The Story of My Inner Child

Growing up, I had a natural ability to write and draw; my two favourite subjects at school were English Literature and Art. However, I never pursued a career in any of these areas because I lacked self confidence and didn’t believe in myself or my abilities.

As a child, I was constantly told I was worthless, good-for-nothing, didn’t deserve it (anything I wanted), and that I was ugly. These heterosuggestions went deep into my subconscious mind, and became the program I ran on as an adult. I subconsciousy believed anything I produced was also worthless, good for nothing, and ugly. 💭

I grew up with low self-esteem,  lacked self-confidence, and didn’t believe in myself.  I would screw up any piece of writing or drawings I did, because I thought they weren’t good enough – a reflection of how I felt about myself! 🤕

So instead of pursuing a career that utilized my natural God-given talents, I ended up doing Accounts, when maths was my worst subject at school! 🤦🏾‍♀️

By my mid twenties, I had stopped being creative altogether.  This was the last picture I drew (using pastels) back in 1986:

Alexander O'Neal

Clearly you can see I was good at art, but my perception of myself was reflected in how I viewed my work.  My boyfriend/lover/friend had asked me to do a portrait of his favourite singer, Alexandra O’Neal from the record sleeve; when he saw my creation, he threw the original on the floor!

Still, I remained a blocked writer and artist for over 20 years after that.  My inner child was crying out to be heard, but I ignored her.

I was unfulfilled, and miserable in my job as an Accounts Clerk.

After the birth of my second ‘sun’ in 1995, I decided I wanted to do something that would work around them.  I wanted to go back to being creative, but I didn’t know how.  A book came into my life calld ‘The Artist’s Way’ by Julia Cameron, which helped me begin the process of unblocking.

The Artists Way

This book literally saved my inner child’s life!  I didn’t just read it, I did all the daily and weekly tasks  (it’s a 12-week course).  The first thing I was required to do was to start writing my Morning Pages, 3 A4 pages every morning of any thoughts that came to mind (it didn’t have to make sense).  The second thing was to take my inner child on weekly ‘Artist Dates‘.  This was fun!

Some parts of the process involved going deep into the recesses of my mind, to uncover where that critical voice in my head was coming from that kept saying “You? A great artist? LOL” or “You? A best-selling author? You could never amount to that!” .  The exercises helped me get to the root cause of my insecurities, and to begin counter-attacking them with POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS like “I am a brilliant and successful artist”, “I am a prolific writer”, “I have rich creative talents”, “I am confident and competent in my creative work”, “I am a channel for the Creator to create through”, in order to get my creative juices flowing again.

‘The Artist’s Way’ taught me how to nurture my inner child, and to  give her the freedom she desired to create. As the adult, I had to learn how to step out of the way, and allow her to be free.

Before the end of the 12 week course, I was writing and painting freely!

The first painting I did when I unblocked as an artist in 2009 was of my inner child, and one of the first poems I wrote was called ‘My Artist Child’ (inspired by ‘The Artist’s Way’) which explains the inner struggle I went through to set my inner child free:


Cezanne (my artist) is a child.

I call to her, and she answers me

With a poem, a dance, and a squiggle-diddy!

She loves to be free, my artist

Free to explore her creativity

With no limitations, or boundaries

So what’s stopping her?


Yes ME, the adult,

Constrained in what I can see

Stuck in my blocks, and adult mentality;

“YOU CAN’T DO THAT!” I scold,

As she tries to break free;

“I want to paint!” she says.

“NO!” I reply,

(frightened of what she may tell of me,

as she paints away freely)

“I want to write!” she cries.

“No, NO!” I squeal,

(At the thought of my thoughts on paper,

she may reveal!)

“I want to dance!” she pleads.

“No, no, NO!” my senses scream

“At your age, start to….PRANCE??”

“Please, can I sing?” she begs…

She wants to paint!

She wants to write!

She wants to dance!

She wants to sing!

How can I deny my artist-child these things?

How can I refuse her the right

To be free to express her creativity?

So….I give her the paints, AND the time of day.

I give her the dance classes she’s always craved.

