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Black His-story Month Vlog Series!

Last year I wrote a blog a day for BHM, this year I was led to turn them into vlogs to make it easier for you to digest the in-formation!

Most of the in-formation was channelled, including messages from the Ancestral Mothers! Click here to be taken to the playlist!

DISCOVER and FULFIL Your Soul Purpose!

Day 1: Discover and Fulfil Your Soul Purpose!

Day 2: Your Life Path Number

Day 3: Your Moon Sign & Moon Phase

Day 4: Your Archetype 

Day 5: Your Natal Chart

Are You a Slave to the Money System?

Part One: The Money System

         Part Two: A Modern Day Plantation 

I wrote a blog a day for ‘Black His-story Month’ in 2021, which is now a resource you can refer to 365 days of the year!

Day 1: The Bible and Mental Slavery 

Day 2: The Origins of Christianity

Day 3: The Eve Gene

Day 4: Jesus and His Divine Mother 

Day 5: The Serpent and the Tree of Life

Day 6: The Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil

Day 7: The Genius Gene

Day 8: The Blue Lotus Feet of the Divine Mother 

Day 9: The Sex Craze

Day 10: The Dark-skinned Black Womban 

Day 11: African Spirituality vs Religion 

Day 12: Enter the Womb of the Divine Mother

Day 13: Is Church Service Watered-down Afrikan Spirituality?

Day 14: How to Set Up an Altar to Your Ancestors

Day 15: Making Contact with Your Ancestors

Day 16: A Modern Day Plantation

Day 17: Break Free from MENTAL Slavery!

Day 18: UNITE and FIGHT!

Day 19: Sexual Energy is the KEY!

Day 20: Full Moon Sexual Inner-g!

Day 21: Oh…My…GODDESS!

Day 22: Why Did Jesus CURSE the Fig Tree?

Day 23: Why Jesus CURSED the Fig Tree (Part 2)

Day 24: Ancestral Trauma and Our Relationships

Day 25: Who is the Black Woman?

Day 26: I Met God…She’s Black!

Day 27: The Unprotected Black Woman

Day 28: All Souls (Halloween)

Day 29: Black OUR Story!

Day 30: Let the Healing Begin!

Day 31: Who Am I?


In 2016 I teamed up with 6 other bloggers and wrote exclusive articles for their blogs to inspire, motivate and encourage you on your path of Self-discovery, start the journey….

Blog One: She Inspired Her  – The Black Butterfly Effect

Blog Two: Sistah’s Place  – Why Am I Still Single?

Blog Three: Mocha Girls Pit Stop – No TESTimony without a TEST!

Blog Four: Sisters Got Soul  – The Concept of Marriage

Blog Five: Authentically You Magazine – Finding Your Purpose

Blog Six: CaribDomain – What’s in a Name?

Read them at your leisure in your own time, and be inspired!

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