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I turned my novel Journey of a Sister into a film script in order to reach even more people with the ancestral messages in the story (46,000 were channelled).

Since the subconscious mind responds best to images, a film will have a far greater impact than the book ever could!

I titled the script ‘MELANIN TWINS‘, as the two main characters are Twin Souls.

I aim to begin by producing a 3-scene trailer from the book, which will then be used to raise funds to produce the full length feature film, produced to industry standard.

Help make this dream a reality!

Would you like to see Journey of a Sister turned into a film? Make a contribution to my GoFundMe This will cover costs of actors, hiring filming equipment, filming, editing, venue hire etc.

I’m also building a team, to be part of this project email me: putting MELANIN TWINS in the subject line, explaining your skills and experience in filmmaking.

MELANIN TWINS is the film version of Journey of a Sister. However for the film, I wanted to move away from the religious foundation and focus more on the empowering Black Love story. As a result, I removed my letter to God (and God’s reply), changed some of the dialogue, and also wrote some new scenes!

I revised the book to match the film script (but kept my letter to God, and God’s reply), then recorded it as an audiobook. Order your personally signed LIMITED EDITION paperback!

Haven’t read the story yet? Download the e-book only £4.99! (Tap the book image below)

Are you an Amazon Prime member? Borrow the e-book series from their lending library FREE!

Or start by downloading Year One FREE on the Books page!

Listen to this extract from Year One (audiobook), written for the film script:

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This is an important book/film for our community; if this story has impacted you in any way, please share the link to this page with your friends and family so they can start their journey of Self-discovery too!

In your service,

Self-taught Visual & Spoken Word Artist | Author | Soul Purpose Tribe Leader

Spreading LOVE through Creativity!

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