Abundance Affirmations (Radionics)

I attended an event called African Spiritual Practices where I met Derek, a master craftsman jeweller (Instagram: TCONCEPT2019). He sent me the e-book Radionics Book 3 – Alpha, which explains how frequencies can heal the body. 

Most of the information went over my head, but I was surprised to find a list of Affirmations in it, and wondered what they were doing there!

Apparently, these affirmations are said to have a positive effect on the body, and are specifically for activating our wealth DNA.

I resonated with all the Affirmations in the e-book – they felt so personal! So I decided to record them for myself, and to share them on the Soul Purpose Tribe YouTube channel so you can be activated too!

(You can download the Radionics e-book at the end of this blog).

The music accompanying the Affirmations is from a package I purchased called Wealth DNA. In the past, music was originally created for healing; the Wealth DNA track by Alex Maxwell is said to have ancient frequencies that activate wealth DNA lying dormant.

Plant Medicines for Wealth?

In my very first magic mushroom trip I was taken on a deep inner journey through my ancestry, way before slavery. I was told that my ancestors were Royalty, but the trauma they suffered altered their DNA structure. The message I got from my first magic mushroom trip was DNA REPAIR.

Another time I took another plant medicine, changa, and was immediately taken into ceremony with a shaman elder – I didn’t see him, but I sensed him (apparently he had made the joint). He guided me through the ceremony and gave me a mantra to repeat; “As I align myself with my true purpose, I welcome infinite abundance now!”

(This is now the Soul Purpose Tribe mantra!)

I kept yawning, and every time I yawned he would tell me to say “I release poverty!”

During another changa ceremony I felt like I was being operated on; I sensed someone standing behind me stroking my face to reassure me that I was safe. At the end, I was informed that they had installed the ‘Abundance Codes’.

At an Ayahuasca ceremony for the Lionsgate Portal in 2020, I was told the following morning that I was out cold the whole time, but I suddenly sat up and said out loud “Breaking generational curses of sex and money!” before lying down and conking out again 😄

I’ve also been given two other ideas for making sure the Soul Purpose Tribe are activated for Abundance, and are always provided for.

I believe listening to these Abundance Affirmations every day is another step towards financial freedom!

The best time to listen to them is just before you go to sleep, or as soon as you wake up, when you are still in the Alpha state. This makes it easier for the Affirmations to reach the subconscious mind. You can also loop the video and play it on repeat while you sleep. It should be played at a low volume, and shouldn’t disturb your sleep.

You can watch the video first time just to listen to all the Affirmations and see if they resonate with you (and for the visuals!) but it’s best to be in a half-asleep (Alpha) state for them to be reach your subconscious mind, without your conscious mind rejecting them!

I personally will be playing it just before I fall asleep, looped so it plays all night!

Affirmations have played a big part in my self-healing journey; they helped me develop confidence, self-esteem, and Self Love, and to unblock as a writer and artist. I’m now using them to create Abundance in my life!

Join me on the Journey!

Abundance is our birthright!  We should ALL be living an abundant life, and it’s time to reclaim what’s rightfully ours.

Would you like to join me on a FREE 30 Day Abundance Activation Challenge?

The Abundance Activation 30 Day Challenge will be conducted via a WhatsApp group; it will consist of listening to the Abundance Affirmations meditation every day, and a simple task to complete. The idea is to hold each other accountable, and as the bible says, ‘when two or more people agree on a thing, it shall be so’ (paraphrasing – I haven’t read the bible since 2007!) If you’d like to join me, email: soulpurposetribe@gmail.com or fill in the Contact Form below.

You can start at any time, but preferably the first Sunday of the month.

Autumn Equinox at Stonehenge

Last week I went to Stonehenge for the Autumn Equinox, and received an activation which I put into recording the Abundance Affirmations, and making the video!

I also charged some crystal and cowrie shell jewellery that was hand made in Ghana:

I will be selling the jewellery at the next African Spiritual Practices event on 14th and 15th of October 2022, purchase your tickets by clicking on the image below:

If you are unable to attend the event but would like to purchase a piece of charged jewellery, send me a message! I will also be selling jewellery made by the organizer, Akua!

Plant a Money Seed and watch it Grow! 🌱

Lastly, to help activate your wealth DNA, plant a money seed by making a contribution to my GoFundMe (I set it up a couple of weeks ago but was focused on other things!). You reap what you sow, and I am fertile soil! In return, I’ll send you a free download of the Third Edition of my novel Journey of a Sister! 💞

Why a Third Edition?

In 2020 I turned the book into a film script with the help of Errol Mcglashan, who helped me edit the First Edition. In the process I wrote some new scenes, so decided to revise the book to match the film script! During Lockdown I was travelling to my brother’s to record it as an audiobook.

Listen to this extract from Year One of the audiobook series, which is only in the Third Edition:

I channelled 46,000 words; during the process I intuitively traced my ancestry from ancient Kemet, to Ghana, to Jamaica, to the UK – and it’s packed with ancient wisdom!

For instance, in Year Eight I channelled a scene where the couple performed their first sex ritual. I thought I was making it up, but after publishing the book I discovered that it IS possible to use sexual energy to create things other than babies! In the story, a year after performing the sex ritual they made their first million through their business.

I have been Divinely appointed to break generational curses and bring abundance into our community. I have faced many attacks in the process, but they only helped me to develop a warrior spirit!

Last year I was led to write a blog-a-day for Black His-story Month. Each morning I had no idea what I was going to write, I just relied on getting downloads! This year I will be turning them into vlogs for the Journey of a Sister YouTube channel, don’t miss it!

Download the Radionics e-book to read the Affirmations and learn more about how they work:

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