We should serve each other!

When I wrote my poem ‘I Need a MAN!’ back in 2009 (above), it was all about MY wants and needs.  I wasn’t thinking about what I could bring to the relationship, it was all about me, me, ME!

But 7 years later, I’ve come to the realization that for relationships to truly work, we should approach them with “What can I GIVE?”

If you both have the attitude of serving each other and making each other happy, the relationship stands a much better chance of survival!

Recently I watched a webinar by Tony Dada and his spiritual mentor bro Ishmael Tetteh (who lives in Ghana).  What stuck in my mind was something bro Ishmael said;

“If you want to be happy don’t get married, but if you want to MAKE someone happy, get married.”

Profound, isn’t it?

What if we all approached our relationships with the attitude to serve, not to be served?

The greatest Truth I have learnt is that we are all gods and goddesses, and that our body is the temple of our in-dwelling Holy Spirit (the part of us made in the image and likeness of the Great Creator).  Our relationships are therefore HOLY GROUND.  With this knowledge, we should seek to worship each other!  Reverence each other! Adore each other! Praise each other!  (Who doesn’t love receiving praise?) Why do we worship, adore and give praise to a God we cannot see, yet treat our own brothers and sisters as if they are unworthy of our love, devotion, time, energy and money?

This reminds me of the scripture 1 John 4:20 which says ‘how can you say you love God who you cannot see, yet you treat your own brother or sister like sh*t? (paraphrasing!)  Right there, you can see that to love God IS to love your fellow human being!

In Year One of my Self-help novel ‘Journey of a Sister’,  while on their First Date, Suzanne asked Charles how he knows his life is right with God if he doesn’t go to church?  His reply was;

“Well…”  Charles paused to think carefully before responding;

“God lives inside me, that’s why I don’t feel I need to go to church to find him. Plus, I don’t see anywhere in the bible that says you should go to church every Sunday.” 

“True, but it does say not to forsake the gathering of the brethren.”

“Yes, well I’m more interested in relationship than religion.”

“But how can you have a relationship with God if you refuse to mix with his people?”

 “I don’t; his people are everywhere, not just in church – I serve God every day by serving my fellow human beings. I see God in every body…I see God in YOU.”


So you see, by acknowledging God in every person you relate to, your relationships become HOLY.  Imagine how our relationships (and the world!) would transform if we treated our friends, family, colleagues and partners with the same reverence we give God – and they did the same?

In order for our relationships to work, we have to put the spirituality back into them.  With ‘God’ in the centre of our relationships, they are bound to succeed!

Look in the mirror and say to your Self: “I am becoming consciously aware of who I am (a god/goddess).  My body is my temple.  My personal relationships are the most important element in this process, therefore they are holy ground.  I see all those I am in relationship with as sacred souls on a sacred journey.  I will always strive to see the god/goddess in every body, even when they are showing me less.” (extract from Year Four)

I no longer need a man, I need a god whom I can serve, and who will treat me like a goddess – and I serve God by serving my fellow human beings.

That’s growth.

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Years Five & Six Extract

Year Five and Six Book Cover Design jpg


In Years Five and Six of Suzanne’s 11-year transformational quest for ‘the Truth’, she learns how to ‘order’ things from the Universe, and is surprised at what turns up!  Be careful what you wish for!

She also learns to ‘Trust the Process’.

Extract from Year Five:

R U ‘The One’?

Whilst out performing one night, one of the organizers of the event told Suzanne about a competition that was in progress.  They were looking for poets of African descent to include in an anthology, and the overall winner would get their poetry collection published for free.  Suzanne eagerly took down the website details, and the following day, went online to get more information about the competition.

It sounded too good to be true – this was just what she needed to get her book published; she was sure her collection would win – she could just feel it in her guts!

She called the number to speak to someone.  A baritone voice answered the phone.  “Hello, Black Independent Publishers, Solomon speaking, how can I help you?”

