Download ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!’ TODAY!

Looking for a good read? AT LAST! The book thousands of people have thought about writing but never did... ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!’ begins with a young woman’s inner conflict between her religious beliefs and her sexual desires. After discovering that she was still able to develop a relationship with her Creator despite being sexually active and … Continue reading Download ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!’ TODAY!

Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!

Ok, I slept on it and I’ve finally decided on a title for my novel: ‘Single, Spiritual...AND Sexual!’ After doing a poll on Facebook and by text, the most popular vote was ‘Spiritual, Sexual...So Why Am I Still Single?’ I know lots of people do ask themselves that question, so it probably would increase book … Continue reading Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!

‘Spiritual, Sexual…So Why Am I Still Single?’

I went to the Millionaire Author’s Bootcamp at the weekend and OMG...I learnt sooooo much!!! As a result, I’m thinking of changing the title of my first novel from ‘Single, Spiritual...AND Sexual?’ to ‘Spiritual, Sexual...So Why Am I Still Single?’  or even 'Why Am I Still Single?' which one do YOU prefer?  (I’m open to feedback … Continue reading ‘Spiritual, Sexual…So Why Am I Still Single?’

Extract from Journey of a Sister: ‘Trust’

Suzanne loved spending time in Charles’ company. Their relationship was intense and passionate, and their arguments equally so. Sometimes they would have a disagreement and then wouldn’t speak for weeks. Despite this, it was as if the Forces of Nature kept pulling them back together. But was it Love, obsession, or just a natural reaction to each other’s chemistry?

Journey of a Sister Extract: The Bible & Sex

Suzanne felt like she was always sinning, and this just left her in a perpetual state of ‘unworthiness’. She just couldn’t seem to stay on the straight and narrow path! Her spirit was willing, but her flesh was weak. Suzanne didn’t understand why God would give her sexual desires then command her to ignore them until she got married. What if she ended up being one of the sisters in the church who didn’t get married, since there weren’t enough men to go around?