Join us at the Launch of the Kings & Queens Book Tour! (Sun 1st Oct)

The Kings and Queens Book Tour starts next week! Come and learn the secret science to Black Male & Female Relationships!  Have you got your tickets? They’re going fast!

I’ve invited TC Carrier, author of ‘The Secret Science of Black Male & Female Sex‘ and King Kevin Dorival, author of ‘7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire‘ to join me from the USA, to share some important information that will help us elevate ourselves as a commUNITY, and regain our rightful positions in society!  This is no joke…

As I was writing the First Edition of my Self-help novel (then titled ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!) I woke up in the middle of the night and ‘auto-wrote’ the scene where Suzanne and Charles performed their first sex ritual.  By the following year they went on to build a multi-million pound business!  46,000 words of my novel were ‘channelled’, which meant I didn’t have to think about what I was writing, it came through me rather than from me.  When I published the e-book on Amazon, I did a search for it (as you do when you’re a new author!) and TC’s book ‘The Secret Science of Black Male & Female Sex‘ came up beside it as ‘recommended reading’.

I was curious so I ordered it, and lo and behold, his book explained the whole science behind what I thought I’d made up!  It took me a few years to get in contact with TC, and I was ecstatic when he agreed to come to London to share this knowledge with our commUNITY!

King Kevin Dorival contacted me last year and asked me to write the Foreword for his book ‘7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire‘.

I was happy to, as the King/Queen theme run heavily through my books, art and poetry!

(My painting ‘My King’ features in Year Five of my Revised book, now titled ‘Journey of a Sister’)

King Kevin had also referenced TC’s book in his, so I invited them both together, to join me in getting this important information into our commUNITY, is this is the key to us elevating our relationships and re-building our empires! Our ancestors built great civilizations by harnessing their sexual energy and using it to create.  In order to regain our rightful positions in this world, me must get back to practicing these ancient rituals!

I now truly believe that this is the reason why there’s a covert operation to keep the Black Man and Woman apart – because we’re powerful together, when we’re operating on a high level of consciousness! (this relates to the crown chakra, hence the title of the tour).

If you have a religious mindset, the very word ‘ritual’ might seem off-putting, but as I explained in my novel, the word ritual is found in spiritual!

In today’s society, the sexual act has been degraded, and we’ve been taught to dissipate our sexual energy instead of harnessing it.  Most people only operate from their lower, animalistic nature when having sex.  But did you know that there’s ‘another level’ you can reach in your sex and spirituality?  This is what you will learn when you join us on the Kings and Queens Book Tour.  On Thursday 5th October from 6-9pm TC Carrier will be doing a Lecture on ‘The Secret Science of Black Male & Female Sex‘ – don’t miss it!

On the same day from 2-5pm, King Kevin Dorival will be running a workshop to help you identify what type of Queen you are, so you can attract the right type of King.  Each of these workshops are only £15, attend both for just £25.00 (use the same link to book individual workshops).

Join us at the Launch on Sunday 1st October!

Meet the Authors at the Launch of the Kings & Queens Book Tour on Sunday 1st October, 1-3pm at 146 Queen Victoria Street, Blackfriars.  I will be interviewing TC and King Kevin, and this will also be your opportunity to ask us any questions!  The topic will be “What does it mean to be a King or a Queen?” reserve your  ticket now – limited seating, all we ask for is a donation towards the tour to cover travel, accommodation, and meals etc.  Myself, TC and Kevin have so far used our own resources to put this tour together, any amount whether small or large will be greatly appreciated!  From 4-7pm both authors will be on the Panel at the Kings & Queens United event (same venue), your ticket price includes a meal, to book yours >> click on this link <<

TC and King Kevin will sign your books at the Launch, order them online if possible so you can read them ahead of the tour.  You can order your signed paperback of ‘Journey of a Sister’ below, with FREE postage in the UK:

For full details of the whole tour, and for tickets to all events (some are by donation only) go >> HERE <<

Are you a King looking for your Queen?  These will be the perfect place to find one!  Are you a couple?  Come and learn how to take your relationship to the next level!

Watch this video made by TC Carrier:

Watch this video made by King Keving:

I look forward to seeing you there!

In your service,




Author|Poetess|Artist|Events Host|Workshop Facilitator

Join me on the Self Love Retreat!

There are still a few places left on the December Retreats, if you’re looking for a holiday break that will nurture your INNER and OUTER Self, click on the image above for details!

Promoting LOVE through Creativity!

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I have just 5 days left to raise over £5,000 to begin my Book Tour, and I need YOUR help!

For the last 15 years I have worked on developing my Self by doing the ‘inner’ work, and as a result, I unblocked as a writer and artist, and have shared my spiritual journey through my poetry, paintings and Self-help books.

I now wish to empower other Black women (and men) and show them how to ‘re-programme’ their mind for success, to raise their children (if they have) with high Self-esteem and ‘programme’ them for success,  to prepare to meet their soul mate, and work on building sustainable Black relationships.

