(A Black Love Story)

When Twin Souls Carla and Kwame cross paths, time literally stands still.

They begin an intense, passionate relationship.

Carla is a displaced African, still carrying the trauma of her ancestors in her DNA. Kwame has strong cultural roots; he offers to help her find her way back home.

Their mutual interests in Astrology and Numerology get them off to a good start, but her indoctrination threatens the spontaneity of their relationship; she wants the ring, but he is opposed to the ‘white wedding’. Will they seal their union and fulfil their mission, or are they destined for a future without each other?

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Year One: Ready for Love (UK) (USA)

Year Two: Deep Roots, Strong Tree (UK ) ( USA )

Years Three & Four: Know Thy Self! (UK ) ( USA )

Years Five & Six: Be Careful What You Wish For! (UK) (USA)

Year Seven: Love Attraction (UK) (USA)

Years Eight & Nine: Profit with Purpose (UK) (USA)

Years Ten & Eleven: Double Celebrations (UK) (USA)

Years 12 & 13: Life Goes On… (UK) (USA)

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MELANIN TWINS is the Revised Edition of Journey of a Sister, which received many great reviews. However I wanted to move away from the religious foundation and focus more on the beautiful love story, while still telling our story. As a result, I removed my letter to God (and God’s reply), and also took out my explanation of what ‘fornication’ really means. A lot of the dialogue changed, and I’ve also written some new scenes!

Other major changes I made to the book were to change it from Past to Present Tense, and to change their names.

I also wanted the new book to appeal to both men and women, so I’ve re-titled the book ‘MELANIN TWINS‘:

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