Plant Seeds of LOVE in the Garden of Your Mind! (Part 2)

It’s important to guard your subconscious mind, in fact the job of your conscious mind is to guard your subconscious mind. See, your subconscious mind is like a young child; it doesn’t think or reason for itself, it simply accepts as fact and acts upon any information given to it.  You can either plant your own … Continue reading Plant Seeds of LOVE in the Garden of Your Mind! (Part 2)

The Story of My Inner Child

The story of my inner child goes back to my childhood; growing up I had a natural ability to write and draw, but my talents weren't nurtured at home. At school my two favourite subjects were English Literature and Art; Maths was my worst subject, yet when I left school, I ended up in a career doing Accounts!

Do you feel happy in the summer and SAD in the winter?

It's that time of year again, where the days are shorter, the nights are longer, and we get much less sunlight. This can lead to a condition called ‘SAD’ (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

Purchase canvas prints of my art!

CANVAS PRINTS from my collection 'Nature's Art' are now available! One (or more) of these beautiful pieces of art will add a different dimension to your home, office or venue! Looking for a gift for someone special? My paintings will bring a touch of class and warmth to any room! (Text will not be included … Continue reading Purchase canvas prints of my art!

Join me in Grenada for the Self Love Retreat! (2-6 May 2017)

If you've read my novel, you will appreciate the importance of the Self Love Retreat! This will be 5 days of self-nurturing, pampering, speaking lovingly to your Self (Positive Affirmations), Creative Visualization, and raising our levels of aspirations

New Cover Designs for the Revised Editions of my books!

This is my fourth month in Ghana, and I'm only just getting into the writing flow! I originally came to Ghana to do some research for the sequel to my novel 'Single, Spiritual...AND Sexual!'.  It didn't take long for me to realise that the information I was seeking (around sex rituals) wasn't to be found here. … Continue reading New Cover Designs for the Revised Editions of my books!

Two interviews in the oil city of Takoradi!

My Tenth Week in Ghana: On Sunday I travelled 5 hours to the oil city of Takoradi for an interview with Bob Gee on Melody 91.1fm for his show 'The Hall of Fame';  I was surprised at how much research he had done regarding my books, art and poetry - he even read stuff I'd … Continue reading Two interviews in the oil city of Takoradi!

Two months in Ghana already!

I've been in Ghana for two months already, where has the time flown to? I spent the first month in the beautiful beach resort of Kokrobite, after my 10 day tour with The Calabash Hub.  I tried sitting at my computer to write, but nothing came! I decided not to beat myself up about it, … Continue reading Two months in Ghana already!

Leaving for Ghana TOMORROW!

I'm really excited, I'm leaving for Ghana TOMORROW! This is going to be a trip of a lifetime; First I'm doing a 10-day Cultural Tour with The Calabash Hub, where we will be travelling all around Ghana; I'm especially looking forward to visiting the place where my ancestors were held in squalid conditions before being … Continue reading Leaving for Ghana TOMORROW!