My Review on The Self Love Retreat (Gambia)

My first Self Love Retreat  ended last Saturday, and I’m now thinking about how I can make it even better!  Firstly, the three ladies who joined me commented that it went far too quickly; I personally arrived two weeks ahead of the Retreat in order to unwind and de-stress, and while I had intended for us to have plenty of time to do that, we were trying to cram so much into the week!

We started off with a Pamper Day at the Kairaba Hotel in Kotu, where we had a full body massage, facial, manicure and pedicure.

I purposefully kept the numbers for the first Retreat small because The Healthy Ways Guest House (where we were staying with Mama Naasira and Dr Joe Bledsoe) only holds up to 6 people.  Their Spicy Tasty Vegan Cuisine meals played a big part in the healing aspect of the Retreat.

The aim of The Self Love Retreat is to nurture your Self from the INSIDE, OUT.  The Pamper Day was for our outer self, while the Self-nurturing workshops were for our inner Self.  The first workshop was entitled “Who Am I?” which questioned whether we are the things we do, what we have, or what we project to the outside world.   By the end of the workshop, we had developed personalized Positive Affirmations to help re-define ourselves, and speak it into being.  In Part Two, ‘Who I AM!’ (the following day), we recorded the affirmations to music.  This is now a tool we can use to play just before we go to sleep, to help re-program our subconscious mind.  (It’s our subconscious programming that we’re running on most of the time, not our conscious thoughts).

“The Loving  Me workshop gave me a lot of food for thought for reflection” ~ Deanne

I’ve been working with Positive Affirmations for about 15 years, which has brought me from having a ‘Self Love Deficit’ with very low self-esteem, lacking self-confidence, and being a blocked writer and artist for over 20 years, to writing and performing poetry, writing books, painting, and now organizing the The Self Love Retreat. I’m simply sharing some of the techniques that have helped me raised my levels of confidence and Self-esteem, helped me unblock as a writer and artist, and to push myself out of my comfort zone to achieve more.  The day before the Retreat has due to start I was writing my journal and the first thing I wrote was “Who am I to organize The Self Love Retreat?  What do I know about Self Love?”  This was my critical voice talking, and my old programming of not being ‘good enough’ was trying to creep back in!  I had to silence it with Positive Affirmations about Who I Am.  In the past, I would have succumbed to those voices, and crawled back into the dark cavity in the corner of my mind.  But no, I’m here to make a difference, and in doing so, help others to transform their own lives too!

In another workshop, I shared some research conducted by Dr Masaru Emoto, about the effect our thoughts and words have on water, and because we are made up of 70% water, how pow-HER-full our words really are:

We then stuck “I LOVE YOU” onto a glass of water, and focused our thoughts and intentions into the water, before drinking it – try it!  We also looked into a mirror and said “I LOVE YOU” to ourselves.  This can feel awkward at first, but the more you do it, the easier it will feel.

We also wrote Love Letters (or poems) to our Self based on the Affirmations we developed, and used them to make our Self a card, which we can now refer back to whenever we need a pick-me-up:

When you fill your Self with Love, you can then give of your overflow, and radiate the love you feel for your Self – you will then attract that love back to your Self!

Self Love 30 Day Challenge!

Do these daily rituals to develop Self Love, and see what happens:

  • Close your eyes and go deep within (or look in the mirror) and say repeatedly “I love You!”
  • Pour water in a cup, and say “I love you” into the water before drinking it

If you did the 30 Day Challenge, email me your results:

Aside from the 5 Self-nurturing workshops, we also enjoyed some Gambian nightlife, and went clubbing two of the nights! I’m not a clubbing person, but I loved the vibe and the Afrobeats!

I had these dresses made especially for the Colour Therapy workshop, which was also meant to incorporate dance, but we ran out of time!  I explained how different colours affect the mood and emotions, and how wearing colourful clothes can make you (and others) FEEL.  Try it!  Incorporating more colour in your life especially during the dark, winter months will help lift your mood and emotions.  (For more information on how I healed myself from Seasonal Affective Disorder using Colour Therapy, visit my Art page).

