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 Faith, Love, and Sex…But the Greatest of These is LOVE!

I wrote ‘Journey of a Sister‘ to share everything I’d discovered since asking God for “the Truth!” in 2007.  It’s not my autobiography, but I drew from some of my most profound experiences (e.g. my Christian upbringing, developing my relationship with my Creator, and meeting my twin soul).   I also ‘channelled’ 46,000 words (meaning they came through me rather than from me) .   I published the First Edition in 2011 under the title ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!’  When I returned from 4 months in Ghana in 2015 and revised the First Edition, added two new chapters, and re-titled the book ‘Journey of a Sister‘.  Why?  Because so many women commented that it was like I was telling their story, and how the book had really helped them on their own journey!  Many men also read the First Edition, and they too were able to relate – especially to the letter to God in Year One, and the issues to do with sex and religion!  Read what others thought of the book!

Journey of a Sister is the beautiful love story of a young woman raised in the faith, who reaches a point where she begins to question what she was taught to believe.  She writes God a fearless letter asking all the questions the church couldn’t answer, and ends it by asking for “the Truth!”  This marks a turning-point in her life; she meets Charles who sets her on a new path of enlightenment!

If you were raised in ‘the Faith’, struggle with issues to do with sex before marriage, are the descendant of an enslaved African, want help on your own journey, have Self Love or Self esteem issues, need guidance regarding your relationships, and want to know the deeper meanings of life, this book is for YOU!  Read Year One FREE! (<click on the link to open PDF)

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Journey of a Sister is in a series of 8 e-books on Amazon, and they’re FREE to borrow from Amazon’s Lending Library if you’re an Amazon Prime Member! (or 0.99 each)


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(Years 12 & 13 are exclusively in the paperback, if you enjoy the free read, order your signed LIMITED EDITION copy which features my artwork in full colour!)

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Book Tour 1-8 Oct 2017

Join me on the Kings & Queens Book Tour taking place in London from 1st to 8th October!  I’ve invited two heavyweight authors from the USA to join me on the tour; King Kevin Dorival is author of ‘7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire’ (I wrote the Foreword), and TC Carrier is author of ‘The Secret Science of Black Male and Female Sex’ – both their books compliment my Self-help novel; What does it mean to be a Queen or a King?  What Type of Queen are you?  (so you can attract the right type of King), How do you become an Queen or a King?  What happens when a King finds his Queen?  What can a King and Queen achieve together?  Come and find out in a series of discussions, workshops and lectures!  More details here!

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Out of respect for the brothers who contributed to this book freely, I’ve made How to Get the Ring On Your Finger available to read FREE when you fill in the pop-up box!  Alternatively, download it from Amazon for only $1.99!  If you’re an Amazon Prime member, it’s FREE to borrow from their lending library!




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  2. What am amazing book. I’ve told all my sister about this book. It’s a must have.
    I brought all mine on my Kindle , but I still had to get s signed copy last Sunday .

  3. Cezanne, Dozens of CONGRATULATIONS!!! not just about the book. it’s about your creative imagination and all the beautiful paintings with their exquisitive descriptions. Once the mind is unblocked and the heart is open, the inner beauty of life gushes like tidal waves leaving so many treasures on the shore. That’s the way I can describe you and your magnificent creativities. I am proud of you. Keep on flowing. Margaret V Aberdeen (Writer/Poet)

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