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If you believe in the work I’m doing and would just like to make a DONATION towards my Book Tour, please do so at  A while ago, my spirit guides (as I affectionately call them) told me that I am fertile soil, and anyone who plants a seed in my life WILL receive a bountiful harvest, so don’t miss this opportunity!

Are you a Black Business?

I’m planning on touring America as well as England, and am looking for Black Businesses to sponsor my tour; in return your company logo will be placed on all my promotional material including 10,000 flyers which will be distributed wherever I go.  You will also be entitled to promote your business at my events. Please contact me on +44 7944 244 116 if you would like to sponsor my Book Tour!

I am due to be in New York on the 19th March for the launch of William Frederick Cooper’s book ‘UNBREAKABLE’ (My poem “I Am What I WILL to Be!” is featured in it!).

Unbreakable Book Launch

I believe this will be a great opportunity for me to build links in America and to begin booking venues for my tour there –  I haven’t even bought my ticket yet!  To make a contribution, go here

Many thanks with Gratitude and Love, looking forward to seeing you at one of my Book Signings/Discussions!

Cezanne Poetess  (Visual & Spoken Word Artist/Authorpreneur)

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You Are Invited to…Bring Back The Love Pt.4! Thurs 29th August

 The only drama you’ll want in your relationship…

BAP flyer 4

Join us for another evening of serious laughter as we explore relationship issues through Drama & Debate!  Four sketches will be performed in front of a Guest Panel, with audience participation – YOU!

Watch sketches from Bring Back The Love Pt. 2 (I hosted!):

All the sketches in Bring Back the Love Pt. 4 will be based on my Self-help novel ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!’, a young woman’s 11-year quest for ‘the Truth’ about sex before marriage, the creative power of her thoughts, her African ancestry, and the his-story of the religion she had been indoctrinated into!

For more information, to read reviews and to read Year One FREE visit

*PLEASE NOTE: There will be no copies for sale on the day*


Order the paperback online from Lulu for only £8.99 (takes 3-5 working days), bring it with you and I’ll not only sign it, I’ll give you its complimentary poetry CD ‘Seeds of Love’ FREE!

The event will be hosted by my Self, Cezanne Poetess and Travis Knight of Black Education Black Art ( with a guest panel of long-term couples Daphne and Michael Josephs and Jak Beula (of the game Nubian Jak) and his wonderful wife Glynis!

Poet and Playwright Alan Charles will be donating two tickets to his hilarious comedy stage play ‘Love, Sax and All That Jazz’ Chapter 2 ‘Da Mans Dem’ taking place on Sunday 8th September at the Millfields Theatre in Edmonton.  What do men want? | Why do men cheat? | What defines a man?

I’ll also be performing the edited version of my poem “I Need a MAN!” (the original is 9.5 mins long, you can listen to in on my Soundcloud)

Advance Tickets £5.50, £7 on the door (limited seating capacity)

Book your tickets in advance to avoid disappointment from 

See you there!

Cezanne (Author/Poetess/Artist)

P.S. You can also get the ‘Seeds of Love’ Book of Lyrics from Amazon in paperback or ebook!

Touching the Heart…through Art!

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This event is also published on Black Women in Europe‘s blog!

My book is also featured on page 63 of Conscious Vibes e-magazine, check it out!

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FREE DOWNLOAD on Year Three! (19th-21st July)

‘Year Three’ of my Self-help novel ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!’ is available to download FREE this weekend (Friday 19th to Sunday 21st July)

SSS Year Three Book Cover Design copy

Download ‘Year Three: Mind The Gap!’ FREE in the UK or Outside UK;  If you haven’t read Years One and Two yet, Year One is available to read FREE at, and  Year Two is only £1.28 or $1.93less than the price of a takeaway!  If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can ‘borrow’ the whole book series FREE!

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Cezanne 🙂

Touching the Heart…through Art!

P.S. Some of my ORIGINAL paintings are for sale, visit my website Cezanne’s Art for full details!

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I’m being interviewed on the Qubtic Essentials Show 9.30-10pm!

Log on to between 9.30-11pm for the Qubtic Essentials Show with The Minister, he will be interviewing me about my Self-help novel ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!’ and discussing issues to do with Black women and Sexuality! (also on 99.8fm)

I’ll be giving away a FREE copy of my book, DON’T MISS IT!

P.S. Year TWO is still available to download FREE until tonight!  If you haven’t read Year One, all 8 e-books (including my paintings to illustrate) are available to download from

The full e-book (text only) is available to download for only £2.99!

Cezanne (artist/Poetess/author)

Touching the Heart…through Art!

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Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual! FULL E-BOOK only £2.99! ($4.56)


I’ve just published the FULL E-BOOK (text only) of ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!‘ for around £2.99 ($4.56) on Smashwords! (prices fluctuate with the stock market!)  I’ve also Self-published it on Kindle for the same price! (If you live outside the UK change the to .com)

HARD COPY FRONT COVER copySo the full story is now available in various e-book formats including Kindle, Epub, PDF, Palm Doc (PDB) and plain text!