We didn’t spend enough time on the beach, but we enjoyed early-morning yoga:

I also organized a Day Trip to Kunta Kinte Island, which took us about 3 hours to get to, including two river crossings! We were taken to the original place Kunta Kinte lived (not where they take tourists).  On the long  journey there, we had to take a ferry and a small boat.  Someone had sent me a photo of a boat owned by a sister named Aminatta, encouraging us to use her (in the yellow skirt), but when we got to the island and I found her, the boat was out of action because it needed repairs to the value of around £150:

I told her I would help raise the money and get it to her as quickly as possible, you can send her a gift towards her boat repair using my Gofundme  (put ‘BOAT’ as a reference) and I’ll make sure she gets it ( we’ve raised £45 so far).

See my Instagram  or the Journey of a Sister Facebook Page for more pics and videos, I’m slowly getting around to uploading them all! (feel free to add me).

Geraldine’s Feedback:

“I had an amazing time on The Self Love Retreat – I recommend to everyone!  I feel enlightened, refreshed, healthier and positive.  I’ve learned many techniques to benefit me going forward.  Met so many great people who I intend to keep in contact with.  We made so many memories, I really wanted to stay longer!  So glad I went and Cezanne is the hostess with the mostest, so inspirational, love her!  I will defo do another retreat with you.  I loved Gambia too, will go back” 

Based on the feedback I received, I’ve decided to extend The Self Love Retreat in November to 10 Days so you can relax and unwind for the first 3 days before the workshops start!  The cost for the The Self Love Retreat is just £899 (Flights must be booked separately).  If you can only come for 7 days, the price of accommodation will be deducted.

The date for the next Self Love Retreat (Gambia) is 1- 10 Nov 2018  book your place early, only 8 available!

We will be staying at Ocean Villa Heights, a lovely hotel in Bufurt with swimming pool, internet, restaurant, and spa facilities, and it’s just a few minutes walk to the beach!  To book, go HERE (or send me an email to pay by bank transfer)

Support a Sista!

I set up a Gofundme campaign in order to be able to offer subsidized places on the Retreat, if you’re unable to attend yourself, but would like to help your sisters on their Self-healing journey, please make a contribution to the Fund!

If you would like to be considered for a place, 1) make a donation to the fund, 2) email me: explaining why you need it.

More Retreat dates will be added when destinations have been chosen (I’m also looking at Grenada, Jamaica, or Dominica)

Singles & Couples Welcome!

Whether you’re single, or would like to come with your partner, The Self Love Retreat is for YOU!  The techniques will help you in your own personal development, which will no doubt impact your relationship.  If you have any questions, or would like to book, email me:

Easy Payment Plans for November Retreats

I’d like to make it as easy as possible for you to join me, so I’m offering monthly payment plan options for the Retreats in November 2018 < click on the link to find out more.  If you’re coming from the UK, you don’t need a visa, just book your flight, and pay for your Retreat!

Nurture Your Inner Child Retreat 16-23 Nov

I’ve also organized the Nurture Your Inner Child Retreat in November, where I will take you through the same processes I went through to unblock as a writer and artist, all materials will be provided!  If you’re interested in joining me on any of these Retreats, email me:

To keep up-to-date with me daily acivities, and for more pics and videos follow me on instagram!

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“I Need a MAN!” has gone VIRAL!

My poem “I Need a MAN!” has gone viral!  It’s been on my YouTube channel for over 2 years, but it wasn’t until my friend Gary downloaded it from YouTube and converted it into a regular video, that it has suddenly gone viral!  it’s been shared extensively, you may have seen it in a Whatsapp group, or on Facebook?  One of the videos posted in a FB group had over 800 comments, and 22 shares!

