BHM Day 6: The Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil

In yesterday's BHM post I QUESTioned whether the Tree of Life in the bible could have been a FIG tree, as figs relate to FERTILITY? For today's ARTicle my QUESTion is: "Why did Jesus CURSE the Fig Tree?" I LOVE trees! (the older the better). I hate to hear of trees being cut down, so … Continue reading BHM Day 6: The Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil

BHM blog series Day 1: The Bible and Mental Slavery

For 'Black His-story Month' I've committed to writing a blog a day to honour my ancestors, and to help my people 'break free from mental slavery'. I've been off the scene for the past couple of years, while recovering from a psychic attack which almost cost me my life. During my recovery, I continued to … Continue reading BHM blog series Day 1: The Bible and Mental Slavery

The Rebellion (my letter to God in Year One)

One night in 2001, I channelled a 'letter to God' (by 'channelled' I mean it came through me rather than from me), which I titled 'The Rebellion'. After recording it I uploaded it to Myspace, saying I was going to be a modern-day Moses, sent to free my people from the mental slavery of religion. … Continue reading The Rebellion (my letter to God in Year One)

Jacinth Headlam UK Book Launch

Last Friday I had the pleasure of interviewing award-winning Actress, QVC Model, film producer and now Author Jacinth Headlam at the UK Launch of her memoir ' Love After...' Jacinth found her purpose in life after turning a situation around that could have destroyed her! Yet she turned it into a Pow-Her-Full book and documentary, … Continue reading Jacinth Headlam UK Book Launch

My Plant Medicine Journey (recording)

Listen to my journey with plant medicines ('magic' mushrooms, cannabis oil, changa/DMT). I explain why I think they are crucial to our 'reparations', which must begin with the MIND (feel free to download): Sorry if the music is a bit loud, I left it playing all night, woke up at 4am, and was in-spired to … Continue reading My Plant Medicine Journey (recording)

Intercepting the Inception!

I know many people assumed I'd had a mental breakdown when I almost killed myself and ended up in a psychiatric ward in November 2018. So I thought I should explain exactly what a psychic attack is: A psychic attack is when someone plants suggestions or commands into another person's subconscious mind while they're asleep. … Continue reading Intercepting the Inception!

Purchase canvas prints of my art!

CANVAS PRINTS from my collection 'Nature's Art' are now available! One (or more) of these beautiful pieces of art will add a different dimension to your home, office or venue! Looking for a gift for someone special? My paintings will bring a touch of class and warmth to any room! (Text will not be included … Continue reading Purchase canvas prints of my art!