It’s My Birthday! 🌍 🌞 ♏️

Today marks my 57th solar return, and I’m feeling so accomplished! 🥳

I usually take this time of year to reflect and evaluate my progress in life, and this has been one of my most productive years to date, thanks to plant medicines and healing frequencies! 🍄🍀

Some of you may know that in 2018 I went through my ‘Dark Night of the Soul‘. I spent a week in hospital on a drip repairing the damage to my liver (after taking a concoction of pills following a psychic attack), then spent a month in a psychiatric ward under ‘observation’.

They tried to get me hooked on their pharmaceutical DRUGS, but instead, I healed the damage to my mind with psychedelic plant medicines (psychedelic refers to the psyche). The result; my mind is better than it was before! #buildbackbetter

Over the past four years I’ve worked with various psychedelic plant medicines: Ayahuasca, Changa, DMT, Psilocybin (magic) mushrooms, and Salvia Divinorum. But it’s PURE CANNABIS that’s my go-to plant medicine for getting ‘downloads’.

Everything I’ve written this year has been under the influence of pure cannabis (when I say ‘pure’ I mean not mixed with anything else). The problem is, there’s so much ‘skunk’ out there nowadays, it’s finding a good supplier who will give you the real herb.

Before, I could access the 5th dimension naturally, now I rely on plant medicines to get me there.

When I painted my first collection ‘Nature’s Art‘ in 2009-2010 I didn’t even know about psychedelics, and didn’t need them. Some of my paintings were visions I saw, like Black Butterfly, Wings of an Eagle, Love Bump, Trust, and Self Love:

When I wrote the First Edition of my novel in 2010, I channelled 46,000 words. I had a natural ability to see visions and get ‘downloads’.

But in 2016 I was ‘zapped’ by covert government technology which shut down this natural ability.

I used to say I could see better with my eyes closed, but after the tech attack I stopped seeing visions and getting ‘downloads’. A ‘download’ is something I write that comes through me rather than from me, I don’t have to spend hours formulating it, it’s channelled through me. I had actively opened myself up as a channel for the Great Create-Her to create through in 2003, when I completed the book ‘The Artist’s Way‘ by Julia Cameron.

This is the book I credit with helping me to start writing and painting again after 15 years. It literally saved my inner child’s life! My poem ‘My Artist Child‘ was inspired by the book, and the first painting I did was of my inner child:

Subsequently, I painted my first collection, published my first poetry CD and Book of Lyrics, and wrote my novel, which features 8 of my paintings and 14 of my poems. 46,000 words were channelled.

But the tech attack put a stop to it all. For five years I was unable to write or paint, because I only create from the fifth dimension, not this third dimension. I was explaining to my mate Errol the other day that there are great artists who only create from the 3D, that is, copying things they can already see. To create from the 5D is to create something out of nothing.

When I was doing Ayahuasca ceremonies in 2020 I was the only person not seeing visions. When I took Changa or DMT I only saw the beautiful, colourful geometric shapes; this is the ‘veil’ between this world and the spiritual world. You have to go through the veil to see the visions, but I had been locked into this 3rd dimension – literally, LOCKED OUT OF HEAVEN! (this was revealed to me during a Changa ceremony).

However, in January of this year I was intuitively led to take 5 grams of ‘magic’ mushrooms. They took me through a beautiful lone ceremony, and during the process repaired my mind, which had been fragmented due to psychological trauma.

Since then, I’ve been getting bare downloads!

It started with two short stories, which I also illustrated. The first one is titled “Pick Me!” and is about the purpose of flowers 💐 (7 minutes):

Then I auto-wrote another short story titled The Sheep That Dared to Dream (25 minutes):

Listen to it as a bedtime story and nurture your inner child! I’m fundraising to turn them into animation to be shared freely on YouTube, make a contribution to my GoFundMe!

Then I downloaded ‘Imagine a World‘, a revolutionary Spoken Word piece in two halves; the second half is a guided meditation to help us create our own unique versions of ‘HEAVEN on EARTH’:

I prefer creating from downloads because it’s much faster than sitting for hours trying to make things up! Plus, I’m connecting with my Source, Infinite Intelligence.