I allow her to write when her spirit takes

And to sing, yes to sing with the voice that God gave!

I take her out on our ‘Artist’s Dates’

And feed her IMAGES for her to relate

Back to her play-play-work-day…

Now my child, GO and CREATE!

As you can see, there was a real struggle going on between my adult self, filled with ego, self-consciousness, and learned restrictions, and my uninhibited, free-spirited inner child.  Thank goodness, my inner child won! 😅

So when I started writing my novel (now re-titled Journey of a Sister) my job as the adult was simply to step out of the way and let her be free. I used the painting My Inner Child to illustrate the front cover of the e-book for Year Two, because there’s a part in there where Suzanne inspires Charles to awaken his inner child! (in the section ‘Lace Seduction’).

Cezanne’s mission is to ‘Spread Love through Creativity’

The thing I love about my inner child is her ability to write about adult topics with the uninhibited innocence of a child, and to express herself in a way that I (the adult) wouldn’t dare to!  When I was writing ‘Journey of a Sister’ I kept hearing that critical voice inside my head saying “You can’t write that!”, but I just ignored it and allowed my inner child the freedom to write whatever she chose…so in 2009 I felt compelled to write ‘Part Two‘ to my poem:

My inner child is wild and free – she has no boundaries!

When I decided to set her free I KNEW it would cost me my privacy!

(and anyone who’s had anything to do with me

 so if that’s you, I’m sorry.)

She sits in the seat of my subconscious mind observing all I’m doing

Then she turns my experiences into a song, story or poem!

Thanks to her, my life is an open book,

Go on, open it, take a look!

And she’s left me (the adult) to deal with all the DRAMA she creates 

She doesn’t know where to draw the line!

I know I should be embarrassed, but to be honest,

All I keep seeing are POUND SIGNS ££££££££!


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Where Did the Name ‘Cezanne’ Come From?

Cezanne is my ‘spiritual’ name.  What do I mean by that?

When I was  around 14 years old, I was in the back of class one day at school, doodling on the back of my textbook (obviously bored!).  As I was drawing randomly, the name ‘Cezanne’ appeared in the doodles!  The name stuck in the back of my mind all the years I was a blocked writer and artist, and only came back to me when I had to name my inner child as part of the course in Julia Cameron’s book ‘The Artist’s Way‘.


I’ve now changed my name by Deed Poll, in the hope that eventually, my inner child will take over completely!  Setting her free has enabled me to write and record over 30 poems, write 3 books (one is the Book of Lyrics to my award-winning poetry collection ‘Seeds of Love‘), painted 11 paintings, and I’m still creating, including building this website, writing my first speech, and developing workshops for my Retreats! 

Join me on the ‘Nurture Your Inner Child’ Retreat!

Would you like me to take you through the same processes I went through to unblock as a writer and artist?  Then join me for 7 days of work-play in the sun!  This is essentially a 7-day holiday for both women and men, with 5 days of workshops thrown in (you can do as much or as little as you like!).  All materials are included, as well as accommodation, daily meals, and 5 days of nurturing your inner child!  You’ll return home with something you have created, and the tools to keep your creative juices flowing!   As part of the course, I will also teach Colour Therapy (I healed myself from Seasonal Affective Disorder using the colours in my paintings!)

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My Collaboration with a German Poet

When HeiligGeist DeutschChill contacted me on my Soundcloud  a year ago and asked if I’d collaborate on his prayer-poem ‘Silent Holy Knowing’, I thought “Why not?”

He’d produced the music for it, and wanted me to add the vocals.  We communicated mainly by email; he sent me the poem in Word text both in German and in English.    I asked him to record himself reciting the poem in German and English so I could get a feel of it, which he did – he didn’t know I would use them on the track!  🙂

I didn’t know him from Adam, and although I hadn’t been to church for years and my belief systems had changed, we didn’t let our different ideas on the concept of ‘God’ get in the way of us creating something beautiful together.