I’ve even included hyperlinks to each chapter, so it’s easy to navigate your way through the 11-year journey!

Get yours TODAY!

Cezanne Poetess

P.S. Watch the promo video and read Year One FREE at

Touching the Heart…through Art!

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Replay of my show ‘Pure Poetry’

Pure Poetry Banner copy

“Does Poetry have to be PURE Poetry to be GOOD Poetry?” Listen to the replay of yesterday’s show ‘Pure Poetry‘ on my Soundcloud!  Joining me in the studio was Errol McGlashen, multi award-winning Performance Poet despite the profanity in his lyrics!

I also played a sequence of poems from the CD ‘Love Inspires… Vol. 1’ a project I co-ordinated in 2002 which featured 10 poets from the BME community, including Kat Francois before she won the BBC3 Poetry Slam Championship in 2004!  These CD’s have been gathering dust in my sister’s garage all these years, but nothing happens before its time!

I also played a couple of poems from my own CD ‘Seeds of Love’ – I’ll be selling both CD’s for only £5 at any event I perform at (I’m selling the ‘Love Inspires… Vol. 1 CD to raise the money to produce Love Inspires…Vol. 2!).  My next event is ‘Open Minds’ this Thursday 27th June at Passing Clouds, 1 Richmond Road:

Open Minds flyer

Remember, you can listen to and download all the poems from the ‘Seeds of Love’ compilation at 

Hope to see you on Thursday for Open Minds, a night for the groan up and open-minded (I’ll be performing some of my more ‘erotic’ poems!)

P.S.  I’ll also be selling signed copies of my Self-help novel ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!’ for only £9.99!  Read Year One FREE here:

Hope to see you there!


Touching the Heart…through Art!

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New YouTube Video!

It is with great gratitude that I say a big “THANK YOU!” to BlackVisionsTV for coming down to the Art of Tottenham exhibition and filming this video, which is available to watch on their channel:

Black Visions TV © 2013 All Rights Reserved
Online TV Network Showcasing Black and Urban Britain

‘Together We can Make a difference’

Contact us for your video production and media promotional requirements, we promote Black & Urban interests in all industries across the UK.

Please also subscribe to our channel

Bring Back The Love Pt. 2!
I’m still buzzing from hosting last night’s event, it was fantastic!  4 drama sketches relating to Appreciation, Acceptance and Admiration were performed in front of a Guest Panel, with audience participation; the Panel and audience gave some really great feedback on the sketches performed, and it was filmed so I should be able to share some of the footage with you soon!  Apparently BAP (Black Arts Production Theatre) had feedback asking why I’m not on TV!  (Well I am now thanks to BlackVisionsTV!)

Hosting BBL2-2

I sold all the books I had, and unfortunately some people came to get my book but I’d run out!  I just want to let you all know that I don’t have a stock of books at home, they’re Print On Demand, so I only really print a few at a time, and when they’re gone, they’re gone!   However you CAN buy the paperback direct from Lulu, or if you want to get a signed copy from me, let me know in advance (they take 3-5 days to arrive) by emailing me at

All the poems from the CD ‘Seeds of Love’ which goes with my novel are available to download FREE for a LIMITED PERIOD ONLY (they will soon be on iTunes) from – get them while they’re FREE!  And remember to ‘like’, share and become a FAN too! 🙂

And if you haven’t already, you can read Year One of my Self-help novel FREE at

Enjoy the wonderful weather this weekend!


Touching the heart…through Art!

P.S. On Tuesday 4th June I will be on AFRICA4U RADIO SHOW at 6pm for a special one-off poetry show alongside Adisa Stephen-Ezeocha, Alan Charles, Chiedu Ifeozo and the show’s host Tony Tokunbo reading from his own poetry book ‘The Sound of Running Water’.  There will also be some African storytelling by University Lecturer Abimbola Gbemi Alao.  Tune in to on Tuesday 4th June at 6pm!

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My First YouTube Video!

I did it!  I created my first YouTube video this week, using Windows Movie Maker! (Well it’s a start!)  It’s a short promo video for my book with images of all my artwork used to illustrate the story, let me know what you think!  (all comments greatly appreciated!)


I’m taking part in the Art of Tottenham exhibition from 8th-22nd May 2013 at 639 High Road, Tottenham N17 (near Bruce Grove).  It will be held in the new Business Enterprise Building, and I’ll be there every day (Monday to Thursday) from 8-22nd May between 11am-8pm.  We may also be there on the weekends (tbc).  If you’re interested in purchasing a framed print or an original piece of my artwork (see the promo video for images) please email me at:  My novel ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!’ will also be on sale for £10, and its complimentary poetry CD will be only £3!  I will only have a few copies as they are print-on-demand, so either email me in advance, or order from my website

2inspiredisplay3 Hope to see you there!


‘Touching the heart…through Art!’

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