The 4 ‘ologies’

Start your journey of Self-discovery with my FREE 5 Day Soul Purpose Discovery Challenge! I will take you on a fun and exciting journey to get to know your Self better, using the 4 'ologies!' Each day, I will email you a link to get your FREE Numerology, Astrology, Cardology and Individualogy mini-readings which will … Continue reading The 4 ‘ologies’

Download Year Two FREE!

Year Two of my Self-help novel 'Single, Spiritual...AND Sexual!' is FREE to download this weekend! (until Monday 15th July).  The only thing I ask in return is that you Leave a REVIEW! (link at end of book) Watch the YouTube video for the book: Download Year Two FREE: Download it here: UK: Outside UK: If you … Continue reading Download Year Two FREE!

Extract from Year One: The Caribbean Expo

The Caribbean Expo  The Expo was a much bigger occasion than Suzanne had imagined; over the three day period thousands of people flocked to the venue in the Docklands.  She made over three times as much money as she had invested in the stand and printing her posters. But it was the third day that … Continue reading Extract from Year One: The Caribbean Expo