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“Who am I?”

“What is my purpose?”

Many people go through life never knowing or fulfilling their true purpose, you don’t have to be one of them! 💫

Does your life currently feel like this? Even millionaire’s lives can feel bleak if they are not in line with their soul purpose!

I discovered my Soul Purpose in 1998, but it took many years for me to align with it, because I didn’t have the tools I’m sharing with you today.

I have put together a FREE 5 Day Soul Purpose Discovery Challenge to introduce you to the 4 ‘ologies’. These ancient systems of Astrology, Numerology, Cardology and Individualogy will help you to discover your Soul Purpose, and provide you with a clear road map for your life which if you FOLLOW, will lead you to your DESTINY!

Each day, you will get a link to order your FREE mini-readings for each ‘ology’; by the end of the 5 Day Challenge you will know your Life Path Number, your Archetype, you will know your Birth Card, have your personal Natal Chart, and I’ll even introduce you to your personal Angel and the significance of angel numbers! 🧚🏾‍♀️

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Be part of the LOVE-o-lution!

Join Cezanne’s Soul Purpose Tribe! 


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While you’re waiting for your 5 Day Challenge to begin, read my FREE e-book ‘DISCOVER and FULFIL Your Soul Purpose‘, which will introduce you to the 4 ‘ologies‘ and prepare you for the Challenge!

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Do you want to wake up every day feeling like you’re unstoppable? Every dawning I wake up buzzing, and I go to bed feeling grateful for what each new day brings. Do you want to have the feeling of being in perfect alignment with your Soul Purpose?

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I am committed to helping you DISCOVER and FULFIL your true purpose!

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Be part of the LOVE-o-lution!

Join Cezanne’s Soul Purpose Tribe! 


We respect your email privacy

“What do I Need for the 5 Day Challenge?”

  • A notebook/ journal and pen
  • An open mind

“How long will each Challenge take?”

15 minutes to an hour, depending on how deep you want to go!

“Who can join Cezanne’s Soul Purpose Tribe and take the FREE 5 Day Challenge?”

Anyone (over 18) regardless of race, location in the world, social status, gender, or beliefs.

Once you’ve signed up, join our Soul Purpose Tribe on Instagram and share your Self-discovery journey! Feel free to email me your photo, location in the world, and anything else you’d like to share about your Self and I’ll add it to the page! Let’s get it filled with Soul Purpose Tribe Members!

I’ve also set up a private Facebook group for you to share your Self-discovery journey with myself and other Soul Purpose Tribe members; I will be in the group between 1-2pm and 6-7pm GMT/BST each weekday, and 3-4pm on weekends on a Facebook LIVE chat (you’ll get the link to join the group when you sign up).

As a Soul Purpose Tribe member, you’ll receive special exclusive discounts on my Events, Products, Workshops and Retreats that will help you get to know your Self better, meet like-hearted people, and support to stay on track in life. Join the LOVE-o-lution, all over 18’s welcome! 🌎💞

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Be part of the LOVE-o-lution!

Join Cezanne’s Soul Purpose Tribe! 


We respect your email privacy

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Listen to My Plant Medicine Journey (hence why over 18’s only!)

You can also read Year One of my Self-help novel Journey of a Sister FREE!

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