“I Need a MAN!” has gone VIRAL!

My poem “I Need a MAN!” has gone viral!  It’s been on my YouTube channel for over 2 years, but it wasn’t until my friend Gary downloaded it from YouTube and converted it into a regular video, that it has suddenly gone viral!  it’s been shared extensively, you may have seen it in a Whatsapp group, or on Facebook?  One of the videos posted in a FB group had over 800 comments, and 22 shares!

As is to be expected, the comments were both positive and negative, and people were questioning whether I was that woman, or just acting.  So I thought I should at least explain my thinking behind the concept!  First, here’s the video:

The original version is over 9 minutes long, and embodies 5 different types of Black Woman; The Career Woman (at the beginning of the video), who has spent the best part of her life building her career.  It has paid off in terms of material possessions, but her lack of investment in her relationships has left her man-less.  The poem also features the Conscious Sistar, the Single Mother, the Religious/Church Sister, and ‘Miss Bootilicious’, who is in touch with her sexuality.   (I’d say, there’s a piece of me in all of them!)

They all need a man, but they all have different needs!

For the record, I don’t live alone (I have three ‘suns’), I’m still working on having all the money in the bank I need, I don’t go ‘out with the girls’, I don’t have a King-sized bed, etc. etc. But I DO like ‘fullly melanated’ brothers, I DO need someone who’s business-minded, and am remaining celibate until I meet ‘The One’!

I wrote “I Need a MAN!” in 2009, which mentioned doing the ‘6 Month Test’.  When I was led to write the book ‘How to Get the Ring On Your Finger’ in 2013, it explained how to do the 6 Month Test fully. (FREE to download when you subscribe, or available on Amazon or Lulu in paperback).  This was not a conscious decision on my part!

Much of what I write is ‘auto-written’, (meaning I don’t have to think it up, it just comes through me).  The 6 Month Test will help you to avoid jumping into bed with a man (or woman) until you are sure the person is right for you.  It will help you build a solid foundation upon which to build a committed relationship leading to marriage as opposed to long (or short) term dating.

The poem was also an experiment in the Law of Attraction; what would happen if you get really clear about what you desire in a man (or woman), and write it down?  The power of the written and spoken word, is what this poem is all about.  Watch my recent live performance of “I Need a MAN!”

Listen to the full length version on my Soundcloud (some naughty bits in it, but nice!)

(For bookings email Michael at upspoken@gmail.com)

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Cezanne Taharqa aka Cezanne Poetess

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Two Days To My BOOK LAUNCH – Join us!

Join us for the re-launch of my revised Self-help novel ‘Journey of a Sister‘ (previously titled ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!’) and its sister-book ‘How to Get the Ring On Your Finger’

It’s  being held at the newly refurbished Marcus Garvey Library which is situated inside Tottenham Green Leisure Centre, which is just behind the Bernie Grant Arts Centre! (nearest station: Seven Sisters)


Both books will be available on the day, but we will mainly be discussing ‘How to Get the Ring On Your Finger‘ – if you haven’t read it yet, download the FREE e-book so you can join in the discussion!

Some of the brothers who contributed to it will be on the Panel to answer your questions!


I revised it to take into consideration some of the comments that were made at previous Book Signing & Discussion Events, such as “Is the ‘White Wedding’ a Black Thing?”  The front cover design was also inspired by something one of the brothers said: ‘the ring is the smallest handcuff ever created by the white man’ (he’s now happily married by the way!).  You can see him making the comment in this short video clip from the Book Launch of the First Edition:

We’re  mainly going to be discussing ‘How to Get the Ring On Your Finger‘ because no-one has yet read the two new chapters I’ve added to my Self-help novel ‘Journey of a Sister‘ (previously titled ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!).  You can purchase your signed copy on the day for only £9.99, and read it before next month‘s Book Signing & Discussion Event!

Out with the Old, in with the New!


If you bought the First Edition, bring it with you to get the Second Edition for only £5! You can keep the first one as well  🙂  Read Year One FREE! (click on the link to open PDF)

You can also get a FREE SIGNED PAPERBACK of ‘Journey of a Sister‘ when you sign up for my 30 Day Mind Detox (online course starting in January, see below to link for more details)

WIN Framed and Laminated Prints of my Art! 

I’ve used them to illustrate my novel; hang them on your walls to alleviate symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder! (see my Art page for more details).  Some will also be on sale!



The Marcus Garvey Library is situated inside Tottenham Green Leisure Centre, which is less than a 10 minute walk from Seven Sisters station, or you can get the 149, 279, 259, or 349  (get off at Tottenham Green).  If you are coming on the underground, ask the bus driver for the Bernie Grant Arts Centre, you’ll find Tottenham Green Leisure Centre behind it (take the path to your right).

I look forward to seeing you there!




