Discover & Fulfil YOUR Soul Purpose!

In 1998 I asked my Creator what my purpose was, and was told it's 'to Promote LOVE through Creativity!' I've been fulfilling my purpose through my Books, Art, Poetry, Events and The Self Love Retreat. Since emerging from my 'Dark Night of the Soul' (where I experienced a 'mini-death') I have emerged a new person, … Continue reading Discover & Fulfil YOUR Soul Purpose!

What is YOUR Subconscious Programming? (Part 3)

Let’s use another metaphor; think of your subconscious mind as a computer; a computer runs on a PROGRAM, or on various programs.  Until it’s programmed, it can do nothing.  A baby’s mind is like an un-programmed computer. While I was going through the process of learning about the mind in order to get mine to work … Continue reading What is YOUR Subconscious Programming? (Part 3)

Plant Seeds of LOVE in the Garden of Your Mind! (Part 2)

It’s important to guard your subconscious mind, in fact the job of your conscious mind is to guard your subconscious mind. See, your subconscious mind is like a young child; it doesn’t think or reason for itself, it simply accepts as fact and acts upon any information given to it.  You can either plant your own … Continue reading Plant Seeds of LOVE in the Garden of Your Mind! (Part 2)

Use Your Subconscious Mind to Create the Life YOU Choose! (Part 1)

Have you ever heard the saying that we only use 5-10% of our brain power?  Do you believe it?  Well it's not true! It's that consciously we only use up to 10%  - the rest is the domain of our sub-conscious mind. So how did I come to learn about the power of the subconscious? … Continue reading Use Your Subconscious Mind to Create the Life YOU Choose! (Part 1)

The Black Butterfly Effect

‘The Black Butterfly Effect’ is a process of transforming your MIND, in order to transform your LIFE! When I painted ‘Black Butterfly’ in 2009, I had just started learning how to meditate in order to control my negative thinking patterns (I was in a deep state of meditation when I painted it!).  I was also … Continue reading The Black Butterfly Effect

Do you feel happy in the summer and SAD in the winter?

It's that time of year again, where the days are shorter, the nights are longer, and we get much less sunlight.

This can lead to a condition called ‘SAD’ (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

Why Change the Title?

When I published Single, Spiritual...AND Sexual! in 2011, I was eager to share everything I'd been learning about the creative power of the mind, Universal Laws, and the his-story of the religion I'd been indoctrinated into. I though this new way of thinking was finally going to help me to begin creating my life how I wanted it to be.

Join me in Grenada for the Self Love Retreat! (2-6 May 2017)

If you've read my novel, you will appreciate the importance of the Self Love Retreat! This will be 5 days of self-nurturing, pampering, speaking lovingly to your Self (Positive Affirmations), Creative Visualization, and raising our levels of aspirations