As is to be expected, the comments were both positive and negative, and people were questioning whether I was that woman, or just acting.  So I thought I should at least explain my thinking behind the concept!  First, here’s the video:

The original version is over 9 minutes long, and embodies 5 different types of Black Woman; The Career Woman (at the beginning of the video), who has spent the best part of her life building her career.  It has paid off in terms of material possessions, but her lack of investment in her relationships has left her man-less.  The poem also features the Conscious Sistar, the Single Mother, the Religious/Church Sister, and ‘Miss Bootilicious’, who is in touch with her sexuality.   (I’d say, there’s a piece of me in all of them!)

They all need a man, but they all have different needs!

For the record, I don’t live alone (I have three ‘suns’), I’m still working on having all the money in the bank I need, I don’t go ‘out with the girls’, I don’t have a King-sized bed, etc. etc. But I DO like ‘fullly melanated’ brothers, I DO need someone who’s business-minded, and am remaining celibate until I meet ‘The One’!

I wrote “I Need a MAN!” in 2009, which mentioned doing the ‘6 Month Test’.  When I was led to write the book ‘How to Get the Ring On Your Finger’ in 2013, it explained how to do the 6 Month Test fully. (FREE to download when you subscribe, or available on Amazon or Lulu in paperback).  This was not a conscious decision on my part!

Much of what I write is ‘auto-written’, (meaning I don’t have to think it up, it just comes through me).  The 6 Month Test will help you to avoid jumping into bed with a man (or woman) until you are sure the person is right for you.  It will help you build a solid foundation upon which to build a committed relationship leading to marriage as opposed to long (or short) term dating.

The poem was also an experiment in the Law of Attraction; what would happen if you get really clear about what you desire in a man (or woman), and write it down?  The power of the written and spoken word, is what this poem is all about.  Watch my recent live performance of “I Need a MAN!”

Listen to the full length version on my Soundcloud (some naughty bits in it, but nice!)

(For bookings email Michael at

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Blog Tour BONUS Day! What’s in a Name?

Today is the last day of my Blog Tour with an  article written exclusively for CaribDomain called ‘What’s in a Name?
It explains how the ancient sciences of Numerology and Astrology can help you choose a name for your child that will help them fulfil their destiny! It includes a link to read an extract from my Self-help novel ‘Journey of a Sister‘, where Charles works out Suzanne’s Life Path Number using Numerology, to help you work out yours!
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Blog Tour Day THREE: No TESTimony without a TEST!


I’m getting all evangelistic today!

My article ‘No TESTimony without a TEST‘ was written exclusively for Mocha Girls Pit Stop, and was inspired by my poem “Look to Me!” which forms the foundation of the article.  I wrote the poem in 2001, at a time when I was feeling down, probably  depressed.  The poem was God’s Reply to my moaning and complaining.  See, I had such big visions and plans for my life, but at the time, I was a struggling single mother with two young ‘suns’.  I couldn’t see how I was going to get from where I was, to where I wanted to be.  The poem was simply me writing down what God was speaking to me in my spirit, and when I started writing my Self-help novel Journey of a Sister in 2010, I was led to include it in Year One!  It’s also the first track on my award-winning CD ‘Seeds of Love‘, which you’ll get FREE when you order your signed paperback before Tuesday!

Listen to it here:

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Blog Tour DAY ONE! ‘The Black Butterfly Effect’


Today is DAY ONE of my online Blog Tour!  Over the next 5 days you’ll be able to read exclusive articles I’ve written as a guest blogger for 6 other blogs;  today’s article is called ‘The Black Butterfly Effect‘, which compliments my painting ‘Black Butterfly‘:


I actually found the topic ‘The Black Butterfly Effect‘ in an old journal I’d written back in 2012; at the time I was doing a ‘Mind Fast’ which inspired my writing.  The article I’ve written is adapted from my journal, and also includes the inspired poem I wrote around the same time!  Visit to read it, and to listen to the poem!  If you enjoy the article, join me on my 30 Day Mind Fast which starts next January (I’ll be helping you prepare for it in between!)

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My Collaboration with a German Poet

When HeiligGeist DeutschChill contacted me on my Soundcloud  a year ago and asked if I’d collaborate on his prayer-poem ‘Silent Holy Knowing’, I thought “Why not?”

