars on both paintings are hand-applied diamentes.

Wings of an Eagle‘ would be hung about 10 inches below ‘Black Butterfly’ to the right of it.  In Year One of my novel, the main character has a dream based on these two paintings, and in Year 7, Charles has a dream based on ‘Wings of an Eagle’!



‘My  King’


I was staring at my painting ‘My King’ when I wrote ‘The Preparation’ , which compliments it nicely!  The poem features in Year Two, and the painting in Year Five of ‘Journey of a Sister‘.

The Adinkra symbol used in ‘My King’ (in gold) is from Ghana and is called OSRAM NE NSOROMMA meaning ‘the moon and the star’.  The star represents the male principle, and the moon the feminine principle.



Self Love

This image came to me in a ‘flash’ of inspiration:  I was about to fall asleep one warm spring night in 2009, when the image flashed into my mind!  It was as if the vision left an impression, because even though it flashed only for a brief second, I was still able to draw all the detail.  I drew it out, and painted it a couple of weeks later.  This is the third variation of the original idea (the first painting had yellow tulips, and her head was turned to a profile):

from this:


to this:


I wrote and recorded my poem ‘Fertile Soil’ to compliment my painting ‘Self Love’

At the time I painted Self Love I was learning that all thoughts are either rooted in LOVE or FEAR.  Not long after, I started learning how to meditate to control my fearful thought patterns. The symbolism is your MIND is the GARDEN, and your THOUGHTS are the SEEDS; in order to keep the garden of your mind well cultivated, you have to uproot negative thought-weeds, and replace them with positive thought-seeds.  I used Self Love to illustrate Year Three of my Self-help novel. It is also illustrates the front cover of my Seeds of Love’ CD & Book of Lyrics.


Symbolism and Colours 

The blue sky represents inner peace and harmony. Blue is a mentally-relaxing colour, which has a pacifying effect on the nervous system and brings great relaxation.

Yellow has the power of the sun and gives clarity of thought, increases awareness, and stimulates interest and curiosity. The yellow energy connects us to our mental Self. The sun represents the ‘solar plexus’, (solar meaning ‘of the sun’) which is the organ of your subconscious mind.   Its purpose, among other things, is to distribute energy to the body, and radiate energy from the body.  When you are generating enough energy, you become magnetic (also known as ‘personal magnetism’).

The colour green relaxes muscles, nerves, and thoughts. It cleanses and balances our energy, to give a feeling of renewal, peace and harmony. Green connects us to nature, unconditional love, and is used for balancing our whole being. Green is associated with the heart and when we concentrate on the colour green, it attracts whatever we need to feel nurtured and calm. The green stems and leaves represent a relaxed mind and body, and unconditional love for Self.

The woman emerging from the tulip is ‘blossoming’, as she learns how to uproot negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts. Meditation can help with this process.


Blue Lotus 


 My poem ‘Equilibrium’  compliments my paintingBlue Lotus’, both the poem and painting feature in Year Four of my novel:


The Blue Lotus flower is native to the River Nile in Egypt.  I chose to paint the Blue Lotus rather than the more popular White Lotus because the Blue Lotus rises and opens at dawn, and at night closes and sinks underwater (whereas the White Lotus is a night-blooming plant).   The ancient Egyptians recognized it as a symbol of the sun, and of creation and rebirth.

The woman is seated in the Full Lotus, an advanced yoga position named after the flower. Part of the power and effectiveness of the Lotus Position comes from the triangular shape the body assumes. Many Eastern cultures believe that a triangle shape, such as those of the pyramids of Egypt, harnesses life energy.  By turning your body into a mini-pyramid, you can tap into this mystical energy and stay grounded at the same time.  Triangles symbolize knowledge, will, and action – three key aspects of Yoga practice.  To work your way up to this very advanced pose, it is said that you should ‘let your Lotus bloom slowly’.

The ancient Egyptians used to use the lotus flower as a tremendous resource for meditation, dream interpretation, creative art, spiritual healing, and esoteric study.  In fact, the essence from this flower’s purpose is to accelerate spiritual evolvement and enhance healing on every level within the system.

The Nautilus Shell is a powerful symbol of spiritual unfolding.