Award-winning Visual & Spoken Word Artist, Author, Blogger, Events Host, Workshop Facilitator

P.S. Visit the Events page for information about the Natural November National Tour I’m taking part in on the 12th, 19th and 26th November!  (Birmingham, London, Manchester)


I’ll be doing a 45 minute presentation called ‘Be-U-ti-full – Naturally!‘, will have copies of my books on sales, and will also be signing people up for my 30 Day Mind Detox (online course)


My Book Launch is just 3 weeks away (Sunday 6th November), and you are invited to come and join in the Discussions based on my Self-help novel ‘Journey of a Sister‘, and its sister-book ‘How to Get the Ring On Your Finger‘!   The latter book has contributions from over 30 brothers, and some of them will be on the panel on the day! This is your opportunity to ask them any questions, and to meet like-hearted people!

Read Reviews from the Book Launch of the First Edition, and watch a short clip!

This event is for both men and women who have read at least one of the books in advance, and are interested in taking part in the discussion, or who just want to hear what others have to say!


  1. Preview Year One FREE (just click on the link).
  2. Visit Eventbrite to book your ticket for the Book Launch – you’ll get a signed paperback with your ticket!  ‘Journey of a Sister’ is only £9.99, and ‘How to Get the Ring On Your Finger is only £7.99 – choose the £14.99 ticket to get them both together for only £14.99, saving £2.98!


If you are unable to attend the Book Launch but would like to order your personally signed copy, of ‘Journey of a Sister’ use the Paypal button below to get yours for just £9.99! (+ p&p)Buy Now Button with Credit Cards

Purchase the paperback of ‘How to Get the Ring On Your Finger

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(All 13 poems on my award-winning CD ‘Seeds of Love’ feature in ‘Journey of a Sister’, and two also feature in ‘How to Get the Ring On Your Finger’)

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 Lastly, here’s a video of my poem “Ode to My King Pt. 1” which features in Year 5 of ‘Journey of a Sister’:

Visit my Events Page for details of more events I’m taking part in leading up to the Launch(and after), hope to see you at one of them!  You  can also go on my Blog Tour where you can read exclusive articles I wrote for 6 different blogs!

Follow your heart!


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Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual! FULL E-BOOK only £2.99! ($4.56)


I’ve just published the FULL E-BOOK (text only) of ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!‘ for around £2.99 ($4.56) on Smashwords! (prices fluctuate with the stock market!)  I’ve also Self-published it on Kindle for the same price! (If you live outside the UK change the .co.uk to .com)

HARD COPY FRONT COVER copySo the full story is now available in various e-book formats including Kindle, Epub, PDF, Palm Doc (PDB) and plain text!

I’ve even included hyperlinks to each chapter, so it’s easy to navigate your way through the 11-year journey!

Get yours TODAY!

Cezanne Poetess

P.S. Watch the promo video and read Year One FREE at www.singlespiritualandsexual.com

Touching the Heart…through Art!

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New YouTube Video!

It is with great gratitude that I say a big “THANK YOU!” to BlackVisionsTV for coming down to the Art of Tottenham exhibition and filming this video, which is available to watch on their channel:

Black Visions TV © 2013 All Rights Reserved
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‘Together We can Make a difference’

Contact us for your video production and media promotional requirements, we promote Black & Urban interests in all industries across the UK.

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Bring Back The Love Pt. 2!
I’m still buzzing from hosting last night’s event, it was fantastic!  4 drama sketches relating to Appreciation, Acceptance and Admiration were performed in front of a Guest Panel, with audience participation; the Panel and audience gave some really great feedback on the sketches performed, and it was filmed so I should be able to share some of the footage with you soon!  Apparently BAP (Black Arts Production Theatre) had feedback asking why I’m not on TV!  (Well I am now thanks to BlackVisionsTV!)

Hosting BBL2-2

I sold all the books I had, and unfortunately some people came to get my book but I’d run out!  I just want to let you all know that I don’t have a stock of books at home, they’re Print On Demand, so I only really print a few at a time, and when they’re gone, they’re gone!   However you CAN buy the paperback direct from Lulu, or if you want to get a signed copy from me, let me know in advance (they take 3-5 days to arrive) by emailing me at singlespiritualandsexual@gmail.com

All the poems from the CD ‘Seeds of Love’ which goes with my novel are available to download FREE for a LIMITED PERIOD ONLY (they will soon be on iTunes) from www.reverbnation.com/cezannepoetess – get them while they’re FREE!  And remember to ‘like’, share and become a FAN too! 🙂

And if you haven’t already, you can read Year One of my Self-help novel FREE at www.singlespiritualandsexual.com

Enjoy the wonderful weather this weekend!


Touching the heart…through Art!

