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Join me on Sunday 27th April between 4-6pm for the Book Signing & Discussion of my Self-help novel ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!’ @ the Marcus Garvey Library, Tottenham Green Leisure Centre, London N14 4JA

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“Is it possible to be Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual?”

“Is it possible to maintain a relationship with someone who has conflicting beliefs to your own?”

“Should sexual energy be suppressed, or transmuted?”

“Can sexual energy be used to create?”

These are just some of the topics we will be discussing on the day!

‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!’

Book 2

A beautiful Afromantic Love story of a young woman’s 11-year quest for ‘the Truth’ about sex before marriage, Universal Laws, her African ancestry, and the his-story of the religion she had been indoctrinated into!  Read what others had to say about it and read Year One FREE!

Watch clips from a previous Book Signing Event:

Tickets to the Book Signing & Discussion of ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!’ are just £5, which can be put towards the cost of buying signed book of your choice!   ‘

When you purchase your ticket(s) from Eventbrite a PDF version of ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!’ will be emailed to you to read in advance; get your signed paperback on the day! (or choose from my two other books)

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Many thAnkhs, I look forward to seeing you at an Event!





Touching the Heart…through Art!

P.S.  Visit my Events Page for details of other events I’m taking part in, including ‘What Men Want from Women in Relationships’ on Saturday 29th March and ‘A Celebration of Wholeness’ on Sunday 30th March!

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A FUNtastic Event!

I had a great time at ‘An Evening with Cezanne & Friends’ on Friday held at the Enterprise Centre in Tottenham where 6 of my paintings are on display until Wed 30th Oct for their BHM exhibition!

sent-3-10 (2)

We had just the right amount of people for the seating capacity, and I enjoyed explaining the process of writing my Self-help novel and performing poems ‘My Artist Child’, ‘Love Attraction’ ‘A Dedicated Writer’ and “I Need a MAN!”  with saxophonist Wadada and acoustic guitarist Theo Calliste (the edited version – the full version is over 9 mins long, you can listen to it on my Soundcloud!).  I showed a short video of an interview I did with sculptor Rudolph Mendoza where he was explaining one of his carvings ‘The Building Blocks of Society’.  Brothers Everall and Burrell Hall who are also exhibiting talked about their work too.  Then the soulful Asabi Hawah captivated the audience with her singing/spoken word and guitar playing!

Here is a video about my art which I had wanted to show but due to a technical issue was unable to:

(You can learn more about the Colour Therapy & Symbolism used in my paintings by visiting my Art Page.  Some of my originals are still for sale, so if you’re interested in investing in one of my ORIGINAL paintings, go here)

Self Love Products2


I also gave away a FRAMED PRINT and s SIGNED COPY of my Self-help novel in my raffle (well they actually had to find the hidden black butterflies!)

Me and Louise Payne

 (Me with Louise Payne who won the framed print)

Me and Darren Moxam

(Fellow author Darren Moxam)

Conscious Hip-Hop rapper Yeshuah the 1st gave a taster of his latest album ‘Mighty Nubian Philosophy’ which he’s launching on Thursday 31st October:


I’m hosting this event so if you fancy coming along its only £5 on the door!


I’ll be at the Marcus Garvey Library in Tottenham on Wednesday 30th October from 7-9pm to take part in their BHM Poetry Event.  I’ll also be there on Tuesday 29th October from 7.30-9.30pm for an event explaining How The £20 Million Compensation Paid to Enslavers Helped Build Britain’s Infastructure – tickets to both events are FREE, why not join me?

I’ll also be at the exhibition, 639 High Road, Tottenham N17 8AA next Tuesday and Wednesday (last day 30th) between 12-5pm, pass through if you can!  I have a pop-up shop where you can purchase FRAMED or LAMINATED print of my artwork, if you’re thinking of coming down give me a call on 07944 244 116

I’ll have copies of my Self-help novel Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual! for sale for just £9.99 which comes with a FREE ‘Seeds of Love’ CD! (all 13 poems feature in the story).   You can also get the CD on its own for £5, or with its Book of Lyrics for £9.99!

Bring Back The Love Pt. 5 – Thurs 31st Oct


I won’t be in attendance because I’d already committed to hosting Yeshuah the 1st’s album launch, but a framed print of my painting ‘My King’ will be up for auction to help raise money for BAP!


One last thing, my poem “I Need a MAN!” forms the foundation to my next book ‘How to Get the Ring on Your Finger’ which I aim to have completed by the middle of November!  It will be a FREE downloadable ebook from my website (paperback copies will also be for sale) and has contributions from THE BROTHERS giving their advice on what to do and what would make THEM put the ring on a woman’s finger!

I’m organising the Book Launch for around the third week in November – more details to follow!  If you’re not on my Mailing List ‘follow’ this blog for updates!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, see you soon!

