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I was inspired to write it to help my single sisters find out from the MEN what would make them put the ring on!  I sent out messages to as many brothers as I knew via email, texts, Facebook, Whatsapp and face to face; I informed them that I’m writing this book.  I asked them a series of questions, and asked what advice they could give to women seeking to meet and marry their soul mate.  I was pleasantly surprised at the responses I received!  It was obvious that they were only too willing (and able) to help their sisters out!

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This insightful book goes much deeper than just ‘getting the ring on’; it gets to the ROOT CAUSE of our relationship issues so that we can heal individually, in order to progress to healthy, happy, fulfilling sustainable relationships.

Once we have identified our personal issues and healed from them, this book offers a PLAN to getting the ring on by introducing the Do-It-Yourself Arranged Marriage; this involves doing the 6 Month Test which will help you  climb the Ladder to Dating Success.  If you follow all the steps given, you are almost guaranteed to get the ring on!  (best done together, but can also be done individually).


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