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After visiting my Motherland, I decided to revise my novel and turn it into a film script. I realized that many of my people struggle to read a book – the result of ancestral trauma (enslaved Africans were forbidden to read). By turning my book into a film, I’ll be able to reach thousands more people with the ancestral messages in my story; 46,000 words were ‘channelled’, meaning they came through me rather than from me.

I aim to produce a 10-minute trailer for the film between June to August 2020, which will include 3 scenes from the book. I’ll then be able to use this trailer to raise the funds to produce the full feature film. I intend to part-produce the film at TPS (Tyler Perry Studios) in Atlanta. Apart from raising the finances via investors, I’m also seeking actors, filmmakers, script developers, designers, a film director etc. to help me turn my dream into a reality; if you’d like to be part of this project, please make a contribution to my Art Fund via PayPal (I must raise Β£25,000 for the trailer project) or email me: putting MELANIN TWINS in the subject line.

MELANIN TWINS is the Revised version of Journey of a Sister. However for the film, I wanted to move away from the religious foundation and focus more on the empowering love story, while still explaining how religion was used to enslave us mentally. As a result, I removed my letter to God (and God’s reply), changed some of the dialogue, and also wrote some new scenes! Other major changes I made were to change the writing from Past to Present Tense, and to change their names. Do you want to read the revised story ahead of the film? Well, you can! πŸ‘‡πŸΎ or

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Year One: Ready for Love (UK) (USA)

Year Two: Deep Roots, Strong Tree (UK ) ( USA )

Years Three & Four: Know Thy Self! (UK ) ( USA )

Years Five & Six: Be Careful What You Wish For! (UK) (USA)

Year Seven: Love Attraction (UK) (USA)

Years Eight & Nine: Profit with Purpose (UK) (USA)

Years Ten & Eleven: Double Celebrations (UK) (USA)

Years 12 & 13: Life Goes On… (UK) (USA)

Click on the links at the end of each e-book to listen to my poetry and to download my artwork featured in the story, or for links with further information on the topics raised in each chapter!

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