He’d produced the music for it, and wanted me to add the vocals.  We communicated mainly by email; he sent me the poem in Word text both in German and in English.    I asked him to record himself reciting the poem in German and English so I could get a feel of it, which he did – he didn’t know I would use them on the track!  🙂

I didn’t know him from Adam, and although I hadn’t been to church for years and my belief systems had changed, we didn’t let our different ideas on the concept of ‘God’ get in the way of us creating something beautiful together.

I told him I believed God wasn’t just a ‘He’ or a ‘Him’  (which he used quite a lot in his poem).   We debated the topic, but since it was his poem, written from his own belief system (why would a white man want to change his perception of God if it serves him, right?) I agreed to go along with it.  I come in about half way through:

This collaboration taught me that it’s possible to connect with anyone around the world in spirit, and not to allow your belief systems to prevent you from working with others with different beliefs to your own.

Another example of this was at a FREE event I attended recently called ‘Meet Your Genius’ held monthly by Ryan Pinnick.  We had to pair up with someone we didn’t know, and create a story together; Person A would say one paragraph, ending with “AND…” and Person B would have to pick up where person A left off.  I was teamed up with a young English lady, blonde hair, blue eyes.  The story we came up with (of a woman who lost her identity) was truly beautiful, and made me realize that no matter where we are in the world, no matter what our background, instrinically, we are all made up of the same stuff.

Meet Your Genius

There was a time when I would stay away from white people (no, seriously!) especially after learning how they treated my ancestors, but my universe is guiding me to be more open-minded.

I’ll always be pro-Black, but am keeping an open mind as to how I work with others on a spiritual level; I believe these two instances are lessons I am learning about the Truth of who we really are as a human race.

In my Self-help novel ‘Journey of a Sister’, the main character expands her consciousness to see every body as souls living in bodies, and realizes that if we don’t work together as a human race, we will self-destruct.


I am fundraising to print the Revised Edition of my novel with my artwork in FULL COLOUR so you can benefit from the COLOUR THERAPY in them!  It also includes the SEQUEL (Years 12 & 13) which are not available in e-book format!  Pre-order your signed paperback HERE – I look forward to meeting you at one of my Book Signing & Discussion Events where we will discuss the topics raised in my Self-help books!  Haven’t started the journey yet?  Read Year One FREE!  ←  (click on the link to open PDF)

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Christianity or Churchianity?

On Sunday I went to church for the first time in about 7 years.

I’ve been invited in the past, but never felt led to go, but this time when my friend Margaret invited me to the launch of a new church, my inner guidance said ‘go’.  Funny, because when I arrived the pastor turned out to be my old pastor from 20+ years ago! At the time Lorna was co-pastoring with her husband Ben, but they had now split, and she was branching out on her own.  I remembered that they had a strong prophetic ministry, and hadn’t considered up until now that I might have started writing prophetic poems such as ‘Jesus Never Left You…’ from being under their ministry:

As soon as Lorna saw me she exclaimed “I was just thinking about you last week!”


Middle: Pastor Lorna Right: Margaret

I thought it was a sign that this was the church I was to start going to, especially when Pastor Lorna’s mentor, Dr Sharon Stone, picked me out as the first person to ‘prophesy’ to.


I must say, despite the fact that I did relate to the prophecy, I couldn’t help imagining Sharon with a scarf over her head sitting behind a crystal ball, or with a pack of tarot cards. I’ve had plenty of ‘readings’ done since leaving church, and the only real difference between her insight and what I was now used to, was that she began with “Thus saith the Lord…”

Everything she said was spot on, right down to me being estranged from my family, coming out of a ‘drought season’, and even referencing an old business plan that needed to be resurrected (my Christian poems and posters).  The best part was when she said ‘God was going to use me to bring about POSITIVE SELF IDENTITY TO OTHERS.’

A few days later I met up with Pastor Lorna over tea to ‘catch up’.  After I explained where I was on my journey she made it clear that for me to be part of her church, I needed to ‘align with God’.

I soon realized that going back to church would only mean getting back into the same dictorial situation, where the ‘pastors’ expect you to follow them without asking any questions.  I’m far past all that.