I told him I believed God wasn’t just a ‘He’ or a ‘Him’  (which he used quite a lot in his poem).   We debated the topic, but since it was his poem, written from his own belief system (why would a white man want to change his perception of God if it serves him, right?) I agreed to go along with it.  I come in about half way through:

This collaboration taught me that it’s possible to connect with anyone around the world in spirit, and not to allow your belief systems to prevent you from working with others with different beliefs to your own.

Another example of this was at a FREE event I attended recently called ‘Meet Your Genius’ held monthly by Ryan Pinnick.  We had to pair up with someone we didn’t know, and create a story together; Person A would say one paragraph, ending with “AND…” and Person B would have to pick up where person A left off.  I was teamed up with a young English lady, blonde hair, blue eyes.  The story we came up with (of a woman who lost her identity) was truly beautiful, and made me realize that no matter where we are in the world, no matter what our background, instrinically, we are all made up of the same stuff.

Meet Your Genius

There was a time when I would stay away from white people (no, seriously!) especially after learning how they treated my ancestors, but my universe is guiding me to be more open-minded.

I’ll always be pro-Black, but am keeping an open mind as to how I work with others on a spiritual level; I believe these two instances are lessons I am learning about the Truth of who we really are as a human race.

In my Self-help novel ‘Journey of a Sister’, the main character expands her consciousness to see every body as souls living in bodies, and realizes that if we don’t work together as a human race, we will self-destruct.


I am fundraising to print the Revised Edition of my novel with my artwork in FULL COLOUR so you can benefit from the COLOUR THERAPY in them!  It also includes the SEQUEL (Years 12 & 13) which are not available in e-book format!  Pre-order your signed paperback HERE – I look forward to meeting you at one of my Book Signing & Discussion Events where we will discuss the topics raised in my Self-help books!  Haven’t started the journey yet?  Read Year One FREE!  ←  (click on the link to open PDF)

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Life is the JOURNEY, not the DESTINATION!

This Journey called ‘Life’  

 We are all on this journey called ‘life’, but we’re not all walking the same path.

Some of us follow a religion, some of us are Truth-seekers, some of us are free-thinkers, and some of us are just wandering through life aimlessly.

Where are you on your journey?


I took the above photo in Finsbury Park, North London,  and as I was watching the sun set in a contemplative mood, I was inspired to write those words (my shortest poem ever!)

There was a time when I was striving really hard to make progress in life.  The more I strived towards financial freedom, the more I seemed to push it away.  At a recent 3-day workshop I attended called ‘Meet Your Genius’, I discovered something new about myself; I had been too focused on making money, instead of my mission,  which is to help my people break free from mental slavery,  find their purpose, and to live an authentic life, as I am.

Now I am living my life on purpose; I use my natural God-given talents of writing and art to heal my Self and others, and to inspire others to live their life ‘on purpose’ too.  I write effortlessly, create at my leisure, and live in the moment.  I try not to project my thoughts to the past or future, and enjoy the ‘present’ of life.

‘Life is the journey, not the destination’

Join me on the journey!

Writing my Self-help novel ‘Journey of a Sister’ was initially a way for me to heal my Self;  it felt cathartic writing it. Then I realized that it gave others permission to be open and authentic about their own story (the story they have made up about themselves, why they can’t achieve, why they are not in a relationship, why…..), and to begin the process of Self-healing as well.  What stories do you tell yourself?

The good thing is, you can always re-write your story, and re-create your Self and your life the way you choose it to be, not the way others tell you it should be.  If you need help with this process, start by reading Year One of ‘Journey of a Sister’ FREE!



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Faith, Love & Sex…but the Greatest of these is LOVE!

‘Journey of a Sister’ is the story of a young woman on her 11-year quest for ‘the Truth!’ about sex before marriage, the creative power of her thoughts, her African ancestry, and the his-story of the religion she had been indoctrinated into! 

