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I turned my novel Journey of a Sister into a film script in order to reach even more people with the ancestral messages in the story (46,000 were channelled).

And since the subconscious mind responds best to images, a film will have a far greater impact than the book ever could!

I titled the script ‘MELANIN TWINS‘, as the two main characters are Twin Souls.

I aim to begin by producing a 3-scene trailer from the book. This will then be used to raise funds to produce the full length feature film.

Help make this dream a reality!

Would you like to see Journey of a Sister turned into a film? Make a contribution to my GoFundMe This will cover costs of actors, hiring filming equipment, filming, editing, venue hire etc.

I’m also building a team, to be part of this project email me: putting MELANIN TWINS in the subject line, explaining your skills and experience in filmmaking.

MELANIN TWINS is the film version of Journey of a Sister. However for the film, I wanted to move away from the religious foundation and focus more on the empowering Black Love story, while still explaining how religion was used to enslave us mentally. As a result, I removed my letter to God (and God’s reply), changed some of the dialogue, and also wrote some new scenes! I revised the book to match the film script (but kept my letter to God, and God’s reply), then recorded it as an audiobook. Pre-order your personally signed paperback (with my artwork in full colour) in my Indiegogo campaign by 1st May, to get a FREE USB with the AUDIOBOOK on it!

Haven’t read the story yet? Download the e-book only £4.99! (Tap the book image below)

Are you an Amazon Prime member? Borrow the e-book series from their lending library FREE by clicking on the links below! Or start by downloading Year One FREE on the Books page!

Year One: Ready for Love (UK) (USA)

Year Two: Undoing the Indoctrination (UK ) ( USA )

Years Three: Mind…the Gap! (UK ) ( USA )

Year Four: Finding Her Self (UK) (USA)

Years Five & Six: Be Careful What You Wish For! (UK) (USA)

Year Seven: Love Attraction (UK) (USA)

Years Eight & Nine: Profit with Purpose (UK) (USA)

Years Ten & Eleven: Double Celebrations (UK) (USA)

Years 12 & 13: Life Goes On… (UK) (USA)

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Weekly Book Discussion

Join me on a weekly walk through Journey of a Sister! Each Sunday we will discuss one ‘Year’ from the story, click here for more information and to book your (online) seat!

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