“Oh hi Solomon, my name’s Suzanne; I was just calling to get some more information about the competition you’re running”

“Ok…what would you like to know?”

“Well, I’ve been on the website and viewed the criteria, and I just wanted to get an idea of the type of response you’ve had so far really”

“The response has been great – are you trying to weigh up your chances of winning?” he asked in an amused tone.

“Well, yes” Suzanne confessed.

“Well you have just as good a chance of winning as anybody – but you’ve got to be in it to win it, so the sooner you get your poems in the better!  What type of poetry do you write?” he asked.

“Love poetry mainly, anything to do with relationships”

“That always goes down well – go for it!  Would you recite one for me now? I love poetry” Solomon requested.

“Really?  Well most of my poems are really long, so I’ll just give you a snippet of one, ok?”

“Ok, go ahead”

“This one’s called ‘Ode to My King Part 1’ and it’s written in the style of ancient Egyptian poetry, ok?”


Suzanne began; “Beloved, what shall I compare you to?  Spiritually, you are like a tree standing tall and strong, with roots that go much deeper than our wrong; see you remember the richness of our history, before slavery, when we ruled as kings and queens, scientists and inventors, building empires!  And now, you bear the mark of our ancestors; you are strong both physically and mentally.  You have the Genius Gene; man, you don’t know how much you inspire me!

…Shall I stop there?”

“No, no, keep going”

“Ok… Let me study YOU and get my degree from Mother Nature’s university, for there is nothing more I’d like to achieve:  Your eyes are like two pools, sparkling and watery, and in them I see the perfect reflection of…me.  Your nose resembles the ones cut off the great statues in Egypt; too defined for the white man’s mind, but I like it!”  (Solomon laughs)

“Your lips are like two juicy mangoes, and your kisses, sweeter than honey.  Your voice is like a deep, dark river, carrying me away to ecstasy…I think I should stop there”

“Why, is it ex-rated?” Solomon asked “I was just getting into that!”

“No, it’s not ex-rated – that comes in ‘Ode to My King Part 2!”

“Well go on then, give me some more!” Solomon urged.

Suzanne sighed.  “Ok…Your neck is like a tower, strong and sturdy, and around it you wear a reminder of our history…”  Solomon interrupted her; “I’M wearing a reminder of our history!”

“Are you? What is it?”

“Some cowrie shells!”

“Oh! Well, you’ll like the next line then; “Your teeth are like a string of cowrie shells, and when you smile, you light up my world!” (Solomon laughs again)

“Listen, this poem is six pages long – I couldn’t possibly recite it to you all over the phone!” Suzanne concluded.

“Well I’d like to hear the rest of it – why don’t we meet up, then you can give me a personal performance?”

“When my first collection is published, then you’ll be able to read it all” Suzanne responded bluntly.

“Oh don’t be like that, you sound like just the type of sister I’d like to get to know.  In fact there’s an event going on this Saturday that I’d like you to come to – the African Market, we have books for sale, garments, jewellery, carvings, all sorts – they even do live performances, maybe I can even get you a slot to perform one of your poems”

“Mmmm…sounds interesting, what time?”

“It starts at 11am.  Give me your email address and I’ll forward you the details”

“Ok…”  Suzanne gave Solomon her email address and he ended the conversation; “Try and make it if you can, I’d really like to meet you”

“I’ll do my best” Suzanne promised.

He sent her the email straight away with the added message;

“I’ll look out for you!”

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Extract from Year Three: Mind…the Gap!

In Year Three of Suzanne’s 11-year transformational quest for ‘the Truth’ she learns the importance of meditating in order to control her negative thinking patterns, and begins to appreciate wearing her hair natural (with Charles’ encouragement).  They also have a great idea for a business…

SSS Year Three Book Cover Design copy

Extract: Mind…the Gap!

      …Just by chance (or was it ‘synchronicity’?) while Suzanne was selling her posters at an event, someone handed her a leaflet offering free meditation classes in Covent Garden.  She began attending.

