The Truth about the Letter (featured in Year One)

In Year One of my Self-help novel ‘Journey of a Sister’ the main character Suzanne wrote a fearless letter to God asking all the questions the church couldn’t answer, and ended it by asking for “the Truth!”

She knew many of her brothers and sisters in Christ wanted to ask these same questions but were too scared for fear of God’s wrath, so she decided to stand in proxy for them.

The letter boldly questioned the Adam and Eve story, which opened the door for religion to make women subservient to men.  It also questioned the whole battle between God and the devil, which we, God’s creation, are supposedly caught in between.  The letter further questioned God’s ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ character; on one hand loving the world so much that He sent His only son as a blood sacrifice for our ‘sins’.  Yet on the other hand, the bible portrays God as this vengeful, jealous figure who had anger management issues.  Not only did He strike people dead with plagues, famine and war whenever he felt like it, He also supported groups of people in raping, plundering and killing others and stealing their land and inheritance.  Suzanne couldn’t relate to this second character, as she had only experienced God as Pure, Unconditional Love.

She asked why, even after praying in the name of Jesus, meditating on His word, and even fasting sometimes, she still had so many needs.  She had hit rock bottom when she wrote the letter, which marked a turning-point in her life.  She desperately wanted to figure out how to get her life to work.

Now, the truth about the letter:

While the letter was brilliantly constructed, it wasn’t something I took any time to sit and think about; it was an inspired letter that was ‘auto-written’, meaning I didn’t have to think about what I was writing, just like my inspired poems ‘Jesus Never Left You’, “Call Me By My Name!” (Jehovah), and “Look to Me!” (God’s reply to Suzanne’s letter which also features in Year One):

Reading the letter, you might wonder why God would inspire such questions.  The truth is, God was simply responding to the questions many of us have been asking in our heads but haven’t verbalized, because we’ve been told ‘not to question the infallible Word of God’ – as if God no longer speaks.

It was only after asking these questions that I began to receive the answers, and learnt ‘the Truth’, which I’m now sharing with you through this Self-help novel.  In fact, I had not intention of ever sharing the letter publicly, but when I started writing Year One, I was led to include the letter.  My response was “Are You sure?”.  I felt as if I was putting my life on the line by sharing it in the book, but surprisingly, many people have said they’ve asked the same questions!


Start your own journey of Self-discovery, Self-healing, and discovering True Love by reading Year One FREE!



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Plant a seed for 2017!

2016 is coming to a close, and we have a lot to look forward to in 2017!

There is a time and a season for everything, and 2017 is a year of new beginnings, so plant a seed and lay your foundations to build upon for the next 9 year cylcle!

If you follow the Moon cycles, there are certain times to plant seeds; ethical farmers who are in tune with nature plant their seeds on the New Moon, and expect a harvest 6 months later.  We too can plant our spiritual seeds on a New Moon and expect a harvest 6 months later; TOMORROW (December 29th) is the last New Moon of 2016, what do you want to manifest in 2017?  (Focus on one thing!)

The New Moon is also a good time to release anything that no longer serves your Highest Good, and to welcome new and more expansive things that will help you fulfill your life purpose.

In Year 8 of my Self-help novel ‘Journey of a Sister‘, the two main characters Suzanne and Charles stumbled upon a little-known secret to sexual energy, and randomly planted a spiritual seed on a New Moon;  6 months later, they saw that seed MANifest!  Would you like to plant a seed tomorrow?  The most important part of the manifesting process is how you feel.  Spend some time first thing in the morning writing down what you would like to achieve in the next 6 months to a year.  Focus on how it will make you feel, and the impact it will have on those affected by your manifestation.  Write a clear Positive Affirmation stating your goal as if you have already achieved it.  Build a clear image in your mind of seeing yourself having already achieved that goal.


Light a candle

In candlelight, write a strong, positive statement saying what you wish to release at the end of 2016 e.g. “I release all relationships which no longer serve my Highest Good”.   Then write your statement (in Present Tense) of what you wish to manifest in 2017, e.g. “I am now…” while feeling grateful that your wish is granted.

Once you are clear about what you desire to manifest in 2017, write it out clearly, focus on it for a while, visualize your goal as if it’s already achieved, and GIVE THANKS!  If you want to, you can burn it in the flames, which will send your wishes into the ether.

Don’t miss this opportunity to harness the power of the last New Moon in 2016, and to welcome in the new cycle with a positive, clear intention!

