Join me on The Self♥Love Retreat (Gambia)

1-8 November or 3-10 December 2018

8-15 Feb or 15-22 March 2019

Come and enjoy nurturing your Self from the Inside, Out!

Are you looking for a holiday in the Motherland, with Self-nurturing workshops, healthy eating, exercise, and plenty of time for rest and relaxation?  Then The SelfLove Retreat is for YOU!

The Self ♥Love Retreat is for YOU if:

  • You need a holiday in the sun with the added bonus of Self-nurturing workshops
  • You need support on your Self-healing journey
  • You want to learn more about your Self (Who you really are)
  • You want to learn techniques to build confidence and self-esteem
  • You are open to transformation, using unconventional methods

The Self♥Love Retreat includes:

  • 5 Self-nurturing workshops for your INNER Self
  • Your personal Numerology & Birth Chart Reports
  • A Pamper Day for your OUTER self at the luxurious Coco Ocean Hotel & Spa
  • Yoga and meditation on the beach
  • A day trip to Senegal to visit the sacred Bantang (silk cotton) tree.
  • Plenty of time to relax on the beach, which is a short walk from our Retreat Home
  • Experience the Gambian nightlife (Optional)

The workshops are around 2 hours each:

    1. Who Am I? (an indepth look into who you are and what you came here to do, using the ancient systems of Numerology and your personal Astrological Birth Chart)
    2. Who I AM!  (mirror work and affirmations to re-program the subconscious mind – BRING  HEADPHONES/EARPHONES)
    3. Self Love  Poem & Card-Making
    4. Self Healing through Forgiveness
    5. Colour Therapy

I guarantee that you will leave with a new sense of Self, and with something that you’ve made for your Self that you will treasure!

If you’d like to come with your partner, see bottom of page for link to mixed retreats! (Men/women, singles/couples)

Where will we be staying?

I’ve rented this lovely newly built 6 bed Retreat Home in Gunjur, which is less than a 10 minute walk to the beach.  You’ll have your own room, and can take part in as much of the daily activities as you FEEL to; the aim of the holiday is for you to return home feeling RELAXED and REJUVENATED!   

How much is it?

The cost of The Self Love Retreat (Gambia) is only £499 which includes:

  • 7 nights accommodation
  • Airport transfers, and transport for scheduled trips
  • Breakfast and Dinner
  • 5 Self-nurturing workshops
  • Pamper Day at the luxurious Coco Ocean Hotel & Spa
  • Trip to Senegal to visit the sacred Bantang (silk cotton) tree.

N.B. Flights must be booked separately.

You are welcome to stay up to another week for just £50 per person)

Reserve your place NOW with a £100 deposit:

Reserve my place on Self Love Retreat (Gambia)

Deposit for The Self Love Retreat (Gambia)


Alternatively, pay straight into my account:

Name: Cezanne Taharqa

Account no: 64050491

Sort code: 60-15-16

(Use your name as a reference)

You can also make enquiries via Whatsapp or text: +44 7915 377 846

Only 6 places on each retreat. If you wish to discuss further before booking, email me with your phone number.

2019 Self Love Retreat Dates (cost: £599)

If you’re unable to join us on the above dates,  The Self Love Retreat for single women AND men 8-15 February (single women, men, and couples welcome),  or 15-22 March 2019 (women only) might suit you better!    If you’re sharing a room the cost is just £299 per person, first come, first served!

Reserve your place now for £100 and pay the rest in easy monthly flexible payments that suit you:

Reserve my place on Self Love Retreat (Gambia)

Deposit for The Self Love Retreat (Gambia)


You are welcome to stay at the Retreat Home for a further week after any of the Retreats, for just £50 per person (self catering).


Get a FREE signed copy of my Self-help novel ‘Journey of a Sister‘ when you book your place! (read reviews here)

Take the 30 Day Self♥Love Challenge!

Task 1: Look in the mirror, stare your Self in the eyes and say to yourself “I LOVE YOU!”  (It might feel uncomfortable at first, but the more you do it, the better you will feel).  Do this for at least one minute, twice a day.

Task 2: Pour some water into a glass; speak “I LOVE YOU” into it, hold the glass and pour your love intention into it, then drink it.  For added potency, include a rose quartz crystal at the bottom of your glass.

I would love to hear what happens by the end of the 30 days!  Send your feedback to

Frequently Asked Questions:

“Do I need to get vaccinated?”

Personally I don’t take vaccinations, but if you have a lot of sugar in your blood, you may need to as the mosquitos might like your sweet blood!  You could do what I do, and alkaline your body before you come, by cutting sugar out of your diet, and flushing your system with Moringa powder mixed with water first thing in the morning!  But if you would feel safer taking the vaccine or tablets, do.

“Do I need a visa?”

Currently you do not need a visa to enter the Gambia, as long as your stay is for less than 28 days.

“What do I need to Bring?”

  • Bring warm clothing for the evenings and mornings which can be a lot cooler than the day.
  • Tea tree oil will soothe mosquito bites rapidly
  • Bring anything you specifically like to eat
  • A warm smile and a hug

“Are Men Allowed?”

Brothers are welcome to join us on the Let’s Build a Village Retreat  on the 20-29 November, and The Self Love Retreat 8-15 February 2019 which is for single women AND men! (by single I mean not married)

Help Raise the Funds to Furnish Our New Retreat Home!

It was important for me to create a safe space where we can heal from the psychological effects of slavery and colonialism using unconventional methods.  I was told about this 6 bed house the day before I was leaving on my last visit to the Gambia; I’ve paid the deposit (£500), and your prompt payment towards your Retreat will go towards paying the full year’s rent (which has to be paid when I return on the 25th August).  I must also furnish the whole house in time for the first Retreats in November, if you’d like to make a contribution please make a contribution to The Self Love Retreat Fund, pay for your Retreat in full, or pay your contribution straight into my account:

Cezanne Taharqa

Account no: 64050491

Sort code: 60-15-16

I also offer subsidized places on my Retreats with this Fund, to be considered for a place 1) Make a small contribution to the Fund 2) email me explaining why you need it.


Go on, treat your Self!




Download my Art and save them as a screensaver to your phone, laptop or PC to benefit from the Colour Therapy & Love Energy in them, for a small energy exchange!

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