Embark on your own personal journey of Self-discovery, Self-healing, and discovering True Love! This sensational story breaks some unspoken taboos in a thought-provoking yet enlightening way that thousands of women and men can relate to: 

“…It spoke to me on SOOOO many levels – it was as though you were writing about my experience at times. The church thing is SOOOO on point!!! While experiencing a range of emotions, I wondered, pondered, shrieked, gasped and almost wept when I came to the end!  And please God…any chance of meeting someone like Charles??” ~ Silverlox Fox, London

“…I must confess, this is the first time I will be coming across a work challenging a lot of the childhood indoctrination I grew up with, yet written in a pleasant, indisputable, un-put-down-able, and suspense-filled manner. Talk about intellectually-stimulating and pleasurable rolled into one!” ~ A. Ibiyomi, Nigeria (male)

“I really love this book. I would wait in anticipation to read it every day. The story was beautiful. Anyone who is stepping into their spiritual self, I highly recommend reading this book. You will have a lot of “Ah Ha” moments, relating what you are going through or have experienced along your journey. I know I will read it again” ~ S. Dominique, USA

(You can read more reviews on the Books page!)

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Do you feel happy in the summer and SAD in the winter?

It’s that time of year again, where the days are shorter, the nights are longer, and we get much less sunlight.

This can lead to a condition called ‘SAD’ (Seasonal Affective Disorder), a form of depression caused by lack of natural sunlight.  We get Vitamin D naturally from the sun’s rays, which helps produce seratonin and gives us the ‘feel good’ factor.  When we don’t get enough vitamin D, we can feel lethargic, unmotivated, moody, and prone to sleeping a lot. (I call it ‘going into hibernation’)

Many people are mis-diagnosed with depression and prescribed pharmaceutical drugs, when all they need is a good dose of sunlight!  I used to suffer from SAD, but discovered a way to heal myself using Color Therapy – ever since I painted my collection ‘Nature’s Art’ and hung them on my walls, I don’t feel ‘SAD’ at all!

Since I’m going to be in cold, grey England for the next couple of months, I keep my painting ‘Self Love’ on the wall at the foot of my bed; it’s the first thing I see in the morning, and the last thing I see at night:


 The vibrant colors really do have a positive effect on my mind and emotions, and I’m sure it will work for you too!  For more details on how the Colour Therapy used in my paintings can help lift your mood and emotions visit my Art Page.

I used ‘Self Love’ to illustrate Year Three of my Self-help novel ‘Journey of a Sister’ where she discovers the creative power of her thoughts, and learns how to ‘Meditate to Create’.  8 of my paintings which incorporate Colour Therapy have been used to illustrate the story, so you’ll be healing your Self in more ways than one!  

Visit my Book Page to read reviews, to download the e-book, or to pre-order your personally signed paperback, which will be printed in FULL COLOUR! 


Be inspired!


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Artisan Impression – Touching the heart…through Art!

Extract from Year Three: Life Path Number

Extract from Year Three:  Life Path Number

…Charles suddenly started looking for a notebook and pen, and announced “Right, let’s work out your Life Path number, shall we?”

“What’s a Life Path number?” Suzanne questioned, intrigued.

“Well, according to Numerology, your Life Path number is the most important number relating to your birth.  It reveals the road you’re travelling, and gives a broad outline of the opportunities, challenges, and lessons you’ll encounter in your life. It’s simple to work out, so let’s start with your date of birth; 5th of November…what year were you born again?”


“Okay, so first we’re going to reduce each unit of your birth date to a single digit, so we take the number 5 from the day you were born, the number 11 from the month you were born, then we reduce the numbers in the year you were born to a single digit.  See?”

Charles wrote down all the numbers to demonstrate:



= 21  (2+1=3)

“Then you add them all up”:  5 + 11 + 3 = 19

“Why haven’t you broken down the 11 to a single digit?” Suzanne queried.

“Good question, you’re on ball!”  Charles commended her for spotting it.

“The number 11 is a ‘Master Number’.  The Master Numbers, 11, 22 and 33 are the only numbers you don’t reduce to a single digit.  But even if we did, in your case we’d still end up with the same Life Path number.”

“How do you mean?”

“Well so far your Life Path number adds up to 19, but if we reduced the 11 to a single digit, we’d end up with 10.  See?”