P.S. On Tuesday 4th June I will be on AFRICA4U RADIO SHOW at 6pm for a special one-off poetry show alongside Adisa Stephen-Ezeocha, Alan Charles, Chiedu Ifeozo and the show’s host Tony Tokunbo reading from his own poetry book ‘The Sound of Running Water’.  There will also be some African storytelling by University Lecturer Abimbola Gbemi Alao.  Tune in to  www.reading4u.co.uk on Tuesday 4th June at 6pm!

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Year Two of my Self-help novel ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!’ is available to download FREE NOW – LAST DAY TODAY!  Go here

Year Two Book Cover Design copy

If you missed the free download of Year One last week, you can read it FREE on my new website www.singlespiritualandsexual.com (under ‘Book Extracts’)

I would really appreciate it if you would leave your Review on Amazon here:

Year Three will be available to download FREE next weekend – ‘follow’ my blog so you get an email reminder!

Prefer to read the paperback version?

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I look forward to reading your comments, and hopefully meeting you at one of my Book Signing events where you’ll get my poetry CD ‘Seeds of Love’ FREE when you order the paperback online and bring it with you!  I’m currently organising my Book Tour 2013; if you’ve bought the paperback and would like me to come to YOUR part of the world, email me at singlespiritualandsexual@gmail.com – if I get enough requests in the same area, I’ll come!

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FREE Downloads on all 8 of my e-books!

From this weekend (Friday 1st Feb to Sun 3rd Feb) I’ll be making all 8 of my e-book series ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!’ available to download FREE on a weekly basis!  That’s one FREE download per weekend for the next 8 weeks!

Why would I do that??

In return, I would be very grateful if you would leave a short Customer Review on Amazon to help increase each book’s ratings.  Can you do that for me if I let you read them for free?

I thought you would!

‘Year One’ will be available to download FREE from Friday 1st to Sunday 3rd February here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008C2A0U8

I’ll also be hosting weekly discussions on my Facebook Page to answer any questions you may have and to get YOUR feedback on each ebook in the series (the novel follows the main character on an 11-year transformational journey; some of the ebooks contain two years).

If you haven’t already, < LIKE > my Facebook Page and join in the weekly discussions here:


I’m looking forward to engaging with you and answering any questions you may have regarding the book next week – just leave them on my FB Page and I’ll reply!

Prefer to read the paperback?  Order it for only £9.99 + p&p here:  www.lulu.com

I will be doing regular book-signing events throughout the year, and if you buy the paperback online and bring it with you to one of them, you’ll get its complimentary poetry CD FREE!

Next Book Signing Event:

Ded Book Signing Event

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Read more about ny Self-help novel here: http://wp.me/P2oJPB-4W

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Invitation to Cezanne’s Book/CD Launch Sunday 2nd Dec 2012


Is it possible to be Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual?

Join us as we explore this question at the launch of my new Self-help novel ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!’ on Sunday 2nd December from 3pm!

I’ll also be reading extracts and performing a few poem/songs from its accompanying CD ‘Seeds of Love’ e.g.  ‘Love Attraction’, Fertile Soil’, and ‘R U The One?’ alongside acoustic guitarist Theo Calliste (who I collaborated with).  Listen to them here: www.soundcloud.com/cezannepoetess 

 The event will be hosted by El Crisis.

Front and Back Book Cover Design by Cezanne

*Read Year One of Suzanne’s 11-Year transformational journey FREE here: http://www.scribd.com/cezanne_poetess*


Order the paperback book online and bring your Order Number/Receipt with you to the Launch to receive a FREE ‘Seeds of Love’ CD worth £6.99, or to gain free entry!  Buy your copy  for just £9.99 + p&p here: http://www.lulu.com/content/paperback-book/single-spiritualand-sexual/13343263 (takes 3-5 working days)

My (re)Naming Ceremony was meant to be taking place on the same day, but I have decided to postpone it until the Spring of 2013: I am taking an African surname in honour of my ancestors who were stripped of their names and given their slave master’s names.  According to my story (not his-story) ‘as long as we (descendants of the enslaved) still have our slave master’s names, they still have a spiritual hold over us’.  I am in the process of changing my name by Deed Poll and want to give the event the attention it deserves on its own.

Some of my artwork will also be on display, and I’ll be auctioning 3 of them to the highest bidder! (visit my art page to view: http://wp.me/P2oJPB-4n)

No need to cook – Caribbean food and drink will be on sale!

*Natural hair and skincare products and Africa-inspired goods will also be on sale*

If you’re on Facebook, please confirm your attendance on my Events Page for catering purposes: http://www.facebook.com/events/128135490673947/

See you there!

If you are unable to attend the Launch, SIGNED COPIES of the paperback are available from my website for only £9.99 + p&p for a LIMITED PERIOD ! Buy yours TODAY, they make great gifts, even for your Self! http://www.cezannesart.co.uk

For full details about the book and reader’s comments: http://wp.me/P2oJPB-4W