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“Step into my world of the magical and mystical, the weird and the wonderful, the strange and surreal….”

I painted my first collection ‘Nature’s Art‘ between 2009-10; prior to that, I was a blocked Writer and Artist for over 15 years!  The book I credit with helping me unblock is ‘The Artist’s Way‘ by Julia Cameron, which taught me how to identify where my blocks were coming from, and how to nurture my inner child.👧🏾

I also credit my early morning walks in the park for inspiration. I would also spend hours each day with my eyes closed in a deep meditative state; this enabled me to tap into the natural DMT in my brain; I began seeing images in my mind’s eye, and getting ‘downloads’.  I chose the colours intuitively, and in the process of painting, healed myself from Seasonal Affective Disorder (a form of depression caused by lack of natural sunlight). This led me to study COLOUR THERAPY which I now teach on my Retreats.  9 of my paintings have been used to illustrate my novel Journey of a Sister.

Tap and hold on each image to download them to your phone, tablet or PC and use them as screensavers so you can benefit from the Colour Therapy and Love Energy in them too! I wrote poem-songs to compliment some of my paintings, which you can listen to on this page by clicking ‘listen in browser’ – enjoy!

Black Butterfly

Reach for the moon, even if you miss it, you will land amongst the stars’

‘Black Butterfly’ is symbolic of ‘transformation of the mind’.  My poem ‘The Black Butterfly Effect‘ explains this process using the metaphor of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly (click on ‘listen in browser’ to stay on this page):

In the 90’s I used to listen to an inspirational song by Sounds of Blackness repeatedly, called ‘Black Butterfly‘:

‘Black Butterfly, you can do most anything your heart desires, freedom comes with understanding who you are, it’s time to reclaim your place among the stars, spread your wings and fly!’

In Year One of Journey of a Sister, Suzanne has a dream based on ‘Black Butterfly‘! (Read Year One FREE on the Books page, link below).

Download Black Butterfly to your phone, tablet or PC and use it as a screensaver to reMIND your Self to stay focused on your heart’s desires;  the sky is no limit – aim higher!

‘Wings of an Eagle’

Wings of an Eagle‘ compliments ‘Black Butterfly’ – I painted them both at the same time!  If you were to print them and put them on your wall,  Wings of an Eagle should be hung a few inches below Black Butterfly to the right, as if he’s looking up at her.

When I was in my mid-thirties I had a really profound dream of standing on top of a high-rise building. I was about 100 floors up; the cars on the street below looked like toys.  I noticed a man with huge wings standing to my left on safe ground. I could feel my foot slipping, and as I slipped off the ledge and began free-falling, the angel swooped down and caught me, and placed me where he had been standing – then he was gone. In Year Seven of ‘Journey of a Sister‘, Charles has this dream!

Recently, I discovered that the angel that governs my birthday is called ‘Sehaliah‘, and the scripture I should say when I want to contact my angel is ‘When I said my foot is slipping, your Mercy oh Lord upheld me’.

Download Wings of an Eagle to your phone, tablet or PC and use it as a screensaver to remind you to ‘Fly Like an Eagle‘.  Seal’s song of the same title, and R. Kelly’s song ‘I Believe I Can Fly‘ both compliment this painting.


‘My  King’


My poem-song ‘The Preparation’ compliments my painting ‘My King‘.  One day I was listening to a composition by acoustic guitarist Theo Calliste while looking at the painting – the words just flowed to the music and the painting! (listen in browser to stay on this page):

The poem-song features in Year Two, and the painting in Year Five of ‘Journey of a Sister‘.

The Adinkra symbol in ‘My King’ (in gold) is from Ghana and is called OSRAM NE NSOROMMA meaning ‘the moon and the star’.  The star represents the masculine principle, and the moon represents the feminine principle.  It is the symbol of LOVE, FAITHULNESS, LOYALTY, BENEVOLENCE, and FEMININE ESSENCE OF LIFE.

