Sex with the EX

If I had taken my own advice, I wouldn’t have had sex with the EX earlier this year. But when he called me up out of the blue after 5 years, saying he could ‘hear my voice calling him’, I thought he was being sincere. Partly because I had just finished watching ‘The Secret’ DVD

Just 1 day to go to the Book Signing & Discussion of ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!’

Join us as we have fun discussing the topics raised in my Self-help novel 'Single, Spiritual...AND Sexual!' this Sunday 27th April, 4-6pm @ The Marcus Garvey Library (inside Tottenham Green Leisure Centre), Philip Lane, London N15 4JA "Is it possible to be Single, Spiritual...AND Sexual?" "Is it possible to maintain a relationship with someone with different beliefs to … Continue reading Just 1 day to go to the Book Signing & Discussion of ‘Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!’

Black by Popular Demand!

Last weekend, I posted an ad about my book 'Single, Spiritual...AND Sexual!' in a group on Facebook called '100,000,000 Christians' (or something like that - I've since been banned from the group).  I received a nasty inbox message from the group administrator Kathryn Dare (a white woman) which said: "You are not cute or beautiful. You … Continue reading Black by Popular Demand!

Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual! FULL E-BOOK only £2.99! ($4.56)

GREAT NEWS! I've just published the FULL E-BOOK (text only) of 'Single, Spiritual...AND Sexual!' for around £2.99 ($4.56) on Smashwords! (prices fluctuate with the stock market!)  I've also Self-published it on Kindle for the same price! (If you live outside the UK change the to .com) So the full story is now available in various e-book formats including Kindle, … Continue reading Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual! FULL E-BOOK only £2.99! ($4.56)


I thought that might grab your attention  😉 But really, you can read ‘Year One’ of my Self-help novel ‘Single, Spiritual...AND Sexual!’ FREE, as well as hear me reading an extract from ‘Year Two’ at: (under 'Book Extracts') Purchase the paperback book from Lulu , come to one of my monthly Book Signing Events and get … Continue reading FREENESS!

Year Four Extract: Finding Her Self

In Year Four of Suzanne’s 11-year transformational quest for 'the Truth', she learns that PRAYERS and AFFIRMATIONS are in fact the same thing! In order to create positive change in her life, she had to speak it into being! “I Am...” One of the things Suzanne had earnestly sought God about was learning how to pray … Continue reading Year Four Extract: Finding Her Self