BHM Day 18: UNITE and FIGHT!

Yesterday I was deliberating whether to include images of the white Jesus with his back whipped, alongside an image of an enslaved African who had also had his back whipped. Knowing that the subconscious mind responds best to images, I decided against it.

When the descendants of enslaved Africans see these images, it re-activates the trauma in their DNA.

White oppressors studied and learned from our ancient ancestors. But instead of using what they learned for the betterment of humanity, they decided to use it against us.

As mentioned in yesterday’s blog, they tested their mind control techniques on Africans first, and are now using them against the whole of humanity.

In Day 3 of my ‘Black His-story Month’ series ‘The Eve Gene‘ I explained why white men are truly at the bottom of the gene pool; this is what made them easy to become hosts of negative entities.

In Truth, it’s not the white man who’s to blame for this mess that we’re in as a human race – It’s the negative entities who his body is hosting. That’s why I say we need to UNITE and FIGHT to save our planet, our beautiful Mother Earth. Black, White, Asian, Chinese and everything in between.

Let me be clear: it’s not only white men who are hosting negative entities, but the ones at the top are all white men (the 1%).

This is not the time to allow their Divide and Conquer tactics to succeed, as they did on the plantations when they enslaved my ancestors. Their latest Divide and Conquer tactic is ‘The vaxxers and the non-vaxxers’. They intend to get the majority of the population vaccinated, and get them to gang up on those who choose to focus on building their immune system, and living in their free sovereign rights as human beings. But ultimately if we don’t all do something soon, we will all suffer. Don’t do their dirty work for them.

What Can We Do to Fight the Negative Forces Who Are Trying to Take Over This Planet?

Since they control all mainstream media:

1) Stop watching tell-lie-vision and listening to mainstream radio

2) Educate yourself and ‘don’t believe the hype’

3) Join together in UNITY as a human race

Obviously not everyone in the world is going to read this blog, nor is everyone who reads it going to agree with what I’m saying. But I truly believe that it will only take the 144,000 the Book of Revelations in the bible references, to ‘make that change’.

As I said yesterday, our IMAGINATION is our greatest tool (that’s why they shut mine down in 2016 with a tech attack). With focused thoughts on creating a NEW EARTH which doesn’t include vaccines, wars, famine, sickness and dis-ease, poverty or childhood trauma, we can uproot these ‘programs’ from the Collective Consciousness and replace them with new ideas of perfect Health, Peace, Unconditional Love, Harmony and Infinite Abundance for all.

Around March of 2019 I was practicing Darkness Therapy daily. I would spend around 12 hours a day in complete darkness by my Self. (Not long after resetting my brain with Morning Glory seeds).

I started getting a torrent of ‘downloads’, guiding me to set up the Soul Purpose Tribe. Some of the things I saw haven’t come to fruition yet, but I followed my in-tuition and set up the FREE 5 Day Soul Purpose Discovery Challenge. This is what it felt like:

I was given a blueprint for a global support network of people seeking to DISCOVER and FULFIL their soul purpose. One of the main things we will be doing is holding group meditations globally, to help raise the frequency of the planet to LOVE. I woke up one morning with the slogan for the Soul Purpose Tribe: Raising the Collective Consciousness through Universal LOVE.

I’m now building my Tribe, join the LOVE-olution!

The aim is to have groups of people in all parts of the world focusing together on creating a New Earth with the power of our COLLECTIVE IMAGINATION.

Up to now, your mind has been used by the ‘controllers’ to create what they want.

You can’t fight evil with more evil. Only the frequency of LOVE will work to dissipate all negative energy. They use fear to keep you on a low vibration. Being part of this global support system will help you stay on the right frequency if you’re not already.

If you’re thinking of joining my tribe, start by taking my FREE 5 Day Soul Purpose Discovery Challenge, which uses the ancient systems of Astrology and Numerology to discover your true purpose in life.

Read the next post in my ‘Black His-story Month’ series ‘Sexual Energy is the KEY!’

In your service,

Self-taught Visual & Spoken Word Artist | Author | Truth-seeker | Soul Purpose Tribe Leader

Spreading LOVE through Creativity!

Download my self-help novel Journey of a Sister in e-book and audiobooks and start your journey of Self-discovery, Year Eleven has a section called ‘Unite and Fight‘ which goes into greater detail:

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