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Would you like help with the process of preparing for this new cycle? Join us for 30 days of de-cluttering your mind and body, and setting clear intentions on what you wish to create in 2017, and a clear plan of how you’re going to do it! Take a peek of what to expect! For December only pay just £49.99 instead of £97! Click on the image below to sign up, and get a FREE signed paperback of ‘Journey of a Sister’ included in the price!


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Give a Kwanzaa Gift FREE!

If you’re looking for an alternative to Christmas (which is more about consumerism than the birth of Christ!) why not celebrate Kwanzaa with us this year?

What is Kwanzaa?

Kwanzaa - African American Holiday

Kwanzaa is originally an African-American concept which celebrates 7 Core Principles (Nguzo Saba), represented by a different candle each day.  It begins on the 26th of December, and ends of the 1st of January, culminating in a feast and an exchange of gifts. Each of the seven days of Kwanzaa honors a different Principle; these Principles are  key to building strong, productive African families and communities.

Kwanzaa is based on year-end harvest festivals that have taken place throughout Africa for thousands of years. The name comes from the Swahili phrase “matunda ya kwanza,” which means “first fruits of the harvest.” The Founder of Kwanzaa, Dr. Maulana “Ron” Karenga chose a phrase from Swahili because the language is used by various peoples throughout Africa.

Items Used During Kwanzaa:

Meaning: mat
Action: The symbols of Kwanzaa are arranged on the mkeka, which may be made of straw or African cloth. It symbolizes the foundation upon which communities are built.

Meaning: the candleholder, which holds seven candles
Action: It symbolizes stalks of corn that branch off to form new stalks, much as the human family is created.

mishumaa saba
Meaning: the seven candles that represent the seven principles
Action: A different candle is lit each day. Three candles on the left are green; three on the right are red; and the middle candle is black.

kikombe cha umoja
Meaning: the unity cup
Action: Celebrants drink from a wooden cup in honor of their African ancestors. Before drinking, each person says “harambee,” or “let’s pull together.”

Meaning: fruits, nuts, and vegetables
Action: These remind celebrants of the harvest fruits that nourished the people of Africa.

vibunzi (plural, muhindi)
Meaning: ear of corn
Action: Traditionally, one ear of corn is placed on the mkeka for each child present.

Meaning: gifts
Action: Traditionally, educational and cultural gifts are given on January 1, the last day of Kwanzaa.

Kwanzaa flag

The Kwanzaa flag consists of three blocks, one in each of these colors. Green is for the fertile land of Africa; black is for the color of the people; and red is the for the blood that is shed in the struggle for freedom.

Poster depicting the seven Symbols of Kwanzaa:


 The Seven Symbols of Kwanzaa and What They Mean:

Day 1: Umoja (oo-MOH-ja)
Meaning: Unity
Action: building a commUNITY that holds together

Day 2: Kujichagulia (koo-jee-cha-goo-LEE-yah)
Meaning: Self-determination
Action: speaking for yourself and making choices that benefit the commUNITY

Day 3: Ujima (oo-JEE-mah)
Meaning: Collective Work and Responsibility
Action: helping others within the commUNITY

Day 4: Ujamaa (oo-JAH-ma)
Meaning: Cooperative Economics
Action: supporting businesses that care about the commUNITY

Day 5: Nia (nee-AH)
Meaning: a Sense of Purpose
Action: setting goals that benefit the commUNITY

Day 6: Kuumba (koo-OOM-bah)
Meaning: Creativity
Action: making the commUNITY better and more beautiful

Day 7: Imani (ee-MAH-nee)
Meaning: Faith
Action: believing that a better world can be created for communities now and in the future


The colors of Kwanzaa are red, black and green. The Kwanzaa flag consists of three blocks, one in each of these colors. Three of the seven candles are red, three are green and one is black.

During the celebrations, candles are lit and libations are poured from a wooden cup. A libation is the name given to a ritual pouring of water or white rum as an offering to our ancestors.

A Kwanzaa ceremony often includes performances of music and drumming, a reflection on the Pan-African colors of red, green and black and a discussion of some aspect of African history. Women often wear brightly colored traditional clothing. Some cultural organizations hold special exhibitions of African influenced art and market stalls during the period of the celebrations.


During Kwanzaa, celebrants greet each other with “Habari gani,” or “What’s the news?” The 7 Principles of Kwanzaa form the answers.

