The Truth about the Letter (featured in Year One)

In Year One of my Self-help novel ‘Journey of a Sister’ the main character Suzanne wrote a fearless letter to God asking all the questions the church couldn’t answer, and ended it by asking for “the Truth!”

She knew many of her brothers and sisters in Christ wanted to ask these same questions but were too scared for fear of God’s wrath, so she decided to stand in proxy for them.

The letter boldly questioned the Adam and Eve story, which opened the door for religion to make women subservient to men.  It also questioned the whole battle between God and the devil, which we, God’s creation, are supposedly caught in between.  The letter further questioned God’s ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ character; on one hand loving the world so much that He sent His only son as a blood sacrifice for our ‘sins’.  Yet on the other hand, the bible portrays God as this vengeful, jealous figure who had anger management issues.  Not only did He strike people dead with plagues, famine and war whenever he felt like it, He also supported groups of people in raping, plundering and killing others and stealing their land and inheritance.  Suzanne couldn’t relate to this second character, as she had only experienced God as Pure, Unconditional Love.

She asked why, even after praying in the name of Jesus, meditating on His word, and even fasting sometimes, she still had so many needs.  She had hit rock bottom when she wrote the letter, which marked a turning-point in her life.  She desperately wanted to figure out how to get her life to work.

Now, the truth about the letter:

While the letter was brilliantly constructed, it wasn’t something I took any time to sit and think about; it was an inspired letter that was ‘auto-written’, meaning I didn’t have to think about what I was writing, just like my inspired poems ‘Jesus Never Left You’, “Call Me By My Name!” (Jehovah), and “Look to Me!” (God’s reply to Suzanne’s letter which also features in Year One):

Reading the letter, you might wonder why God would inspire such questions.  The truth is, God was simply responding to the questions many of us have been asking in our heads but haven’t verbalized, because we’ve been told ‘not to question the infallible Word of God’ – as if God no longer speaks.

It was only after asking these questions that I began to receive the answers, and learnt ‘the Truth’, which I’m now sharing with you through this Self-help novel.  In fact, I had not intention of ever sharing the letter publicly, but when I started writing Year One, I was led to include the letter.  My response was “Are You sure?”.  I felt as if I was putting my life on the line by sharing it in the book, but surprisingly, many people have said they’ve asked the same questions!


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‘Spiritual, Sexual…So Why Am I Still Single?’

I went to the Millionaire Author’s Bootcamp at the weekend and OMG…I learnt sooooo much!!!

As a result, I’m thinking of changing the title of my first novel from ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual?’ to ‘Spiritual, Sexual…So Why Am I Still Single?’  or even ‘Why Am I Still Single? which one do YOU prefer?  (I’m open to feedback and it’s not too late to change!)

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Another great thing about doing it this way is that I can break down each chapter (representing a year in the main character’s life) and publish them separately.  The original book is packed with Self-help information (it’s fact-based fiction, ) so it makes sense, especially as from Year 3, I’ve used one of my paintings to illustrate each chapter – as one book it would have been too big a file!

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I’ll post the link straight from this page, so make sure you get YOUR copy – Chapter 2 will be published on Friday 22nd June (subsequent chapters will be published every Friday)

‘Spiritual, Sexual…So Why Am I Still Single?’

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