There, she learnt about her ‘inner space’, and how to go into ‘The Silence’.

       First she learnt how to observe her thoughts and not try to do anything about them, but to just watch them to see how they were.  Her thoughts reminded her of naughty children, running around the playground of her mind, screaming, shouting, and behaving unruly.

       Then she had to learn how to take control of her thoughts, by choosing the ones she wanted to entertain.  It was important to learn which thoughts to hold on to, and which ones to release back into the universe. She had the choice to decide whether or not she wanted to hold on to a thought, or let it go.  If she decided to keep it, another thought like it would follow, then another, and soon a whole train of similar thoughts would follow.  If these were good thoughts, she could remain in a state of bliss.  But if they were ‘bad’ thoughts, it could lead to sadness, stress, or even depression.

       Now she understood why she often suffered from bouts of depression – Wrong thinking!    She learnt that ‘depression’ was just a fancy name for ‘negative thinking patterns’, and that if she didn’t learn how to ‘nip her negative thoughts in the bud’ they would grow and spread fast, like weeds.   She also learnt how to ‘create a space between her thoughts’ in order to keep her mind from getting cluttered, like an overgrown garden.

       Suzanne liked the metaphor of the garden; not being too green-fingered herself, she had discovered first-hand how difficult it was to grow a beautiful garden.  She had found that the flower seeds she planted seemed to take ages to grow, while the weeds sprung up quickly!  If she didn’t constantly weed the garden, the weeds would choke her flowers and stunt their growth, or even kill them.   It was the same with her thoughts; if she allowed a negative thought to take root in her mind, more similar thoughts would spring up.  Her job was to keep the garden of her mind well cultivated, so that it remained filled with beautiful flower-like thoughts, instead of choking weeds. When a negative thought-seed sprung up, instead of dwelling on it (watering it) and letting it grow into more negative thoughts, her job was to uproot it and replace it with a positive thought-seed.  So she began to put what she learnt into practice by replacing thoughts like “I don’t feel well” with “I feel good” and “I can’t afford it” with “I am abundant”.

        Since she had already learnt that all thoughts are either rooted in Love or fear, she made a conscious decision to focus on planting seeds of Love in the garden of her mind.   A positive thought was rooted in Love, and a negative thought was rooted in fear – there was no other place for them to come from.  Mother Nature had shown the way through the Universal Law of Sowing and Reaping.

      Learning how to meditate helped her to control her negative thinking patterns, and in turn she learned how to control her feelings.

She learnt that her solar plexus, or ‘sun centre’, which was located at the back of her stomach, would let her know if she was on a good vibration.  If she was thinking positively, she would radiate positive energy, helping her to attract the things she desired.  If she was thinking negatively, she would radiate negative energy, attracting people, situations and events on that same vibration.

     So whenever she got that horrible churning feeling in the back of her stomach, she knew she was on the wrong track.  If she was feeling good feelings, like butterflies, she knew she was on the right vibration.

          Suzanne learnt that she was in fact a human magnet, attracting things that were on the same frequency as her Self.  The reason ‘bad things’ kept happening to her was because of her own negative thinking, and that thinking negatively sent out a ‘bad vibe’ into the universe.  If she was on a good vibration, she would attract good things, if she was on a bad vibration, she would attract bad things.  Her job was to keep her Self feeling happy all the time so she could remain on a good vibe.  The way to keep her Self feeling happy was to think good thoughts, since her thoughts were creating her feelings.

      Now she innerstood why the bible said:

 ‘Whatever things are true, whatever things are honest, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there is anything praiseworthy, MEDITATE ON THESE THINGS’ (Philippians 4:8)

        If she was feeling good, she knew it was because she was thinking something good, and if she felt bad, she knew it was because she was thinking something bad at that time.  She began to learn how to be guided by her feelings instead of being controlled by them.  If she felt bad, the way to make her Self feel good again was to change her thoughts to happy thoughts.  So she looked for ways to help keep her Self feeling good all the time.