Celebrate Kwanzaa’s 50th Birthday With Us!

Kwanzaa is in its 50th yearand various organisations are putting on events to celebrate – I have stalls at two of them, where you can get two copies of my Self-help novel ‘Journey of a Sister’ for £9.99 – buy one get one FREE! Operate the 7th Principle of Kwanzaa and give your free one to a friend on January 1st!   (I’m giving away the first-fruits of the 1,000 books I had printed!)



(Click on the flyers to be taken to the organisations websites)

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The Books Have Finally Arrived! BOGOF!

After a 4 week delay, the paperbacks of my Self-help novel ‘Journey of a Sister‘ have finally arrived!


They’re now unpacked and ready to get to YOU!  The printers sent me 100 extra copies for the delay, so I’ve decided to pass it forward!

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If you are on a journey of Self-discovery, this book is for YOU!   (That goes for men too!)

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After writing the First Edition I discovered the root meaning of the word ‘fornication’.  When I was growing up in church, we were led to believe that fornication meant ‘sex before marriage’.  Read what it really means in  Year One FREE! (← click on the link to open PDF)

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Today I’m doing a Presentation at the Launch of Kings & Queens United on ‘Re-creating Our Bond’, based on ‘How to Get the Ring On Your Finger‘:


I’ll also be performing my poem ‘R U The One?’ for the first time in a couple of years! This is a Dinner & Discussion type of event; the King/Queen theme features a lot in my books, poetry and art, so I was happy to accept the job of being Keynote Speaker! I will explain what it means to truly become a King or a Queen, and what we can do to re-build our Empire – our relationship! It’s not too late to  Book your ticket, which includes a Caribbean meal! The event starts at 4pm @ Xquisite Caribbean Bar & Restaurant, 7a Station Road, Tulse Hill SE27 9BW (right next to the station on the left)

Next Sunday: SAD Workshop @ Brixton Library Sunday 18th December 2-4pm

If you suffer from low energy, lack motivation and generally feel SAD at this time of the year (winter) read my blog post on how COLOUR THERAPY can help alleviate symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder, and come to my FREE workshop next Sunday! (Books and Art Prints will be on sale)


Click on the image above to book your FREE ticket! For details of other events I’ll be at during December visit the Events page!

I look forward to seeing you at one of them!




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Leaving a Legacy & December Events!

Last week was an event-full week!

On Saturday I attended the Legacy Gala where we championed people within our community who were making a positive impact and leaving a legacy (maybe I’ll be included next year!)  An old friend of mine, Marlon ‘Kush’ Palmer received an award for his contributions to showcasing Black films over the last 20 years (I designed his very first logo!).


I was interviewed at the Gala by ‘No Ordinary Woman’ Chat Show about my novel ‘Journey of a Sister’ – it was a coincidence that I’d only met the presenter Caz-Maz a few days earlier at the Mayor of Southwark’s Office! (That’s another story!)


And last Thursday, I attended the Premier Screening of ‘Birth of a Nation’.  It wasn’t what I expected, as most of the film simply promoted white supremacy, and blatantly showed how the bible was used to subdue my ancestors and turn them docile.  I thought I was going to see an empowering film about revolution, but for me, ‘The Birth of a Nation’ was really about the birth of white supremacy through the enslavement of my ancestors.  As the descendant of an enslaved African, in my opinion, this film did nothing to empower me, and did nothing to honour my ancestors.

The bright side was, I had the opportunity to perform my poem “Who Am I?” before the film started.  It was befitting for me to perform this particular poem, because when I was in Ghana in November 2014, I performed this same poem in the dungeons where my ancestors were held in squalid conditions before being torn from their Motherland and shipped from Cape Coast (one of them was called ‘The Good Ship Jesus’).  I performed it right on the spot where my ancestors were held captive. It was also the 8th anniversary of my grandmothers passing:

It took me a year to write about my experiences in Ghana, but the last two chapters of my revised Self-help novel now titled ‘Journey of a Sister’ are based upon my experiences there. Get your paperback here (ships worldwide).


Anyway, the following day (Friday), I went to see the play ‘So You Think I’m Crazy?’ at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre in Tottenham, North London.  Brilliant acting, which again portrayed the many ways my people are under psychological attack – this time through the Mental Health system.  Here’s a clip:

Religion, mainstream media, the food we eat, the music we listen to, and the (mis) education system, are some of the ways we battle psychological warfare.