Many of my (now ex) Christian friends have assumed that because I haven’t been going to church, I have ‘backslidden’, as if you can only know God by going to church.  From my experience, to truly know God, you have to go within.

What is service?

Is it going to church every Sunday, or is it being of service?

A lot of shenanigans goes on in churches nowadays, which I have no intention of getting caught up in.  My intention is to offer my gifts and talents to the world, and in doing so, be of service.

As Charles said in Year One of my Self-help novel;

“…If I was going to go back to church, it would have to be based upon what I know, not on what I believe.”

“What do you mean?”  

“Well I would want to go to a church that met on a Saturday, not Sunday, that acknowledged the Feminine Aspect of God, and that called God by his name, Jehovah.  It would have to acknowledge that Jesus, or Yeshuah, looked more like me, not a caucasian, and instead of making everyone give 10% of what they earn – which is unscriptural by the way – some of the money collected would be shared with those members in need.”

Start the journey! (click on the image below to download Year One for only 99p/$0.99).



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Listen to another one of my prophetic poems “Call Me by My Name!”

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Be Careful What You Wish For!

In February I won an Online Web Marketing Starter Kit with Kase Dean worth £5,000! I was elated!



The package included 8 weeks Skype coaching with Kase (he lives in France),  and a re-vamped website, which I expected to generate more sales.  I’m sure that’s what would have happened – if I’d managed to complete the 8 weeks!

When I ‘asked’ for a partner to help me with my business, I thought Kase was an answer to my prayers, especially when he agreed to partner with me!

After 4 weeks however, I found I was having difficulty keeping up with his weekly assignments, and that the package was more of a course, which wasn’t what I was looking for.  I was expecting Kase to upgrade the SEO on my website so that I attracted more of my ideal customers.  I didn’t want a new website.  I didn’t want to be re-branded.  All I wanted was to get more traffic to my website by my ideal buyer.

 The saying ‘be careful what you wish for’ applies in this case!  Even if I was paying Kase, no amount of money would have relieved me of my weekly tasks!  His business model, while great, didn’t suit me. I think I needed to be a bit more specific!

I’m back working on the revision of my novel, which is taking longer than I thought, and I’m uploading the e-books to Amazon as I finish each chapter, or ‘Year’.  You can read Year One FREE right here! (just click on the link).


If you need help with developing a strategy for your business, I can say Kase is the man!  To find out more about what he does, and to book your FREE initial consultation with him, visit

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Mars in Scorpio – My driving force!

Since the beginning of January, I’ve been riding a wave!


Being a water sign, I liken my bouts of inspiration to surfing a wave; most of last year the water was still; I never try to force the inspiration, I just wait for it to come – well, I’m riding the wave!   I not only revised my books and brought them up to date, but I designed new covers for them as well! I credit my ‘current’ flow of inspiration to the fact that Mars (my ruling planet) is in Scorpio (my Sun Sign); when Mars is in Scorpio attitudes and actions become intense, powerful, willful and transforming.  Scorpio is about getting to the bottom of things so that they can be completely transformed, and warrior Mars is made to stimulate and provoke change.  Mars and Scorpio share a strong relationship with sexuality, so it’s no wonder my novel covers the topics of sex, religion and transformation of the mind!  Would you like to ride with me?


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My books, poetry and art are my way of sharing everything I’ve learnt since asking God for ‘the Truth!’ in 2007.  If you are a Truth-seeker, they will help you on your own personal journey of Self-discovery, transformation of the mind, and discovering True Love!

Book Signing & Discussion Events 

Join me at my monthly Book Signing & Discussion Events taking place from April onwards in the UK & USA!  Purchase your paperback (click on the images above to purchase individual books from, or use the Paypal button below to buy all three), read them in advance, then come and join in the discussion!  This will also be a good opportunity to ask me any questions, and to meet like-minded people! When you purchase your paperback(s) you will be emailed invitations to up-coming events in your town.   (‘Follow’ this blog to receive details of future events by email).

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