Charles added them up again:


1 + 1 = 2

1 + 9 + 7 + 4 = 21  (2+1=3)

5 + 2 + 3 = 10

“So is my Life Path number 19 or 10?”  Suzanne asked.

“Neither.  We still have to reduce the two digits to a single digit.  In your case, both the 19 and 10 reduce to a 1.”

He showed her on paper what he meant: 1 + 9 = 10 (1 + 0 = 1)

1 + 0 = 1

“Suzanne, your Life Path number is 1.  Do you know what that means?”

“I have no idea!” she responded in anticipation, knowing he would enlighten her.

Charles reached for his Numerology book and flipped to the right section: “Being a number 1 makes you… ‘A natural born leader; you insist on the right to make up your own mind; you demand freedom of thought and action. You have drive and determination. You don’t let anything or anyone stand in your way once you are committed to your goal.  You are exceptionally creative and original and possess a touch of the unusual. Your approach to problems is unique and you have the courage to wander from the beaten path.  You perform best when you are left to your own devices. Ideally you should own your own business and be your own boss. Hold fast to your life’s dream and work with the determination you possess to realize it’.”

He paused to look up at her before adding “It also says ‘Don’t let pride and over-confidence be your masters. Remember, your talents and abilities are a gift from a Higher Source, which should promote gratitude and humility, rather than pride and conceit.  More often than not a person with a ‘1’ Life Path will achieve much in life as long as the drive, creativity, originality and pioneering spirit are fully employed.’

“Wow, that’s amazing!” Suzanne said in a surprised tone; “that sounds just like me – how does it work?”

“Pretty much along the same lines as Astrology; it’s the same science,” Charles informed her.

“Gosh… everybody should know what their Life Path number is!  What’s yours?” Suzanne asked him.“Astrology deals with the way the planets were aligned on the day you were born, while Numerology deals with the numbers in your birth date.  Both can give accurate descriptions about the potential your life holds, and what you came here to do – but you still have ultimate freedom to do with your life as you choose; you can fulfill its potential completely, or make some smaller version of your Self. It all depends on the effort and commitment you put in; however, the possible ‘you’ is contained within from the moment you were born.”


“Read yours then!”

Charles proceeded to read about his Life Path;

‘The 7 Life Path is the seeker of Truth.  You have a clear and compelling sense of your Self as a spiritual being.  As a result, your goal is devoted to investigations into the unknown, and to finding the answers to the mysteries of life.  You possess a fine mind; you are an analytical thinker who is capable of great concentration and theoretical insight.  You enjoy research and putting the pieces of an intellectual puzzle together.  Once you have enough pieces in place, you are capable of highly creative insight, and of practical solutions to problems.’

“Oh, no wonder we get on so well – we’re both Truth-seekers!  So are 1 and 7 compatible?”

“They could be!” Charles replied cheekily.

He then proceeded to work out the rest of Suzanne’s Core Numbers and explained them to her as he went along.  He explained that the day she was born also held significant meaning, and reading from his book, explained to her what being born on the 5th meant: “…Five  represents change, non-conformity, individualism, travel and adventure –

“I like the sound of that!” she interrupted; “I’ve always wanted to travel!”

“Well it’s written in your stars,” Charles affirmed, looking at her intently.  Going back to his book he continued; “Five signifies opportunity, resourcefulness, and risk.  5 is extremely multi-talented and versatile, persuasive, sensual, magnetic, entertaining, scientific and analytical.  5 carries the magical mystique of quintessence that helps us experience the wonders of life.  This vibration is the innate healer and teaches us to be flexible and adaptable.

Looking up at her he smiled as he added;

“I can vouch for that.”


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Artisan Impression people

Touching the heart…through Art!

Why Change the Title?

When I returned from Ghana in March I thought I’d finished revising my novel.

When I published Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual! in 2011, I was eager to share everything I’d been learning about the creative power of the mind, Universal Laws, and the his-story of the religion I’d been indoctrinated into.  I though this new way of thinking was finally going to help me to begin creating my life how I wanted it to be.

But 4 years later, I’d made little progress financially.  This made me go back to my Creator and ask “So what was all this about?”.  Well, this opened up a whole new can of worms!