Download My King to your phone, tablet or PC and use it as a screensaver, so you can benefit from the Love Energy in it! (Both ‘My King‘ and ‘My Queen‘ greeting cards are available from my Greeting Cards Universe store, link below).


Self Love

This is the first image that came to me in a ‘flash’ of inspiration:  I was about to fall asleep one Spring night in 2009, when the image just flashed in my mind!  It was as if it left an impression, because even though it was only for a split second, I was able to draw all the detail.  It took me three attemps to get it right:

from this:


to this:

My poem-song ‘Fertile Soil’  compliments ‘Self Love’  (listen in browser):

Self Love is a reMINDer that our MIND is a GARDEN, and our THOUGHTS are the SEEDS; in order to keep the garden of our mind well cultivated, we must up-root negative thought-weeds, and replace them with positive thought-seeds, and nip those negative thoughts in the BUD! I used Self Love to illustrate Year Three of Journey of a Sister, which explains this concept in greater detail.  Self Love also illustrates the front cover of my first poetry collection Seeds of Love’ – all 13 poems feature in Journey of a Sister (you can listen to more poems on the Poetry page,  and also order the Book of Lyrics) 

Book-of-Lyrics-with-CDWEBThe woman emerging from the tulip is ‘blossoming’, as she learns how to uproot negative thought-weeds and replace them with positive thought-seeds (‘blossoming’ also means ‘prospering’).

Download Self Love to your phone, tablet or PC for a daily re-MIND-er to keep all your thoughts rooted in LOVE!


Blue Lotus 

 My poem-song ‘Equilibrium’  compliments ‘Blue Lotus’ (listen in browser): Both feature in Year Four of Journey of a Sister:


The Blue Lotus flower is native to the River Nile in Egypt.  I chose to paint the Blue Lotus rather than the more popular White Lotus because the Blue Lotus rises and opens at dawn (whereas the White Lotus is a night-blooming plant).  The ancient Egyptians recognized it as a symbol of the sun, and of creation and rebirth.

The woman is seated in the Full Lotus, an advanced yoga position named after the flower. Part of the power and effectiveness of the Lotus Position comes from the triangular shape the body assumes. Many Eastern cultures believe that a triangle shape, such as those of the pyramids of Egypt, harnesses life energy.  By turning your body into a mini-pyramid, you can tap into this mystical energy and stay grounded at the same time.  Triangles symbolize knowledge, will, and action – three key aspects of Yoga practice.  To work your way up to this very advanced pose, it is said that you should ‘let your Lotus bloom slowly’.

The ancient Egyptians used the lotus flower as a tremendous resource for meditation, dream interpretation, creative art, spiritual healing, and esoteric study.  In fact, the essence from this flower helps to accelerate spiritual evolvement and enhance healing on every level within the system.

The Nautilus Shell is a powerful symbol of spiritual unfolding.

The Nautilus shell in my painting is symbolic of expansion; the sea animal that lives inside this shell must constantly create a new chamber as it outgrows each existing one.  The increasingly larger chambers form what is known as a ‘logarithmic spiral’.  The nautilus can never go back to the previous chamber as it would no longer fit. This is symbolic of our own spiritual growth; as we journey on our path of spiritual development, we must always be moving forwards, never backwards.  

Expand your MIND!

Keep calm and download Blue Lotus to your phone, tablet or PC and use it as a screensaver, so you can benefit from the calming blue Colour Therapy in it!


Black Orchid


‘Black Orchid’ was inspired by the above black-and-white photocopy which I found lying around at a friends house. As I studied it, I could see what looked to me like a woman’s body in a long, flowing dress (bottom left) which is what sparked the whole composition!

I used ‘Black Orchid’ to illustrate the ‘Manifestation Process’ in Year Six of Journey of a Sister:  Your thoughts are seeds which are planted in your subconscious mind; it takes a while before you even begin to see a shoot appear above ground (your outer world) and eventually, you’ll see the full blossom! This is when your original idea comes to full fruition, or harvest. The black background represents the dark soil of your subconscious mind. Trust the process!