Along my own Self-healing journey, I studied how the mind works in order to heal myself from depression and self-sabotage.  I learnt that our childhood programming determines how we think and act as adults.  As someone who was indoctrinated into a religion from a very young age, it took me years to un-indoctrinate myself.  On top of that, I’m still going through the process of re-programming my subconscious mind from the negative words and beatings I received as a child (that’s how deep it goes!)  I now know that the whippings my ancestors received were to break them down mentally in order to control them physically.  My parent’s generation were simply enacting their genetic coding of beating their children mercilessly, being emotionally detached from them, speaking negatively to them (e.g. “You are worthless/good for nothing/ugly…”), and taking them to church to be indoctrinated to be humble servants.  I am grateful for my upbringing, because that’s what has led me to the path I’m on today; to help my people ‘break free from mental slavery’.

Religion is a Mind Control tool.  When coupled with the slave mentality, it leaves our minds weak and susceptible to any suggestion made to them.  I seek to work with those who are raising the next generation, because as Frederick Douglas said, “It’s easier to raise strong children than to mend broken adults”. If you are committed to the process of healing, read my Self-help books!

After watching the film ‘Sankofa’ in 2010, I cried out to my ancestors and asked them what I could do to help my people heal.  The following morning, I played the guitar track and recorded ‘We Belong Together’ in my home studio (I recorded it first, then wrote it after – it was channeled!):

Since then I’ve also written ‘Journey of a Sister’ and ‘How to Get the Ring On Your Finger’ (which has contributions from over 30 brothers).  Both books look at how our PAST has affected the way we relate to each other TODAY. They will help you begin the process of Self-healing, and help you build Self Love, Love for your race, Self-dignity and Pride in who you are.

These are the legacies I am leaving for my commUNITY, read them!  You can download ‘How to Get the Ring On Your Finger’ FREE when you subscribe, or get both paperbacks signed by me from the Books page for only £14.99! (ships worldwide, Paypal will convert currency).

December Events:


This Sunday I’m doing a Presentation at the Launch of ‘Kings & Queens United’, a new platform aimed at helping us ‘re-create our bonds’.   My interactive talk will be based on the topics raised in ‘How to Get the Ring On Your Finger’, and I’ll also be performing my poem ‘R U The One?’  This is a Dinner & Discussion type of event, download the e-book of ‘How to Get the Ring On Your Finger’ FREE, and come and join in the discussion!  Book your ticket here, which includes a Caribbean buffet meal!

SAD Presentation @ Brixton Library Sunday 18th December 2-4pm

Read my blog post on how Colour Therapy can ease symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder, and come to my FREE workshop! (Books and Art Prints will be on sale)

For details of other events I’ll be at during December visit the Events page!

I look forward to seeing you!





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Join me on the 30 Day Mind Detox Program HALF PRICE!

Recently I was going through some old journals and came across one from 2012, where I was going through a ‘Mind Fast’.  I was looking for the point where I switched from thinking predominantly negative thoughts to predominantly positive ones!

I used to suffer from constant bouts of depression, had low self-esteem, lacked belief in myself and my abilities, and as a result, was a blocked writer and artist for over 20 years, and kept attracting negative people and situations – because that’s how I felt about myself!

So I started the process of training my mind to think more positively, learnt how to meditate in 2009, and put my Self on my first ‘Mind Fast’ in 2012.  This involved blocking out anything that would make me feel ‘bad’ (such as the news), and replacing them with meditation, sitting in ‘the Silence’, repeating Positive Affirmations to myself, and creating SPACE in my mind for inspiration to flow in!

This is a process I go through at least once a year, and now I’ve been inspired to take YOU through the process too!

It was during this period that I was inspired to write my poem  ‘The Black Butterfly Effect’:

The 30 Day Mind Detox starts on the 2nd January 2017; the introductory price is £97, but for the first month, I’m offering it HALF PRICE (£49.99) and you’ll still get my Self-help novel ‘Journey of a SisterFREE!


It will really help you through the process, as I’ve gone into detail about how to ‘change your mind’ in story form!

I look forward to you joining me, you have nothing to lose apart from your old ways of thinking!  There are only 50 places on the the course for January, secure your place for just £49.99 now:

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For full details about the 30 Day Mind Detox and to Preview the course click on this link 

I look forward to you joining us!