If you’ve read the book, in the first chapter I was questioning God about the Fall of Lucifer story, and why God had allowed Lucifer and his ‘minions’ to corrupt His creation (us).  This to me, was the root cause of all the world’s problems today (and mine, as I’d been taught in church).

I haven’t watched tell-lie-vision in over 10 years, so I wasn’t up to speed on current affairs.  But I started watching YouTube videos about the Illuminati and the New World Order agenda.  I learnt that many pop stars and film stars were selling their soul to the devil for fame and fortune, and that the Luciferian agenda was to do away with all religions and create one New religion: Luciferianism – in other words, they want us all to worship Lucifer, like them!

If you watch mainstream TV or listen to mainstream music, you’ll notice that everything ungodly is promoted, even down to sexualizing children.  Most of it is so subtle that you don’t pick it up on a conscious level, but it goes through to your subconscious mind.  I watched YouTube videos where film and pop stars admitted openly to selling their soul to the devil, to being possessed so they could perform better, and to worshiping Satan.

As you can imagine, I panicked at first, but then I realized the importance of my book even more.

The ‘powers that be’ are using our minds (mass consciousness) to achieve their goals, and religion is one of their greatest tools for mind control.  The biggest issue single Christians have to deal with is the ‘no sex before marriage’ rule.  As a single black woman, the chances of getting married are something like 10-1.  As a Christian woman, what do you do?  Well, I discovered that ‘fornication’ doesn’t actually mean ‘sex before marriage’, and I’ve explained what it DOES mean in the revised version of my book!  There are some other major changes I’ve made, but I urge you to read the original version first, as some of the information I’ve taken out in order to keep the word count around the same.

The revised version will have a new title and cover design (watch this space!).  I decided to change the title to appeal to a wider market, including the church.

You can still get the original version in glossy PAPERBACK on LULU.COM

Book 2 copy

Read what others had to say about it HERE

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Two interviews in the oil city of Takoradi!

My Tenth Week in Ghana:


On Sunday I travelled 5 hours to the oil city of Takoradi for an interview with Bob Gee on Melody 91.1fm for his show ‘The Hall of Fame’;  I was surprised at how much research he had done regarding my books, art and poetry – he even read stuff I’d posted on Facebook!  I was able to show why I won ‘International Artist of the Year’ in the Spokenword Billboard Awards by performing two of my poems live in the studio; ‘A Dedicated Writer’ and I Need a MAN! (the shorter, cleaner version!). Bob asked some pertinent questions relating to my family life, education, and what inspires me.


BOB GEE my fellow poet and Facebook friend Ike Boat (who organised the interview) captured some of the interview on my phone:




photo(3) photo(4)The following morning I was also invited for an interview on Paragon radio 99.9fm with Yao Mawutor Fiano who is himself a member of the Takoradi Poetry Club.  We had fun discussing the art of poetry, and they were surprised to learn that I hadn’t studied how to write poetry!  For me, poetry is something that comes through me, as I channel a lot of my writing.  Ike Boat and another member of staff at Paragon also belong to the Takoradi Poetry Club, and I hope to attend one of their events before I leave!

I performed my poem ‘My Artist Child’ live on air, which explains how I was able to unblock as a writer and artist after 20 years! (19:48 on the YouTube video below). Ike Boat (who accompanied me again)  had the opportunity to perform one of his poems live as well!


Yao asked me some hard questions about what I thought of Ghana, and whilst I try to stick to the topic of love and relationships in my poetry, I think I got a bit political about the gap between the rich and poor in Ghana.  I’m still processing all the information I’m taking in, so wasn’t able to give him a full anwer!

I went down to the beach and saw the oil rig which Takoradi is famous for; you can just spot it in the background:

photo(7)I’d previously watched a video at my friend’s house in Pokuase about how the wealth from the oil collected goes mostly to foreigners; only 10% goes to Ghana! I’m trying not to get political about the big gap between the rich and poor in Ghana, but I made a little video about my thoughts:

Since making that video I’ve come to the conclusion that everybody creates their own reality; I’m in the process of creating my own version of ‘heaven on earth’, all I can do is inspire others to do the same.  If I focus on what others don’t have, it could affect my own reality, so from now on, I intend to stay focused on my goal!

