BHM Day 18: UNITE and FIGHT!

Yesterday I was deliberating whether to include images of the white Jesus with his back whipped, alongside an image of an enslaved African who had also had his back whipped. Knowing that the subconscious mind responds best to images, I decided against it. When the descendants of enslaved Africans see these images, it re-activates the … Continue reading BHM Day 18: UNITE and FIGHT!

Vote Cezanne Poetess!

GREAT NEWS!I have been nominated in TWO categories of the Spokenword Billboard Awards, in the categories 'International Artist of the Year' and 'Best Perfect Bound Collection', for my Self-help novel 'Single, Spiritual...AND Sexual!'The Spokenword Billboard Awards is a prestigious award given to support and honor artists globally.  The founder, Michelle E. Alford (USA) says "It … Continue reading Vote Cezanne Poetess!

Get a SIGNED COPY of my son’s book ‘Sam’s 10th Birthday!’

I'm in the process of publishing my 9 year old son's children's story 'Sam's 10th Birthday!'.  He wrote the story when he was 8 years old:  One day, I was in the kitchen washing the dishes with the music blaring (I need music to do boring things like housework!) and AJ was in the living room … Continue reading Get a SIGNED COPY of my son’s book ‘Sam’s 10th Birthday!’

Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual! Discussion Sat 31st May

(click on the Play button to watch my short video!) Join me on Saturday 31st May 4-6pm @ The ANKH Wellbeing Center, 10 Adelaide Grove in Shepherd's Bush W12 0JJ for the discussion of my Self-help novel 'Single, Spiritual...AND Sexual!'  Read Year One FREE at If you're more of an ebook person you can download the … Continue reading Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual! Discussion Sat 31st May

Black by Popular Demand!

Last weekend, I posted an ad about my book 'Single, Spiritual...AND Sexual!' in a group on Facebook called '100,000,000 Christians' (or something like that - I've since been banned from the group).  I received a nasty inbox message from the group administrator Kathryn Dare (a white woman) which said: "You are not cute or beautiful. You … Continue reading Black by Popular Demand!

My Books Are Now on Amazon!

Good News! My books are now available as paperbacks as well as e-books on Amazon! I will be hosting monthly Book Signing Events where we will have fun discussing the topics raised in my books, so buy your paperbacks, read them in advance, then come and join in the discussions! 'Single, Spiritual...AND Sexual!' Inspired by … Continue reading My Books Are Now on Amazon!

Happy New YOU! Workshop Review

Did you miss my Goal-Setting Workshop on Sunday 5th January?Here's some of the feedback I received:"I found this workshop inspirational in many ways. It has firmly embedded in me a commitment to work in a focused way towards achieving my goals in 2014.  It has also been educational and a great networking forum" ~ Ronald"Thanks … Continue reading Happy New YOU! Workshop Review