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P.S.  I’m facilitating a FREE workshop at Brixton Library on Sunday 18th December to explain how Colour Therapy can help alleviate symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder, for more information and to book your FREE place go HERE (or see previous post).  For details of more events I’m taking part in visit my Events Page!

I look forward to you joining me at one or both of them!


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Do you Feel SAD in the Winter? COLOUR THERAPY Can Help!


During this time of the year when the clocks go back and the days are shorter, many people suffer from low energy levels, a lack of motivation, and general SAD feelings.

What is SAD?

Seasonal Affective Disorder is a form of depression which makes some people who generally have good mental health throughout the year experience depressive symptoms, mainly in the winter.

Symptoms of SAD can include:

  • A persistent low mood
  • Loss of interest or pleasure in normal everyday activities
  • Irritability
  • Feelings of despair, guilt and worthlessness
  • Feeling lethargic (lacking in energy) and sleepy during the day
  • Going to bed much earlier than normal yet finding it hard to get up in the morning
  • Comfort eating and gaining weight

What Causes SAD?

According to the NHS website, ‘the main theory is that a lack of sunlight might stop a part of the brain called the ‘hypothalamus’ (also known as the Pineal Gland) from working properly.  The ‘hypothalamus’ is responsible for:

  • Production of melatonin– a hormone that makes you feel sleepy; in people with SAD, the body may produce it in higher than normal levels
  • Production of serotonin– Commonly referred to as the happy hormone, serotonin affects your mood, appetite and sleep; a lack of sunlight may lead to lower serotonin levels, which is linked to feelings of depression.
  • The body’s internal clock (circadian rhythm) – your body uses sunlight to time various important functions, such as when you wake up, so lower light levels during the winter may disrupt your body clock and lead to symptoms of SAD

It is also possible that some people are more vulnerable to SAD as a result of their genes, as some cases appear to run in families.’ (NHS website)

Why does SAD affect people of colour more than others?

People of colour are ‘people of the sun’.  We are designed to live in hotter climates, where the sun is out for most of the day.  With the lack of sunlight, the Pineal Gland isn’t able to function properly; it is further calcified by sodium fluoride in toothpaste, tap water, and products used on the skin and in food.

The main treatments offered by the NHS are:

  • Lifestyle measures, including getting as much natural sunlight as possible, exercising regularly and managing your stress levels
  • Light therapy – where a special lamp called a light box is used to simulate exposure to sunlight
  • talking therapies, such cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) or counselling
  • antidepressant medication such as Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs)

The problem is, many people of colour are diagnosed as suffering from depression and offered SSRI’s, instead of being offered Vitamin D supplements, Light Therapy, or even COLOUR THERAPY (which isn’t even on their list!)

I used to suffer from SAD really badly, but in 2009 I intuitively healed myself by painting bright, vibrant paintings and hanging them on my walls (see my Art page!)  During that particular winter, I noticed while painting that I wasn’t getting any of my usual symptoms, which led me to study the benefits of colour on the MIND and EMOTIONS.

Come to my FREE Workshop at Brixton Library on December 18th where I’ll be explaining the benefits of COLOR THERAPY in more detail!


This is a FREE event, but you must reserve your place on Eventbrite

You’ll also be able to get a signed paperback of my Self-help novel ‘Journey of a Sister‘ for only £9.99 which features all my artwork in FULL COLOUR, so you can benefit from the colour therapy in them while you read!  (Visit my Art Page to view more of my art!)


If you are unable to attend, you can still order your signed paperback:

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Haven’t read it yet?  Start from Year One FREE!

Hope to see you there!




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Artisan Impression people

Join us at Natural November Tour (London) This Saturday 19th!

Yesterday was the first day of the Natural November National Tour in BIRMINGHAM which I was happy to be taking part in, especially being November born!

You can watch a Facebook Live video I recorded which has had over 1,400 views so far!


Join us this Saturday  19th November for the second date of the tour at Globe Academy, Harper Road, SE1 6AG, from 12-8pm!

I’ll be doing a 45 minute presentation called ‘Be-YOU-ti-full…Naturally!’ between 6.15-7pm which includes a video poem I’ve created on the topic!
I plan to do a Facebook Live of my presentation this time!


You’ll also be able to sign up for my 30 Day Mind Detox (online course) starting in January, and pick up your FREE copy of my revised Self-help novel ‘Journey of a Sister’ which has two new chapters (Years 12 & 13).


Hope to see you there! Get your £5 ticket in advance from (£10 on the door).