The Nautilus shell in my painting is symbolic of expansion; The sea animal that lives in this shell must constantly throughout its life, create a new chamber as it outgrows each existing one.  The increasingly larger chambers form what is known as a ‘logarithmic spiral’.  The nautilus must keep on building new chambers as long as it lives; it can never go back to a previous one as it would no longer fit. The chambers of the Nautilus Shell are symbolic of the stages we as individuals have to pass through in life.  As we journey on our path of spiritual development, we must always be moving forwards, never backwards.  We change, renew ourselves and are transformed over time, just like the Nautilus that grows new chambers.

Expand your MIND!


Black Orchid

Black Orchid Products copyI drew my inspiration from this photocopy:


‘Black Orchid’ was inspired by the above black-and-white photocopy which I found lying around at a friend’s house!  As I studied it, I could see what looked to me like a woman’s body in a flowing dress (bottom left) which inspired the whole composition for my painting!

I used ‘Black Orchid’ to illustrate the ‘Manifestation Process’ in Year Six of my novel: When you plant a seed of desire, there’s a process it has to go through.  It takes TIME before you eventually see the full blossom! (The black represents the dark soil of your subconscious mind).



Moondance Products2

‘Moondance’ was inspired by a poster I saw on the underground advertising the Royal Ballet:


I was also inspired to try painting see-through cloth after visiting the National Portrait Gallery on one of my artist-child ‘dates’.  I painted over an earlier version of ‘Self Love’.  To me, this painting represents Mental Freedom:

To be mentally free is to think and act for your Self, without overlapping other people’s thoughts and ideas over your own. 

I used ‘Moondance’ to illustrate the SEQUEL of my novel, it is in the final page of the book, with a short poem:

To have the most beautiful freedom

Free your mind from mental limitations

You can be, do and have whatever you can IMAGINE

So focus on your desires, not on what you don’t want to happen

And with faith believing, take positive actions.


Love Bump

LOVE BUMP Products

This is another image that came to me in a flash of inspiration! I was relaxing on the sofa listening to the track ‘Fertile Ground’ by Fertile Ground (one of my favourite indie groups) when this image just flashed in my mind in all its detail!  I drew it straight away, but it took about three months to get around to painting it, because I  couldn’t really relate to it.  (It’s not my desire to have any more babies, or the ‘white wedding’).  Yet I loved the way the couple seemed so relaxed in each other’s company, looking forward to the birth of their first child together – there’s a sense of unity and commitment to each other, and I think it’s a positive and inspirational image of Black Love.

I wrote my poem-song ‘Love Attraction’ to compliment this painting:

‘Love Bump’ illustrates Year 11 of ‘Journey of a Sister’, where the couple are celebrating their first year of wedded bliss, and the imminent birth of their first child together!  

Get your personally signed Limited Edition paperback of ‘Journey of a Sister‘ with my artwork in full colour:

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Trust Products copy

‘We’re in a place where love flows freely….’

My poem-song ‘Trust‘ compliments my painting of the same title; the poem-song features in Year Two of my novel, while the painting features in Year Twelve.  

Get your set of 9 A3 Prints for £29.99 (UK) or £39.99 (outside UK) with FREE postage!

1) Black Butterfly, 2) Black Orchid, 2) Self Love, 4) My King, 5) Blue Lotus, 6) Love Bump,  7) Trust 8) Moondance and 9) Wings of an Eagle as a set of A3 Affirmation Prints which you can frame and put on your walls to brighten your home, office or venue!  They come rolled in a tube for easy transport.



‘My  Inner Child’

And last but not least, the first painting I did when I unblocked as an artist (after 20 years) was of my inner child:

My Artist Child smallCezanne’s mission is to ‘Spread LOVE through Creativity‘.  

Listen to my poem ‘My Artist Child’ (Parts 1 & 2) which explains the uncomfortable process I went through in allowing my inner child the freedom she wanted to create!

You can also read The Story of My Inner Child on this blog and also on pages 32-33 of Conscious Vibes magazine!

  Here’s a short video of me talking about my art courtesy of BlackVisionsTV:

Learn more about the Colour Therapy & Symbolism used in my paintings, download my e-book ‘Nature’s Art’ (FREE if you’re an Amazon Prime Member or just 0.99):

Nature's Art Book Cover Design copy



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