Interview with Dhyani Love: The Importance of Grounding πŸ§˜πŸΎβ€β™€οΈπŸ§˜πŸΏβ€β™‚οΈ

Recently I was feeling like I was under some kind of spiritual attack, and reached out to my sister in spirit, Dhyani Love. As an energy healer, she was able to do some spiritual work on me, and also took me through a grounding meditation session. It was so beneficial to me, that I asked her to do one for the Soul Purpose Tribe YouTube channel! Visuals were put together by me, but it’s best to close your eyes while she takes you through the guided visualization:

Dhyani Love specializes in helping people ground to Mother Earth.


We had planned to go live on YouTube but had some technical issues, so I will be interviewing Dhyani on The Importance of Grounding before uploading to the Soul Purpose Tribe YouTube channel. Subscribe to the channel and click on the Notification button so you get a message when new videos are uploaded! You’ll be able to ask Dhyani any questions in the comment section, and she will answer them individually – she will still do a grounding session, and the replay is just as effective as when she does it live, apparently!

Dhyani will be helping me lead the Soul Purpose Tribe!

We’re also building a Core Team of 3 women and 3 men, from Soul Purpose Tribe Members. We currently have two women, so need one more woman and three men to fill these positions. Our job is to make sure the SPT is running smoothly and everyone is happy!

We are aiming to build 48 tribes globally, with each Tribe having a maximum of 3,000 Members; once we reach this number, Membership will close.

This is all it will take to help usher in the New Earth!

In this short video I share some of the benefits of joining the SPT:

The slogan for the Soul Purpose Tribe is ‘Raising the Collective Consciousness through Universal LOVE!’ – simplified to ‘LOVE is the Solution!

Join the LOVE-olution!

As a Soul Purpose Tribe Member you will have the opportunity to shine like the star you are, and help co-create HEAVEN on EARTH!

During the plandemic, so much fear was being generated on the planet! While everyone was being held prisoners in their own home, that was the perfect time to be doing these group meditations globally! By raising our individual frequencies, we can help raise the frequency of the whole planet! πŸŒπŸ’ž

Start your Journey of Self-discovery!

If you haven’t already, start by taking my FREE Soul Purpose Discovery Challenge:

Day 1: DISCOVER and FULFIL Your Soul Purpose

Day 2: Your Life Path Number

Day 3: Your Moon Sign & Moon Phase

Day 4: Your Archetype

Day 5: Your Natal Chart

Feel free to complete more than one in a day if you have the time! Once you’ve completed the Soul Purpose Discovery Challenge and have written down your Life Path Number, your Sun and Moon signs, and your Archetype, send me your results using the Contact Form below – you will then be invited to join our Tribe!

When you become a SPT Member you’ll get your FREE personalized T-shirt with your first name, your Life Path Number, and the glyphs for your Sun, Moon, and Archetype on it – this will make it easier to identify each other when we do in-person events and Retreats! You will also have the opportunity to do a short video for the SPT Instagram page, sharing what you learned about yourself on your Soul Purpose Discovery Challenge!

Your Β£111 Membership Fee will contribute towards building the Soul Purpose Tribe app, administration, the monthly newsletter, co-ordinating weekly Zoom meetings, maintaining the SPT YouTube channel, paying our staff – and your personalized T-shirt! (Can also be paid in 2-6 instalments, depending on your budget). You will also get a physical Soul Purpose Tribe Manifesto booklet stating all the aims and objectives of the Soul Purpose Tribe for easy reference.

It’s taken 3 years to get up and running, and we need your help! Please help get the word out as fast as possible; the sooner we get all 48 tribes up and running, we can start doing group meditations globally to help raise the frequency of the planet to LOVE; in doing so, we are fulfilling our purpose as human beings! πŸŒπŸ’ž

In your service,

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