If you are unable to attend, you can still get my books from the Books page, and also sign up for the Mind Detox!

Also, visit the Events page for details of my FREE workshop taking place on Sunday 18th December at the Brixton Library, on how the colour therapy in my paintings can help you heal in more ways than one!


In your service,




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Book Launch Review!

What can I say?

We had a wonderful time at the Book Launch & Discussion of my revised Self-help book ‘How to Get the Ring On Your Finger‘ –  it wasn’t video’d (apart from the Facebook Live my eldest sun did with my phone!), but photographer George Eyo captured some of the event:


Five of the brothers who contributed to the book were on the Panel, which worked really well in terms of helping to open up the dialogue.  It was good to see so many brothers in the audience too!

Feedback from Suraj Odekunle, Panel member:

“Great vibration at sister Cezanne’s book launch today. Good hearing the different perspectives from brothers & sisters within the Nubian community.
Great atmosphere just like how the Nubian community should be with more reasoning, no arguing nor being disrespectful.

Glad to be in that environment, instead of being in the ‘IN-CROWD’,  which makes me claustrophobic and anxious. lol

I learnt and listened more than I spoke.

It’s a blessing to witness the birth of Afrikan couples bonding together to make a spiritual commitment on spending the rest of their lives together. So today I put my 2pence in and expressed why I feel Afrikan tradition of bondage is important and why the Anglo-Saxon way of marriage isn’t meant for our people.”


I explained that I revised the book to take into consideration some of the things that had been discussed at previous Book Signing & Discussion Events, such as “Is the ‘white wedding’ a Black Thing?”  

I also explained how I was inspired to introduce the ‘DIY Arranged Marriage‘, and how it has helped me avoid emotional heartbreak.  It involves doing the 6 Month Test; if you follow this process, you stand a much better chance of choosing the right partner before you give your heart, and of getting the ring on!  (If that’s your desire).  As a result of an email I got that morning, saying that the book should have ‘success stories’, I decided to invite other sisters and brothers to go through the processes set out in the book with me to attract our soul mates; if you are interested in taking part, from preparing to meet your soul mate, to attracting your soul mate, to the whole dating process, message me below – it’s FREE!


Siayoum (second in row from left), one of the main contributors to the book, explained what ‘the ring’ symbolized, and while we embraced the symbol, we questioned whether the whole ceremony of signing the register was necessary, since it is a contract with the government, and nothing to do with a Spiritual Union!


“Amazing event from Sista Cezanne Taharqa about her book ‘How to Get the Ring On Your Finger‘.  I didn’t speak much as usual but I was fully immersed, listening and taking mental notes” ~ Toma Teme

“Thanks for a very warm and special event” ~ Paul Nelson, Author of Ego of a Grasshopper

“I thoroughly enjoyed your book launch and I am glad that I went. Although, I had mixed feelings in regards to your current book ‘How to Get The Ring On Your Finger’, and it being an all male panel. But I was glad to hear from their perspective than from it being all women.
Moreover, I explored the area of being single first and foremost is fundamentally important: to learn, to grow and love one’s self before going into a committed relationship.
Also, I’m currently reading your book, ‘Journey Of a Sister‘, which I am totally addicted to! I’m already at page 43 and can relate to the main character big time!
Thank you sis for all that you do. And keep rising in your power – Asè.”~ Camillea Johnson.

I met some of my Facebook friends for the first time, including Robbie Tate who bought both books:


We didn’t discuss my revised Self-help novel ‘Journey of a Sister’ (previously titled ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!‘) because no-one has yet read the two new chapters I’ve added!  (Years 12 & 13).  If you purchased the First Edition, you can get the second Edition for only £5 at my events!

Those who bought books were also gifted with a laminated print of my art!

My books and Book Signing & Discussion Events are my contributions to help us heal individually, to heal our relationships, and ultimately to heal our whole commUNITY.

My next event is being held at Brixton Library on Sunday 18th December from 2-4pm; I’ll be doing a workshop on how the colours in my paintings (which I’ve used to illustrate my novel ‘Journey of a Sister’) can help with symptoms of SAD:sad-workshop-flyer

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Natural November National Tour (12th, 19th, 26th Nov)


I’ll be doing a 45 minute presentation called ‘Be-U-ti-full…Naturally!‘ at the Natural November National Tour (Birmingham, London, Manchester).  Get your £5 tickets for the from (£10 on the door).

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