Join me on the 30 Day Mind Detox! (2-31 Jan 2017)

In this age of ‘in-formation technology’, our minds are constantly being bombarded with images, sounds, videos, games etc…every minute the phone is buzzing, ringing, emails coming in, TV going…so many distractions!


Are you suffering from information overload?

Are you being distracted from connecting with your inner Self?

Join me on the 30 Day MIND DETOX, an online program that will help you ‘clear out the clutter’ from your mind, so that you can have SPACE to re-connect with the real YOU!

By the end of the 30 days, you  are guaranteed to THINK, LOOK and FEEL better – or your money back! 

What Does it Involve?

  • ‘Fasting’ from outside negative influences e.g. mainstream T.V. radio, newspapers, and music.
  • Daily meditation
  • Daily Exercises to stretch your Mind & Body
  • Topics to focus on each day
  • Daily Positive Affirmations (replacing Self-defeating thought patterns and limiting beliefs with positive ones)
  • Sitting in the Silence each day to connect with your Higher Self
  • Healthy recipes to support your mental changes
  • Intention setting and planning
  • Going into your ‘cocoon’ in order to transform, like the caterpillar into the butterfly!  (This program is for men as well as women).

Secure your place for the introductory price of only £49.99! (offer expires 31st December 2016)

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Why am I offering it at such a low price?  Frankly, it’s my first time taking others through the process and I’d like to get real testimonials of how it has helped you transform YOUR mind for the better, just as it has done for me!

I was inspired to write my poem ‘The Black Butterfly Effect‘ while doing a previous Mind Detox, and it explains the process I will take you through:

Did you know that your MIND isn’t just in your BRAIN, it’s in EVERY CELL IN YOUR BODY?

Whatever you THINK about affects your body on a cellular level!  That’s why it’s so important to protect your mind from outside negative influences, and learn to ‘go within’.

The 30 Day Mind Detox will involve ‘cocooning’ your Self from the ‘tell-lie-vision’, mainstream news and social media, and replacing them with daily meditations and affirmations, mind and body exercises, healthy recipes, videos and recordings to listen to instead.

You’ll get:

  • downloadable Workbook (Preview it here: mind-detox-workbook)
  • Daily ‘pep talk’ videos to help set you up for the day
  • A downloadable Positive Affirmations mp3 to listen to every morning and evening
  • Creative Visualization: I will show you how to use the creative power of your mind to create the things you WANT to see show up in your life!
  • Daily mind and body exercises: there’s no point in detoxing the body without detoxing the mind! The two must work in harmony; I will be recording videos to show you the gentle stretching exercises I use to tone my body and mind!
  • If your goal is to lose weight, this will happen as a natural progression to the daily recipes and exercises, but this course isn’t about dieting.  I will also be recommending detox kits and teas that will help you detox your body.
  • There will also be a weekly webinar so you can connect personally with me and others taking part on the course.
  • Plus daily email support.(optional)
  • One-to-one support is also available by Skype at a small extra cost (optional)

BONUS: FREE Self-help Novel Worth £9.99!


You’ll also get a  personally signed paperback of my Self-help novel ‘Journey of a Sister‘ to read while doing your Mind Detox!  It will help you through the process, as I’ve gone into detail about how to ‘change your mind’- my artwork is in FULL COLOUR so you’ll be benefiting from the COLOUR THERAPY in them while you read!

Secure your place for just £49.99 – only 30 places available! (price returns to £97 in January)

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Read the first article in  my Blog Tour to learn more about ‘The Black Butterfly Effect‘:


I look forward to helping you transform your MIND so you can transform your LIFE!

If it FEELS right, DO IT!


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