Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual? Extract from Year One: First Date

…Even though they were talking about church and God, they were both aware of the underlying current; they were inches away from each other across the table and the heat they both seemed to be generating was beginning to set sparks flying.

Charles was very wise and knowledgeable, and had standards, Suzanna thought.  He was a one-in-a-million kinda guy; good-looking, well-mannered, well-spoken, loving, spiritual, respectful, intelligent, financially stable, and…Black!   What more could she ask for?


 She could already hear the voice of her Pastor booming from the pulpit.

If the brother hadn’t accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of his life, she would be ‘unequally yoked to an unbeliever’. But Charles was perfect, she argued within herself; she was sure they had met by some kind of Divine Order – he was everything she had hoped and prayed for, God’s best promise; Faith, Hope and Love all rolled into one.  There was only one problem…he wasn’t a Christian.  Did it matter?  Her conscience wouldn’t allow her to say ‘no’. ‘If we’re going to carry on this relationship’ she thought, ‘he has to get saved, and we’re going to have to get married.

After their meal, Charles took her for a drive; they ended up on the Embankment where he showed her an original Sphinx taken from Egypt. It had been given to the British by the Head of State of ‘Egypt’ in the 1800’s.  He informed her that the original name for the Sphinx was Haram’Aket, and the correct name for Egypt was ‘Ancient Kemet’ which meant ‘land of the blacks’.   Suzanna was intrigued, and asked Charles if he knew what the significance was of the animal body and human head? Charles explained that it symbolized the ability to rise above the lower animal nature. They took photos of each other with the silhouetted Haram’Aket in the background.

As they crossed the bridge, he put a protective arm around her shoulder and asked “Will you go out with me?”

“We are out!” Suzanna joked with him.

“You know what I mean”

“We’ll see…”

Suzanna would have loved to have said “Yes!” but she was still thinking about being ‘unequally yoked to an unbeliever’.

The evening went even better than they had both anticipated; they had so much in common, and felt like they could talk to each other about anything.  Because they had spent the past two weeks building up their relationship over the phone, they already felt like they knew each other intimately.  They both had a good feeling about this.

It was getting late, and cold.  Charles offered to drop her home, although neither of them wanted the evening to end.  They had waited nearly two weeks to see each other again, and weren’t in a hurry to leave each other’s company.

Although Suzanna was a practicing Christian, her weakness was strong Black men.  It had been nearly two years since she’d had sex, but she knew she didn’t want to sleep with Charles, especially on the first date.

As they pulled up outside her house, she invited him in for a cup of tea.

They spent the next few hours talking, drinking herbal tea and listening to music in the living room.  As they sat on the sofa, Suzanna was still trying to think of a way to get him to go church with her.

“Don’t you think going to church and having a belief in something is good?” she asked him.

“If you’re a spiritual baby, then yes, you might need to go to church for guidance.  But there comes a time when you must grow up and stand on your own two feet, you can’t always be drinking milk.

I think religion in its purest form was good, but when these people got their hands on it, they saw it as an opportunity to enslave the minds of the masses.  The original ancient manuscripts that the bible was taken from did show you how to get the best out of your life, but that would have meant everyone would have been free to think and act for themselves.  The ‘powers that be’ couldn’t have that, so they made a decision on what the masses should know, and what they shouldn’t know.  I still read my bible, I find it fascinating, I just don’t take everything I read as gospel because I know it’s been tampered with”

“By who?”

“Have you never heard of the Council of Nicea?”


“Oh, don’t worry I’ll email you some information from my own research”

With that, he pulled her close to him in a warm embrace, changing the subject.  He didn’t want to fall out with her over religion.  They continued to talk as they sat huddled on the sofa.

By 1.30am it became apparent than he didn’t want to leave, and she didn’t want him to go either.  But she was determined not to fall into temptation.  Still, he managed to convince her that they could just lie on the bed together and cuddle; they didn’t have to take their clothes off, they would just lie on the top of the bed – after all, they both had will-power, didn’t they?  So they moved to her bedroom.  Lying on top of the bed, they talked and talked into the early hours of the morning, until finally falling asleep in each other’s arms, fully clothed.



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  1. wondrful subject matter for all Afrikans in this time, influenced by the western mind-set. Welll and beautifully written. Thank you for taking the time to expres a cultural blockage within the Afrikan community.

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