I titled this painting ‘Black Orchid’ but later found out that it’s actually a Morning Glory flower! I had an insperience in January of 2019 where I consumed some of the Morning Glory  seeds and it re-set my brain! (Search: my plant medicine journey for full details).



‘Moondance’ was inspired by this poster I saw on the underground advertising the Royal Ballet:👇🏾


I painted over my second attempt at Self Love to create ‘Moondance‘, which in itself is symbolic! Moondance symbolizes Mental Freedom:

‘To be mentally free is to think and act for your Self, without overlapping other people’s thoughts and ideas over your own.’ 

‘Moondance’ features in Year 12 of Journey of a Sister (only in the paperback).

Download Moondance to your phone, tablet or PC as a screensaver, for a daily reminder to be open to the abunDANCE of the universe!

Love Bump

I was relaxing on the sofa with my eyes closed listening to a song called Fertile Groundwhen this image just flashed in my mind!  Just like ‘Self Love‘, it left an impression on my mind, and I was able to draw all the detail. It took around three months for me to get around to painting it, because I couldn’t relate; I wasn’t feeling broody, and if you’ve read Journey of a Sister, you’ll know I’m not one for a ‘white wedding’!

While I was writing ‘How to Get the Ring On Your Finger’, the significance of this painting came to me – it’s a Law of Attraction tool!  If it’s your desire to attract your soul mate, get married and start a family, you can use this painting as a focal point, and imagine that you are the man or woman in this painting. Feel the emotions of being in that situation as if it’s happening NOW, and leave it to the universe to MANifest your desires!

My poem-song ‘Love Attraction’ explains how to prepare to meet your soulmate and compliments Love Bump (listen in browser): 

‘Love Bump’ illustrates Year 11 of ‘Journey of a Sister‘, where Suzanne and Charles are finally celebrating their first year of wedded bliss, and the imminent birth of their first child together…

Download Love Bump to your phone, tablet or PC and use it as a screensaver to help you focus on attracting your soul mate, and to benefit from the Love Energy & Colour Therapy in it!



‘We’re in a place where love flows freely….’

My painting ‘Trust’ compliments my poem-song of the same title, click ‘listen in browser’ to stay on this page:

The poem-song features in Year Two of Journey of a Sister, while the painting features in Year Twelve (only in the paperback).  

Download Trust to your phone, tablet or PC and use it as a screensaver, so you can benefit from the Love Energy & Colour Therapy in it!

Exchanging Energy!

Download as many as you like, and make a contribution to my Art Fund in return, using secure PayPal. Whatever you give from your heart is gratefully received! 🎨🖌

Order your personalized greeting cards featuring my artwork and poetry!


‘My  Inner Child’

And last but not least, the first painting I did when I unblocked as an artist (after 15 years) was of my inner child:

Cezanne’s mission is to ‘Spread LOVE through Creativity‘! 

My poem ‘My Artist Child‘ (Parts 1 & 2) explains the uncomfortable process I went through in allowing my inner child the unhibited freedom she needed to create! (listen in browser):

Download My Inner Child to your phone, tablet or PC as a reminder to nurture your inner child!

Read The Story of My Inner Child and join me on the Nurture Your Inner Child Retreat!

  In this short video I explain some of the symbolism in my paintings at the Art of Tottenham Exhibition (2012) courtesy of BlackVisionsTV (In 2016 I revised and re-titled my novel ‘Journey  of a Sister‘) 👇🏾:

I created this slide-show of my art for your enjoyment, set to music by ‘Fertile Ground’:

Click on the book image to download Year One of Journey of a Sister FREE! 

Download my e-book ‘Nature’s Art’ to learn more about the Colour Therapy & Symbolism used in my paintings! It also includes my paintings ‘Fruitful Mind’ (Male & Female). Borrow the e-book FREE if you’re an Amazon Prime Member, or buy it for just 0.99!

Nature's Art Book Cover Design copy



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