Day 3: Your Moon Sign and Moon Phase ♓️ 🌒

Just the other day a Christian ‘friend’ told me that I was “worshipping the moon” by acknowledging its phases and aligning myself to them. She said instead of worshipping the moon, why not just worship the Person who made it? I told her that God made the sun, moon, stars, planets, and everything in nature for a reason. Everything has a purpose!

By learning about different herbs and using them accordingly, does that mean I’m ‘worshipping’ them? When we align with the things God created in nature, we can expect to live a more fulfilling life.

I’ve noticed that Christians are generally not aligned with nature, which is the only other thing God created apart from humans and angels!

Knowing your Moon Sign and the phase the moon was in when you were born will help you know when to do things, and when not to do things to get better results in life.

Farmers rely on the phases of the moon when it comes to knowing when to plant seeds, and when to expect a harvest.

Fishermen acknowledge the moon because it affects the waves of the ocean.

As humans, we too are affected by the moon because our bodies are predominantly made up of water. That’s why it’s said that people can act like ‘lunar-tics’ on a full moon. But everything has its positive and negative aspects; if you’re aligned with the phases of the moon, you can expect greater success in life.

Today you will learn your Moon Sign, and Moon Phase. As I said in my e-book DISCOVER and FULFIL Your Soul Purpose! most people know their Sun Sign, which reveals your outer self (ego), whereas your Moon Sign reveals your hidden, inner self and deepest desires.

Knowing your Moon Sign and Moon Phase will reveal your most powerful times each month, and of the year. For instance, if your moon is in Pisces (like mine), your two most powerful times of the year are on a New Moon, and Full Moon in Pisces, or whether the sun is in your Moon Sign; each month, the sun spends approximately 2.5 days in each sign.

The phase the moon was in when you were born also affects you; for instance, I was born on a Waxing Gibbous, the phase just before the Full Moon, so this is my best time to put my work out publicly. Try planning your important activities when the moon is in the phase it was in when you were born, and see what happens!

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We are at a critical point in human evolution where we have an opportunity to create HEAVEN on EARTH. But instead, we are being manipulated to think up the worst case scenarios and in doing so, we create it!

The Collective Unconscious has been programmed to self-destruct. Those rich elitists love to play God; since they discovered the power of the subconscious mind, instead of using their knowledge to advance the human race, they’re using it to devolve us. Subliminal programming is behind everything, hence why I don’t own a TV,  don’t listen to mainstream music, or the radio. They know the subconscious mind responds best to images and repeated suggestions, so they’ve developed various mind control technology to remotely influence individuals, as well as whole groups of people. They use poster ads and the media, including social media, to monitor and influence people’s thoughts.   

By joining the Soul Purpose Tribe, you will become part of a global LOVE-olution to help spread LOVE and eradicate fear! We will focus on creating what WE want, not what the 1% want us to create – this is your opportunity to take back control of your mind, and help create HEAVEN on EARTH!

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In Day 4 of your Soul Purpose Discovery Challenge you’ll discover your Archetype, and learn what it means in relation to the Collective Consciousness.

We all have a role to play in helping to heal this world, what’s yours? Write a message to yourself in your notebook: “I (your name) am playing my part in helping to heal this world by using my natural gifts and talents of…”

Go here for Day 4: Your Archetype

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