A Modern Day Plantation (Part 2)

In Part 1 ‘Are You a Slave to the Money System?’ I stated that the majority of us weren’t taught how the Money System works. This guarantees more money for the Banking System – their only interest is to turn us into Debt Slaves!

This blog explains how we are living on a Modern Day Plantation, slaves to the Money System.

Think of your job as the Plantation. You are required to get up early, get your children to school and be on the Plantation by 9am, five days a week. This means no quality time with your children all day; they’re being raised by the same Education System that failed you.

Your boss is the Overseer; their job is to make sure you work efficiently and make profit for the company. There are various types of slaves on the Plantation, but generally your jobs are to work hard to make your boss rich.

They don’t pay for your time travelling to/from work, nor your travel costs. Not to mention the coffee/snacks you purchase on your journey, and your lunches. It all adds up by the end of the year!

If you include the hours you spend travelling to/from work, how many hours do you actually work per week?

Considering how much time and energy you give to your job, are you being paid your worth?

Most employees don’t earn enough to be able to save, take a holiday, or even invest in themselves. They live from month to month, spending everything they earn. If they lose their job, they don’t even have enough savings to keep them going until they find another one.

Back in the day, some bosses would give a Christmas Bonus to thank their staff for making them wealthy. Nowadays you’ll be lucky if you can get a permanent contract – the bottom line is all about profit and capitalism.

My last full time job was working for a rich Jewish family as their Accounts Assistant/Administrator. I was doing two jobs in one, sitting at reception answering the phone, dictating meetings, typing letters, doing bookkeeping, and also the monthly payroll. In the ten months I was there, I changed their payroll system over from manual to computerised.  That was 22 years ago.

I made up my mind back then, that I would rather invest that time and energy into myself, and create things to share with the world, to help make it a better place. 🌎 💞

I may not be any better off financially than an employee (yet), but I feel fulfilled in my work-play. If I hadn’t made the decision to focus on fulfilling my soul purpose full time, I would have had the time or energy to come up with all my creations!

Still, we live in a capitalist society run by money; without it, we can’t survive.

It wouldn’t be so bad if we earned enough to be able to save half of what we make. But the government takes 40% through taxes, and if you go to church like I used to, they require another 10% – that’s half of your hard earned money!

I’m not saying to quit your job, I’m simply explaining how the Money System was set up to turn human BEINGS into work horses, constantly DOING something to generate money to pay their bills. This is the Modern Day Plantation.

If they paid employees ‘too much money’, you would all be travelling a lot more, experiencing different cultures, and realizing there’s ‘more to life’.

But they want to control populations by keeping them in ‘smart cities’ where they can keep an eye on everyone.

In the past 22 years I’ve studied, researched, applied what I’ve learned, and shared my knowledge through my books, art, poetry and blogs.

I’ve invested so much into developing myself, that I wouldn’t get out of bed to work for anyone else for less than £200 a day – minimum.

Do You Know Your Worth?

Most high-paying jobs require at least one degree. Degrees are the ticket into the Corporate world. How much does it cost to get a degree?

My middle son has a degree in Mechanical Engineering.  He now earns a decent salary, but still struggles to make ends meet – and he’s still paying back his student loan. According to savethestudent.org, it costs around £56,910 to go to university in the UK. So before my son had even started earning any money, he was already in debt.

There are many people who have invested in one, two or more degrees, and are working jobs paying less than they’re worth. They haven’t calculated what they’re now worth based upon what they paid for their degree(s).

If someone bought a house or had a property portfolio, they would say their ‘net worth’ is the value of the properties they own.

Each degree you earn should increase your net worth too.

For instance, if you have a degree, you should be offered at least £50,000 a year as a salary. If you have two degrees, that amount should be doubled, and so on.  Some employers require you to have at least one degree, but aren’t willing to pay you what you’re worth.

I got my degree from the University of Cosmic Intelligence, and that’s the only one I’m interested in getting! What’s most important to me is that I fulfil my soul purpose; I’m pretty sure I didn’t come here just to work and pay bills!

If your boss refuses to pay you what you’re worth, consider investing some of your salary into a side hustle to bring in extra income.

And find out what your soul is here to do.

Some people put all their time and energy into their job. They believe that climbing the Corporate Ladder will eventually pay off. For a few people it does, but for the majority, they’re simply working to make someone else rich.

Children are groomed in schools from an early age to work on the Modern Day Plantations. They spend the majority of their day sitting behind a desk, and are even expected to carry on working when they get home – and at weekends.

This ‘free’ education comes with a heavy cost to their young impressionable minds; they’re being programmed to believe that working 40-50 hours a week for money is the norm. Their sense of freedom, spontaneity, creativity, and free-thinking is slowly suppressed over the years, until they become sheeple, like their parents.

School children must wear a uniform to learn how to conform. They don’t insist on adults wearing a uniform, because they make more money from you buying clothes to wear to work!

As I mentioned in the previous blog post, we weren’t taught How Money Works in mainstream school; we work for money, while rich people make their money work for them.

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