Abundance Affirmations (Radionics)

A talented friend sent me an e-book called Radionics Book 3 – Alpha, which explains how frequencies can heal the body.Β 

Most of the information went over my head, but I was surprised to find a list of Positive Affirmations in it! I wondered what they were doing in a book that was really technical!

The affirmations are said to have a positive healing effect on the body, and are specifically for activating our Wealth DNA.

The Affirmations felt very personal to me; I knew it was no coincidence that this brother was led to send me the e-book. So I decided to record them; I coupled them with music I had purchased from Alex Maxwell, which is also said to activate Wealth DNA.🧬

Originally, music was created for healing; the Wealth DNA track is said to have ancient frequencies which activate wealth DNA that has been lying dormant. 🧬😴

The idea is to listen as soon as you wake up in the morning while you’re still in the alpha state (between sleep and wake). Better still, play it just as you’re about to fall asleep, and loop it so it plays all night:

(You can download the Radionics e-book at the end of this blog).

Plant Medicines for Wealth? πŸ„

In my very first magic mushroom trip in 2016, I was taken on a deep inner journey through my ancestry, way before slavery. I was told that my ancestors were Royalty, but the trauma they suffered altered their DNA structure. The message I got from my first magic mushroom trip was DNA REPAIR.🧬

In 2019 I had a profound insperience with Changa (another plant medicine which is made up of DMT and dried herbs). I was immediately taken into ceremony with a shaman elder – I didn’t see him, but I sensed him (apparently he had made the joint). He guided me through the ceremony and gave me a mantra to repeat; β€œAs I align myself with my true purpose, I welcome infinite abundance now!”

I kept yawning, and every time I yawned he would tell me to say β€œI release poverty!”

During a later Changa ceremony it felt like I was being operated on; I sensed someone standing behind me stroking my face to reassure me that I was safe. At the end, I was informed that they had installed the β€˜Abundance Codes’.

In April of 2023, I was led to paint the Adinkra SymbolMmusuyidee‘.

It’s the Adinkra Symbol for ‘Good Fortune‘, and ‘That which removes bad luck‘.

(Actually, my fictional character Felicia Rasheda painted it!)

The Adinkra Symbol painting, Abundance Affirmations with music, and the plant medicine (DMT/Changa) all work together to reprogram the subconscious mind for wealth!

All you have to do is listen to the Abundance Affirmations for 30 nights consecutively, just as you’re about to fall asleep, or as soon as you wake up. πŸ›ŒπŸΎπŸŽΆ

Listening to these Abundance Affirmations consistently while in the Alpha state will, in time, repair your Wealth DNA!

Listening while in-between sleep and wake state makes it easier for the Affirmations to reach the subconscious mind. Ideally, loop the video and play it on repeat while you sleep. It should be played at a low volume, and shouldn’t disturb your sleep. Earphones are required to benefit from the frequencies in the music (make sure left and right are in the correct ears). 🎧

Watch the video first time round just to listen to the Affirmations and see if they resonate with you (and for the visuals!) while wide awake. If you’re happy to incorporate it into your nightly/daily routine, go to YouTube and loop the video to play on repeat every night for 30 nights consecutively.

Affirmations have played a big part in my self-healing journey; they helped me develop confidence, self-esteem, and Self Love, and to unblock as a writer and artist. I’m now using them to create Abundance in my life!

Join me on the Journey to Financial Freedom!

Abundance is our birthright!  We should ALL be living an abundant life, it’s time to reclaim what’s rightfully yours!

Would you like to join me on a 30 Day Abundance Activation Challenge?

The Abundance Activation 30 Day Challenge will be conducted via a WhatsApp group/email. It will consist of listening to the Abundance Affirmations meditation every night, and a simple task to complete each day (the tasks are from the book that came with the Wealth DNA track). The idea is to support each other in completing the 30 day challenge, and stand in agreement with each other in reaching our personal goals. It’s a spiritual principle that when two or more people agree on a matter, it will be established. 🀝🏾

The cost of the 30 Day Abundance Activation Challenge is just Β£30, which you can pay through my PayPal. Once you’ve paid, use the Contact Form below or email me: cezanne@journeyofasister.com with your name and number (inc. area code) so we can have a quick chat before you start the Challenge.

You will then be added to the WhatsApp Group. If you’re not on WhatsApp or Telegram, you will receive an email every day.

The 30 Day Abundance Activation Challenge starts on the first Sunday of every month (advised by the book).

Plant a Money Seed! 🌱

I enjoyed creating this Abundance Activation tool, and am sharing it with you so you can be activated too! Another way to activate your wealth DNA, is to plant money seeds – you reap what you sow!

Make a contribution to my PayPal – I am fertile soil!

Help yourself by listening to the Abundance Affirmations as you sleep for 30 nights, and plant a money seed!

Download the Radionics e-book to read the Affirmations and learn more about how they work:

Here’s the link to order your 24″ x 24″ Adinkra Symbol Original Painting on canvas.

Alternatively, here’s the link to order your A3 Adinkra Symbol Print.

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