BHM Vlog Day 11: The Unprotected Black Woman

I attended the African Spiritual Practices event on Friday and Saturday, here's my Review: And here's Day 11 of my BHM Vlog series, titled The Unprotected Black Woman: It was a bit much doing a video every day because they take about 10 hours to produce, whereas when I was writing the blogs … Continue reading BHM Vlog Day 11: The Unprotected Black Woman

Discover & Fulfil YOUR Soul Purpose!

In 1998 I asked my Creator what my purpose was, and was told it's 'to Promote LOVE through Creativity!' I've been fulfilling my purpose through my Books, Art, Poetry, Events and The Self Love Retreat. Since emerging from my 'Dark Night of the Soul' (where I experienced a 'mini-death') I have emerged a new person, … Continue reading Discover & Fulfil YOUR Soul Purpose!

My Plant Medicine Journey (recording)

Listen to my journey with plant medicines ('magic' mushrooms, cannabis oil, changa/DMT). I explain why I think they are crucial to our 'reparations', which must begin with the MIND (feel free to download): Sorry if the music is a bit loud, I left it playing all night, woke up at 4am, and was in-spired to … Continue reading My Plant Medicine Journey (recording)