Launch of the Soul Purpose Tribe!

Day 1: DISCOVER and FULFIL Your Soul Purpose!

Have you been wandering through life aimlessly, with no clue as to why you’re here?

Would you like to be part of a global community of women and men who are seeking to DISCOVER and FULFIL their true purpose?

Are you ready to discover the reason you came into this world, and to actively pursue it?

Then join the Soul Purpose Tribe!

I came up with the initial idea for the Soul Purpose Tribe (SPT) in April 2019. I’d not long discharged myself from a psychiatric ward, following a psychic attack.

I was aiming to have the SPT up and running by the end of 2019, because I’d had a premonition that something bad was going to happen in 2020. This is also why I was encouraging people to put money together to buy land and build villages where we could live together in a safe commUNITY.

But I came under a vicious psychic attack which almost cost me my life, and put me in a psychiatric ward for a month. To this day, people are still saying I have ‘mental health issues’.

Fortunately, other people’s perception of me is nothing like how I see myself, and that’s what matters.

While I was in the psychiatric ward, a nurse (most of them were African) said to me “I can tell when someone has mental health issues to when they’re under a demonic attack, and yours is a demonic attack! Don’t you know how to do ‘back to sender prayers’?”

The next day she gave me said book and I never saw her again.

I was intuitively led to reset my brain using Morning Glory seeds – don’t try this at home! Shortly afterwards, my brain started exploding with ideas for how to set up the Soul Purpose Tribe!

I was inspired to create the free 5 Day Soul Purpose Discovery Challenge.  It was all automated, so when people signed up, they would automatically get an email for 5 days, with a different challenge each day.  At the time I had no idea I was creating a funnel system, I was just following my in-tuition; I did something intuitively that I didn’t know how to do technically!

I also created all the content for each day’s challenge. By the end of it you’ll know your Life Path Number, Moon Sign, Moon Phase, Archetype, and of course, your Sun Sign will also be taken into consideration! Armed with this knowledge, you’ll discover what effects these influences are having on your life’s journey, and you’ll have a basic toolkit to begin fulfilling your soul purpose.

The reason I decided to take the ‘ologies’ more seriously is because they forewarned me that I would enter my ‘Dark Night of the Soul’, and that when I emerged from it, I would be in a better position to help others. They have also been accurate in revealing my innate gifts and talents, describing my innermost desires, and the path I should be on. I’m fulfilling my soul purpose, and now I’m ready to help you do the same!

The FREE 5 Day Soul Purpose Discovery Challenge has twice been deleted by Big Tech (Mailchimp and Aweber), so I’ve set it up as a 5 Day Blog Tour, starting today! It’s no longer automated, so click on the link at the end if each day’s challenge to be taken to the next one – feel free to do more than one per day if you have the time!

I suggest buying a special notebook to write down anything that resonates with you from your free mini readings.

In this video I share what you will learn on each day of the Challenge:

Start your Journey of Self-discovery!

On Day 1 (today) your simple task is to download and read my short e-book ‘DISCOVER and FULFIL Your Soul Purpose FREE! It will prepare you for the Challenge, which is for both women and men:

The beautiful thing about the Soul Purpose Tribe model is that you can either join my tribe, start your own, or join someone else’s! Each tribe will have a maximum of 3,000 Members.

I’m pretty sure my tribe will consist of highly creative, spiritually attuned, nature loving, melanin-rich, 5D people with a warrior spirit!

I started coming up with all these crazy ideas for how to build my tribe! Like, everyone should be able to see when a new soul is being birthed into this dimension; the birthing pool would be half glass and half wood (to preserve the mothers dignity). The baby would be born into water, and everyone would be able to watch as s/he swims to the surface before taking his/her first breathe! (I saw this as a vision).

Another great idea I had was to match-make 5D Twin Souls, rather than us trying to be with our 3D Twins (which is virtually impossible because of the template design).

I also saw a vision of the SPT Instagram page with people from all over the world in their SPT t-shirts, waving at the camera, sharing what they learned about themselves from the 5 day Challenge!

Are you chasing P’s (money) with or without a purpose? Watch this: (music by my youngest son ‘Azzy’)

Download my e-book DISCOVER and FULFIL Your Soul Purpose and read it today (30+ pages), in preparation for tomorrow’s Challenge!

Click here for > Day 2: Your Life Path Number <

In your service,

Visual & Spoken Word Artist | Author | Blogger | Soul Purpose Tribe Leader

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