“Let’s Build a Village” Retreat (Gambia) 20-29 Nov

 Do you have a ‘Get Out’ Plan?

In 2015, I had a ‘premonition’ that in 5 years time (2020), my people were going to be fleeing England and America.  I thought “they’re going to need somewhere to run TO”.  This was my initial thinking behind setting up a village in the Motherland.  I also wanted to provide an exit plan for my 3 suns, and for my future grandchildren to be raised in an environment that was conducive to their mental, emotional, spiritual and physical needs.

I was in the Gambia facilitating The Self Love Retreat when I came across some ideal land to build such a village, so now I’m building my tribe!  If you’ve been thinking about leaving the UK or USA, and like the idea of living in a village commUNITY, join me in the Gambia on 20-29 November, for the “Let’s Build a Village” Retreat!  This will give us all the opportunity to view the land, meet your potential neighbours, get to know each other, and PLAN how our village will look – plus top up your vitamin D!  This holiday is for both women and men, singles and couples, black families welcome too!

I have provisionally named the village ‘Kai Ci Kurbi ‘ which means ‘come home’.  If you’re serious about making positive change for the sake of your Self and future generations, join us!

The “Let’s Build a Village” Retreat coincides with the Gambian Veganfest (23-25 Nov) organised by Spicy Tasty Vegan Cuisine authors, Dr Joe and Mama Naasira Bledsoe;  the main speakers are Dr Llaila Afrika and Dr Umar Johnson.

Also, Khensu I-Em Hotep, author of a brilliant book I edited  on Afrikan Wholistic Health (soon to be published) entitled Spirit-Osis (Spiritual Dis-order), the ROOT CAUSE of All Modern Dis-eases‘ will also be joining us on the Retreat to share vital information about Self-healing; this is going to be a powerful, informative, and life-changing experience, don’t miss it! (click on the image above to visit the Melanin Clinic and download his FREE ebook)

The cost of the “Let’s Build a Village” Retreat is just £499 per person which includes:

  • Airport transfers
  • Accommodation
  • Breakfast & Dinner
  • Trip to Kunta Kinte Island
  • Transport for scheduled trips
  • Visiting the land for our village project
  • Day trip to Kunta Kinte Island (optional)
  • Signed copy of my novel ‘Journey of a Sister’
  • Lots of sunshine!

(N.B. Flights must be booked separately)

Other trips you can book:

  • Overnight trip to Dakar, capital of Senegal, and safari £150
  • Trip to visit the Stone Circles £50

Reserve your place(s) NOW to avoid disappointment – a £100 deposit will secure your place (only 10 available), with easy monthly instalments!   If you prefer to pay by bank transfer (helps me avoid fees) my account details are:

Cezanne Taharqa

Account number: 64050491

Sort code: 60-15-16

For queries before you book email me: cezanne@journeyofasister.com

Let’s Build a Village Retreat 20-29 Nov 2018

Payments towards Gambia Retreat Nov 20-29 2018


*Full payment must be made by end of October 2018*


When you book your place, you’ll receive a FREE personally signed paperback of my 5* rated Self-help novel ‘Journey of a Sister


We will spend an ‘Evening of Reasoning’, discussing the topics raised in my Self-help novel ‘Journey of a Sister‘, be sure you read it before you come!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

“Where will we be staying?”

I’ve rented this 6 bed house for my Retreats; some of us will be sleeping in tents around the back of the house!, which is within a 10 minute walk to the beach.

“Do I need to be vaccinated?”

Personally, I’ve never taken a vaccination either for Gambia, or my 4 month stay in Ghana.  Instead, I make sure that there’s hardly any sugar in my system (the mosquitos like sweet blood!).  I flush my system with Moringa powder mixed with water every morning, to alkaline my body.  However, if you feel safer getting vaccinated or taking anti-malaria tablets, it’s up to you.  I have been stung a few times, but I find that tea tree oil deals with them quickly, bring some with you!

“Do I need a visa?”

Currently, UK residents do not need a visa to travel to the Gambia for up to 28 days, and flights are cheap! If you live outside the UK or Europe, check with the Gambian Embassy in your country.

“What is the food like in the Gambia?”

The Gambian diet consists mainly of white rice, white bread, white sugar, and fish.  I am shipping over most of the food we will be eating, and we can buy fresh fruit and veg from the local women’s gardens.  If there are certain foods you like to eat, bring them with you!

“Should I change my money before I come?”

You can change your money at the airport, they don’t take commission; the rate is around 64 dalasis to the pound – but you might find that your money doesn’t last as long as you thought it might (e.g. I bought a 6 pack of 2 liter bottled water for 350 dalasis).  I’d say around £250-£300 should be enough spending money.

“What’s the weather like at that time of year?”

Admittedly, I was shocked at how cool it was in the evenings and mornings, but the days are very hot.  I was glad I came with my blanket lol.  Bring a jumper/cardigan to wear in the evenings/mornings, if you feel the cold easily, like me.

“Are children allowed?”

Children are welcome to join us!  Please let me know of any specific requirements you might have.

Ask to join my whatsapp group on: +44 7915 377 846 (include the area code or it won’t come through) where I’ll be sharing info leading up to the Retreat!

For further enquiries, including details of the next Self Love Retreat (women only) email me cezanne@journeyofasister.com.

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