       She stopped watching the tell-lie-vision, since she realised that watching the news especially made her feel depressed.   She invested the time she saved watching ‘programs’ into learning how to meditate and developing her Self.


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Extract from Year One: The Caribbean Expo

The Caribbean Expo

 The Expo was a much bigger occasion than Suzanne had imagined; over the three day period thousands of people flocked to the venue in the Docklands.  She made over three times as much money as she had invested in the stand and printing her posters. But it was the third day that was to change Suzanne’s life forever…

She spotted him in the distance; he stood out like a neon light, seemingly head and shoulders above everyone else.  As he approached her stand, Suzanne began to get a strange feeling in her stomach, like butterflies.  Did she know this guy?

When he reached about two feet away, she could see that she didn’t know him, and at over six feet tall he really was head and shoulders above everyone else!   Then she realised that he wasn’t even heading towards her stand, but the stand opposite!  She had to get his attention; “EXCUSE ME!” she called out to him on impulse.  He turned and began walking towards her.  She suddenly felt slightly nervous; she wasn’t in the habit of pursuing men, plus, she was meant to be working!

But as their eyes met, she flashed him a huge, inviting smile.  He accepted the invitation.

She knew he thought she was attractive, and she thought he was attractive too.

“Hi! I wondered whether you’d be interested in my posters” she said cheerfully, flicking her hair as he reached her stand.

“Hmmm….they’re nice, did you design them?”  He asked, looking at them.

“Yes, I wrote the poetry too”

He stood silently, reading one.

“I can tell, you’re deep” he commented when he had finished.

Suzanne laughed.  “Would you like one?”

“How much are they?” he enquired.

“Well you can buy one for £4.50, two for £8.00 or three for £10”

He chose three different designs, saying “My mum will appreciate these” and paid her the £10.

“What made you come here today?” Suzanne asked, trying to prolong his stay as she rolled the posters up slowly, putting an elastic band around them.  Neat, heavy eyebrows adorned his sparkling dark brown eyes. He was dressed casually but neatly in a pair of jeans, shirt and shoes. As she handed him the posters he smiled with full, luscious lips revealing perfect teeth.  But it wasn’t his looks that had attracted her to him in the first instance. In fact, she couldn’t quite place her finger on what it was.

“My friend invited me” he replied, pointing to another brother at the stand opposite.

“Oh, sorry, I didn’t realise you were with someone!”

“It’s alright. So how long have you been doing this?” he asked, indicating towards the posters with his tube.

“I’ve just started actually – I only had them printed this week!” she replied, smiling proudly.

“What were you doing before?” he asked.

“I used to work in admin, but I left my job two weeks ago so I could focus on starting my business”

“Wow, sounds pretty much like me…”

He proceeded to tell her how he had just left the job he’d been doing for over 7 years, as well as ending his long term relationship.  It sounded as if they were both at a turning point in their lives.   In a weird kind of way, during the time they were talking, it was as if time stood still; everything around them became like a blurred whirlwind, as if they were in some kind of time warp. Suzanne forgot she was meant to be selling; in that moment, nothing else existed in the world but the two of them.  In the two minutes or so that they conversed, they both shared personal information about themselves, as if they had known each other forever.

“I have to go – do you have a card?” he asked.

Suzanne picked up one of her home-made business cards and handed it to him.  He read it and smiled at her slogan; ‘Touching the Heart…through Art’.

“I’ll call you” he said, looking at her with promise in his eyes.

“I’ll look forward to it” she smiled encouragingly.

“My name’s Charles, by the way” he added, extending his hand.  His smile was as warm as a summer’s day, making her feel all hot and sweaty.  As their hands made contact, what felt like an electrical surge passed from his hand through Suzanne’s whole body; she wondered if he had felt it too.  They shook hands quite formally, but there was a lingering in the time they should have released contact.


As Charles walked away, Janice asked “Who was THAT?”


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