BHM Vlogs Day 5: The Serpent & The Tree of Life

Day 5 of my Black His-story Month vlog series is titled The Serpent & The Tree of Life:
What was the fruit that Adam and Eve (allegedly) ate? What does the serpent and fruit symbolize?

Back in the day when I was still a Christian, I had so many unanswered QUESTions! One of them was about the Adam and Eve story.

In 2001, I was inspired to write a fearless letter to God, asking all the QUESTions my church couldn’t answer – it now features in Year One of my novel Journey of a Sister!

Listen to the letter, which I titled ‘The Rebellion‘:

In fact, I channelled the letter and have no recollection of actually writing it! Two years ago, the Ancestral Mothers informed me that they channelled the letter through me; they said they had to do it that way (make me forget), because I was still suffering from Cognitive Dissonance at the time!

I uploaded the recording to MySpace, saying I was going to be like a modern-day Moses, sent to free my people from mental slavery (I wonder what made me say that!)

And here I am today, doing just that! Listen to my revolutionary Spoken Word track ‘Message to the Sheeple‘ which I wrote and recorded last year:

Walking this ‘Path of Truth’ hasn’t been easy; I was assigned a government agent in 2001, the year my ‘Awakening’ began. Yet I’m still on track to fulfilling my soul purpose, and I will continue spreading “the Truth!” and Love far and wide, as long as God gives me breath!

Tap on the book image to listen to the audiobook series FREE on YouTube!

I recommend reading and listening at the same time, so you can see πŸ‘€ how my poetry and art are beautifully woven into the story!

Download the e-book as a PDF, and read it on your phone, laptop, pad or PC, just as easily as you’re reading this blog!

On Friday 13th October I will be holding an online soft Book Launch via Zoom, so whether you’re in the UK or abroad, you can join in, take part in the discussion, and ask me any QUESTions relating to the book!

Listen to or read the book, message me below, and I’ll send you the link nearer the time! (Or email

My dear friend Kwame McPherson, who encouraged me to publish the First Edition in 2012, will also be taking part; Kwame recently won top prize in the Commonwealth Short Story Competition – he has also been nominated for an ‘Outstanding Achievement Award’ by Westminister University’s annual awards!

Hope to see you via Zoom, next Friday!

Alternatively, Order your paperback and join me at an upcoming in-person Book Signing & Discussion Event, where we will discuss the topics raised in my novel openly!

Official Book Launch πŸŽ‰

Join me on Saturday 11th November for the official launch of the Third (and final) Edition of Journey of a Sister! Once you’ve purchased your paperback, you will receive an invite to attend, get your book signed, join in the discussion, and network!

I will only be bringing a small amount of books with me, so to avoid disappointment, pre-order your book and bring it with you! (Allow 14 days for delivery)

In Day 6, we will explore the symbolism of the ‘Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil’. The bible is an esoteric book filled with metaphors, allegories and parables, and wasn’t meant to be taken literally!

Watch the rest of my BHM vlog series:

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