Books by Cezanne

 “Who Am I? Why Am I Here?”

If you haven’t asked your Self these questions, you have not yet begun your journey of Self-discovery!

Meet Suzanne, a young woman brought up in the Faith, who reaches a point where she begins to question what she was taught to believe.  She writes God a fearless letter, asking all the questions the church couldn’t answer, and ends it by asking for “the Truth!”.  This marks a turning-point in her life; she meets Charles, who sets her on a new path of enlightenment!

Join Suzanne on her transformational quest for “the Truth!” about sex before marriage, the creative power of her thoughts, her African ancestry, and the history of the religion she had been indoctrinated into!  Start the journey!

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Download the e-book series  FREE between 26-29th May 2017, or borrow them from Amazon’s Lending Library FREE! (Amazon Prime members)


Download Year 1 only 0.99:

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Download Years 10 & 11 only 0.99:



Order your LIMITED EDITION paperback, which exclusively features Years 12 & 13 (the Sequel) and my artwork in FULL COLOUR!

There are only 1,000 copies, and for a LIMITED PERIOD you can get yours  personally signed for only £9.99!  (normally £14.99) – don’t delay, order yours TODAY!


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Out of respect for the brothers who contributed to this book freely, I’ve made How to Get the Ring On Your Finger available to read FREE when you fill in the pop-up box on the Home Page!  Alternatively, download it from Amazon for only $1.99!  If you’re an Amazon Prime member, it’s FREE to borrow from their lending library!





 How to Get the Ring On Your Finger (Paperback)

This Self-help book has contributions from over 30 brothers, and takes a look into how our PAST has affected the way we relate to each other TODAY.  It will help you PREPARE to meet your match, ATTRACT your soul mate, then guides you through the whole dating process by introducing the ‘DIY Arranged Marriage’, which involves doing the 6 Month Test.  Get your copy for only £7.99 (visit to order from anywhere in the world)

Blank white book w/path


Buy both books PLUS my award-winning poetry CD ‘Seeds of Love‘ with its Book of Lyrics for only £19.99 (all 13 poems feature in ‘Journey of a Sister’, and my poem ‘Love Attraction’ forms the basis of ‘How to Get the Ring On’) saving £7.98! ! (+ £4.99 p&p) – they make great gifts!


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6 thoughts on “Books by Cezanne

  1. Pingback: FREE Kindle Giveaway! | Cezanne Poetess (Artist/Poet/Author)

  2. What am amazing book. I’ve told all my sister about this book. It’s a must have.
    I brought all mine on my Kindle , but I still had to get s signed copy last Sunday .


  3. Cezanne, Dozens of CONGRATULATIONS!!! not just about the book. it’s about your creative imagination and all the beautiful paintings with their exquisitive descriptions. Once the mind is unblocked and the heart is open, the inner beauty of life gushes like tidal waves leaving so many treasures on the shore. That’s the way I can describe you and your magnificent creativities. I am proud of you. Keep on flowing. Margaret V Aberdeen (Writer/Poet)


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