The Twin Soul Phenomenon (free e-book download)

The two main characters in Journey of a Sister, Suzanne and Charles, are Twin Souls/Twin Flames. The way they met is exactly how I met my Twin Soul in 2001. It was so profound, I wrote it into the story! This is an extract of their first encounter, taken from The Caribbean Expo (Year One): … Continue reading The Twin Soul Phenomenon (free e-book download)

What is your Soul Purpose?

In 1998 I asked God what my purpose was; I was told it's 'to Promote LOVE through Creativity!' I've been fulfilling my purpose through my Books, Art, Poetry, Events and The Self Love Retreat. I ended my novel 'Journey of a Sister' by explaining what True Love really is (it's not what we've been led … Continue reading What is your Soul Purpose?

My Plant Medicine Journey (recording)

Listen to my journey with plant medicines ('magic' mushrooms, cannabis oil, changa/DMT). I explain why I think they are crucial to our 'reparations', which must begin with the MIND (feel free to download): Sorry if the music is a bit loud, it was playing all night! I came across plant medicines after reaching a point … Continue reading My Plant Medicine Journey (recording)

My ‘Dark Night of the Soul’

What a journey! I've come to realize that what I went through recently was my 'Dark Night of the Soul'. It seemed ironic that I would end up on a psychiatric ward after all the work I've done on my conscious and subconscious minds, but now I realize it was an unavoidable part of my … Continue reading My ‘Dark Night of the Soul’

Intercepting the Inception!

I attended the Ebonyline Business Networking meeting on Wednesday evening, and met quite a few people there who I knew. It became apparent to me that most people assumed I'd had a mental breakdown, so I thought I should explain exactly what a psychic attack is: A psychic attack is when someone plants suggestions or … Continue reading Intercepting the Inception!

Out of the Darkness…

To all my friends and family who have been genuinely concerned for my wellbeing; I feel obligated to give you this update because I'm aware that there's been a lot of information going around on social media, some true, some not. I want to thank everyone again for all your prayers, holding me in pure … Continue reading Out of the Darkness…

Do you feel SAD? (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

For people of colour, the lack of sunlight can have an adverse effect on our mental and emotional wellbeing.  This is because the pigment in our skin (known as MELANIN) needs the UV rays of the sun to function properly.  If we don't get enough sunlight we may lack energy, feel lethargic, unmotivated, moody, and … Continue reading Do you feel SAD? (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

Re-program Your Mind for GOOD! (Part 4)

There’s a saying: “Whatever the mind can conceive, it can achieve.” If you can think up an idea, you also have the capacity to achieve it. I’m in the process of re-creating my life how I choose it to be, and there’s nothing stopping you from doing the same – other than the seeds that … Continue reading Re-program Your Mind for GOOD! (Part 4)

What is YOUR Subconscious Programming? (Part 3)

Let’s use another metaphor; think of your subconscious mind as a computer; a computer runs on a PROGRAM, or on various programs.  Until it’s programmed, it can do nothing.  A baby’s mind is like an un-programmed computer. While I was going through the process of learning about the mind in order to get mine to work … Continue reading What is YOUR Subconscious Programming? (Part 3)

Plant Seeds of LOVE in the Garden of Your Mind! (Part 2)

It’s important to guard your subconscious mind, in fact the job of your conscious mind is to guard your subconscious mind. See, your subconscious mind is like a young child; it doesn’t think or reason for itself, it simply accepts as fact and acts upon any information given to it.  You can either plant your own … Continue reading Plant Seeds of LOVE in the Garden of Your Mind! (Part 2)