Cezanne 🙂

Touching the Heart…through Art!

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Art of Tottenham Exhibition 8-22nd May

You are invited to come to the ‘Art of Tottenham’ exhibition at 639 High Road, Tottenham, London N17 (Lordship Lane) which ends on Wednesday 22nd May at 9pm.  Some of the paintings I’ve used to illustrate my Self-help novel ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!’  are on display, including ‘Black Butterfly’ which illustrates the front cover of the book.  I will also be selling framed prints of my artwork, so if you’ve been admiring my artwork online or in the book and have been thinking about getting one for your Self, now is the time!  If you are interested in ordering a framed print, call me on 07944 244 116 to place your order prior to coming down so I can have it ready, you can view them all on my Art Page


You can also pick up a signed copy of my book for only £9.99; have you seen the YouTube video I made for it yet?  Watch it here:  (feel free to comment, subscribe and share!)

Preview ‘Year One’ of ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual’ FREE at Lulu and order the paperback, or download the ebooks from Amazon (if you’re an Amazon Prime Member you can ‘borrow’ the e-books FREE!)

FREE Downloads!

For a LIMITED PERIOD ONLY, I’ve made all the poems on the ‘Seeds of Love’ CD which compliments my novel FREE!  Order the paperback of ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!’ online from Lulu (only £9.99 + p&p) and then go here to download all the tracks!

Will YOU Own The ORIGINAL? Invest in Black Art!

3 of my original paintings on display are for sale:

‘Wings of an Eagle’ 4′ x 5′ oil on canvas

Wings of an Eagle Products copy

‘Black Orchid’ 48″ x 38″ oil on canvas

Black Orchid Products

‘Love Bump’ 38″ x 48″ oil on canvas

Love Bump Small copy

I haven’t set any prices as yet, so make me an offer I can’t refuse!  Bear in mind that all my artwork has been used to illustrate my Self-help novel ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!’ and are being put into print and they WILL go up in value!  To discuss, feel free to call me on 07944 244 116.

I will be at the exhibition on Tuesday 21st May from 1-5pm, and on Wednesday 22nd May from 1pm-9pm, so come down, view some great artwork from my Self and other Tottenham-based artists, buy the paperback of ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!’ for only £9.99 and I’ll sign it too!  (alternatively, order from Lulu), and download the ‘Seeds of Love’ CD FREE!

Last day celebrations!

On Wednesday 22nd May the exhibition will be open until 9pm, so if you haven’t been able to make it down during the day, come and join in the last day celebrations!

Leave a Review!

Have you read the paperback or e-books?  Leave a Review  on Lulu for the paperback or on Amazon for the ebooks!

Hope to see you at the exhibition!


Touching the Heart…through Art!

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Check Out 2inspire Network’s Blog About Me!

Sorry I haven’t posted for a while, I’ve been off the scene for a couple of weeks recharging my batteries, but now I’m fully charged and rearing to go again!

I’ll be doing a 2-week exhibition at the new Business Enterprise Centre at 639 High Road, Tottenham, London N17 from 8-22nd May 2013.  If you missed the 1-day exhibition I did as part of ‘Art of Tottenham’, don’t miss this one!  At least 5 of my paintings will be on display, including my two large 4′ x 5′ paintings ‘Wings of An Eagle’ and ‘Black Butterfly’ (used to illustrate the front cover of my Self-help novel ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!’

Framed prints as well as originals will be on sale, so come down and view my artwork as well as the other 8 artists’s paintings that will be on display!


For now, read the blog posted by 2inspire Network about me:

To view more products featuring my artwork and poetry visit

If you’re interested in ordering a framed print, email me at

More details about the exhibition to follow!

Enjoy your weekend!


Artisan Impression peopleTouching the heart…through Art!

‘Art of Tottenham’ Exhibition


I took part in a one-day exhibition organised by Rising Generations, where I had the opportunity to display 5 of my paintings for a day!

Exhibition Art of Tottenham

I enjoyed showing off my work, especially ‘Blue Lotus’ which hadn’t been on display since I painted it in 2010!

Art of Tottenham WOE and LB

It was extremely cold that day, slight snow falling and all, and it was very quiet during the day, but it picked up in the evening!

My photographer friend Brian Quavar came down and took some photos of ‘Wings of an Eagle’, ‘Love Bump’ and ‘Blue Lotus’ so that I could start putting them into print, and they will all soon be available to order from my website:

My King Framed Print

I had a couple of framed prints on display, ‘My King’ and ‘Black Butterfly’ – I’ll be selling framed and mounted prints at any events I attend, visit my Events Page for more details!   (My King/My Queen is only £59.99 set in a bordered A2 frame, I’ve even stuck the gemstones on her crown and earrings!)

If you would like to place an order, email

Cezanne (Black Love Promoter)

Artisan Impression people