I was grateful to be put up in a nice hotel overnight, courtesy of Bob Gee and Valley Beach Hotel, and thoroughly enjoyed my stay in Takoradi!




(Ike Boat and myself in the beautiful garden of Valley Beach Hotel)

This week I’ll also be travelling to Labadi to visit renowned artist Ablade Glover, will fill you in next week!

In the meantime, order your paperback copy of my Self-help novel ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!’ from!

Book 2 copy

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My Collaboration with a German Poet

I wouldn’t normally update my blog in the middle of the week, but I’ve had an interesting few days and I wanted to tell you all about it!

Over the weekend, I received a friend request on Facebook from a man in Germany called ‘HeiligGeist DeutschChill‘.  I don’t normally accept request from random people, but I saw that he was married, a Christian, and living in Germany so I thought “Why not?”

He inboxed me some music he had produced, and I sent him the link to my Soundcloud so he could listen to some of my Christian poems.  He liked them, and asked if I could put my voice to some of his music.  He said he’s been looking for a singer for the last 4 years, so I told him I’m more of a Spoken Word Artist than a Singer!  Anyway, he emailed me the track, with the lyrics that he wanted me to sing to.  He also sent me a voice recording of him reciting the poem, and since he had written the poem in both English and German, I asked him to send me a recording of him reciting the poem in German as well.  This was on Sunday.  We connected spiritually, and I was so inspired by the music and words that I worked on it all day on Monday, and this is the result which turned out to be a very meditative track:

This was a major paradigm shift for me because I never considered that the ‘white male’ would be someone I could work with.  It was only recently that I ‘opened my mind’ to working outside of the ‘black conscious community’.


I directed him to where he could read Year One of my Self-help novel ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual! FREE, and after reading it, he was inspired to write this poem:

A Prayer Poem
By Heilig Geist (inspired by Cezanne Poetess)

What is the
Meaning of life
Asking in
Deep contemplation

Getting to the
Bottom of the
Real important
Things and issues

The deepest desire
Developing a deep
Relationship to

But how to get
How to go
How to ask
How to think

Reading the bible
Praying with words

Serving HIM
Desiring HIM
Crying for HIM
Going to church for HIM


It´s feeling HIM
Opening the heart
Opening the spirit
Opening all for HIM

Being one
With HIM
With You
With nature

The wonder
Of HIS creation
Of HIS nature

This is a
For me – from
Thinking to feeling

A new born
Deep believing

Hallelujah and



Was ist der
Sinn des Lebens
Fragend in
Tiefer Kontemplation

Vordringen bis auf den
Grund der
Wirklich wichtigen
Dinge und Themen

Die tiefste Sehnsucht nach einer
Entwicklung einer tiefen
Beziehung zu

Aber wie bekomme ich heraus
Wie es weiter geht
Wie man weiter fragt
Wie man denkt

Lesen der Bibel
Beten mit Worten

Ihm dienend
Nach IHM wünschend
Für IHN weinend
Für IHN in die Kirche gehend


Es ist IHN zu fühlen
Das Herz zu öffnen
Den Geist zu öffnen
Alles für IHN zu öffnen

Eins sein
Mit ihm
Mit dir
Mit der Natur

Das Erfühlen
Des Wunders
Seiner Schöpfung
Seiner Natur

Dies ist eine
Für mich – vom
Denken zum Fühlen

Ein neu geborener
Tief gläubiger

Halleluja und


When I finished writing the novel in 2011, I knew I wasn’t where the main character was in the story; she reached a point where she began to view every body as a Divine Spirit living in a human body.  I was still hung up on the black-white issue, the effects of slavery on Black people, and such like.  I’m still not 100% free of this mindset, but the lesson this has taught me is to keep an open mind, and to be open to all opportunities that come my way.

I feel another collaboration coming on!

Stay blissed!


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