Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual! (extract from Year Two: God vs. the devil)

They were on the phone again.

It was as if they couldn’t get enough of each other, but due to their individual circumstances (Suzanne’s boys and Charles’s work schedule) they only really got to spend quality time together every other weekend; however Charles would sometimes go over to Suzanne’s after the boys had gone to bed, and leave before they got up in the morning.

Today they were discussing how much power the devil has.  Charles was trying to convince Suzanne that the devil only has as much power as you give him.

“In my world, the devil doesn’t even exist” he was telling her.

“How can you not believe in the devil?”  Suzanne asked in disbelief.  “Look at the state of the world!  Who do you blame for that then, God?

“It’s just a natural law in action” Charles explained.  “What you focus on, you attract, so if you choose to believe in any such thing as a devil, that’s what you’re going to attract.  I choose to focus entirely on the goodness of God”

“Well I wish I could believe that, but I’ve seen and experienced far too much crap to believe that the devil doesn’t exist” Suzanne retorted.

“Don’t you believe that God is more powerful than the devil?” Charles asked her.

“Yes, of course I do!”

“Then why give the devil any of your thinking time?  Why not just focus on how powerful God is?” he asked again.  He felt he was getting through to her.  “The more you think about what the devil is doing and what he can do, the more power you’re actually giving him.  You’re actually glorifying him, because you talk about how powerful he is!”

“But I thought you said he doesn’t exist? How can I glorify something that doesn’t exist?” Suzanne reasoned with him.

“Think of it as two energies; there is a negative force, but you don’t have to focus on it.  You can choose to focus on the positive force instead.  One you choose to call God, the other you call the devil.  In Truth, none of them are ‘bad’, they just ‘are’.  That’s the way the Universe has been set up.  One has to exist in order for you to be able to experience the other.  But the more you focus on the negative force, or in your thinking, ‘the devil’, the more negative experiences you’ll attract.  Does that make sense?”

“But if it wasn’t for the devil, I’d be living the life of my dreams – my life wouldn’t be in this mess!” Suzanne complained.

“We’re all responsible for the state of the world” Charles sighed.  “Think of the word ‘FATE’ as an acronym for ‘From All Thoughts Everywhere’.  We are the ones creating this reality, not God, through our Collective Thoughts.  God has given us the same creative power that He has, through our thoughts, words and actions.  Your life is the way it is because of your thoughts about it, Suzanne”

God is in control of my life” Suzanne said with conviction.

“Sweetheart, think about it – if God is in control, why aren’t you living the life of your dreams?  Do you honestly believe God would withhold anything good from you?” Charles questioned her gently.

She didn’t know what to say in reply to that.

“Hun, when you begin to realise that it’s your thoughts, words and actions that are creating your reality – not God or the devil – then you will have taken responsibility for the ‘mess’ you say your life is in.   Until you take responsibility for your life, you’re powerless to do anything to change it.


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3 thoughts on “Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual! (extract from Year Two: God vs. the devil)

  1. I notice how the male is somewhat of a traditional fellow despite or even because of his consciousness. Are you aware that Charles is something of a patriarch?

    I’m not complaining…makes a change from a mangina!

    • Thanks for your interest Menelik! Yes, although I wrote the book somewhat subconsciously, I like the fact that he has some traditional morals, values and characteristics. What makes him a patriarch? 🙂

  2. The very fact “he has some traditional morals, values and characteristics”! The story wouldn’t work otherwise: it needs traditional man ‘n’ woman otherwise his teaching of her would not work (she is required to be passive as are most pupils in a position of learning) and his loving her as a woman requires she ‘submit’ to his embrace.

    He has the persona of a patriarch…a protector and provider of family. We need more such men like Charles!

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