I also wrote a short e-book about my plant medicine journey, titled PiMP! (Plant Medicine Pusher). I shared in the book how I was given this title:

My go-to plant medicine for getting downloads graces the front cover. I detest this sacred plant medicine being called a ‘weed’, and what they’ve done to it (GM). Tap on the book cover to download it free! (Make a donation to my GoFundMe).

In January, when I had my big psychological breakthrough, I was listening to the Hawaiian Healing Prayer Ho’oponopono every night. I received my Healing on the 17th. This inspired me to record my own version:

You can listen to it without the intro here; I suggest looping the video and letting it play on repeat while you sleep, like I did, for 30 nights. Be healed!

I also recorded DNA Ascension Activation; I assume the words were downloaded from the 5D by Zakaos Breedlove Ewing.

Zakaos was also a Targeted Individual, who was killed by covert government technology in 2016, the same year I was ‘zapped’. He created healing frequencies for blocking mind control, DNA repair, clearing parasites from the body, increasing creativity and IQ etc. This is from his Tribute Page:

The music I used for the second half of Imagine a World is Zakaos’s IQ and Creativity Increase (music for the first half was produced by my youngest son, ‘Azzy’). Words and music for DNA Ascension Activation are by Zakaos Breedlove Ewing, recited by my Self:

In September I downloaded A New Vocabulary for Humanity. I’ve been speaking with a brother in Tanzania named Feliche Mapesa about doing a collaboration; he sent me a random message singing on WhatsApp, which I included at the beginning, along with his piano piece! I also included Oshon Li spreading happiness with ‘Bubbleism’; we were going home late one night when she pulled out the bubbles, see how easy it is to spread joy and make people smile! Enjoy…

BHM Vlog Series

Last year for Black ‘His-story’ Month I wrote a blog every day for 31 days! (Downloads). This year I was led to turn them into videos to make it easier for you to digest the in-formation. I also channelled messages from the Ancestral Mothers, it was weird them talking about me through me! They said I was chosen to do this work because I’m one of the few people on the planet who has opened themselves up for the Creator to create through. While my work is primarily about helping my people break free from the mental slavery of religion, it’s also about raising the Collective Consciousness. Watch the first vlog here:

Click here for a playlist to the rest of the videos!

I also created this Spoken Word track called ‘Chasing P’s with a Purpose‘. Are you chasing P’s (£’s) with or without a Purpose? See below for information about joining my Soul Purpose Tribe, to DISCOVER and FULFIL Your Soul Purpose!

(Music by my youngest sun ‘Azzy’)

I also wrote a two-part blog series to go with this track called ‘Are You a Slave to the Money System?

Take your time and work your way through my creations, they’re all for your enjoyment, upliftment and benefit! Bookmark this page and come back to it whenever you need some inspiration!

Make a contribution to my GoFundMe as an exchange of energy or an earthday present, no amount is too big or too small – I’m celebrating all month! 🎁 💞 (click here 👇🏾)

In January I set an intention to create something new every month, and I’ve far exceeded that! It’s been a great year (thanks to plant meds) and now I’m looking forward to building my Tribe in 2023, click on the image below for more info about joining!

My latest creation is ‘Ode to My King (Part Two)’, which might be misconstrued to mean I’m after someone else’s man, but that’s just my artistic licence! In ‘real life’, my vision is to have three husbands, and each husband to have three wives to populate our village quickly!

I know this won’t suit a lot of people, which is why it’s great that you can build your own tribe, or join someone else’s – I’ll be sharing more about my vision for the Soul Purpose Tribe soon, in the meantime watch this:

I also created this Abundance Affirmations video based on Radionics, to be listened to when you’re in the Alpha state (between sleep and wake) or when you’re in the realms so it can go straight to your subconscious:

I’m ‘Chasing P’s’ with a Purpose! I’m not business-minded, I prefer to share my creations freely on YouTube; in return all I ask is that you make a contribution to my GoFundMe as an exchange of energy 💞

When seeking to reap a harvest, you must plant a seed, and I am fertile soil for your money-seeds! 🌱

Thank you!

Last but not least, download my self-help novel Journey of a Sister which has gone through its own transformation! (Video about its transformation coming soon). The e-book features 8 of my paintings and 14 of my poems:

Alternatively, download the audiobooks – first one is FREE!

In your service,

Author | Visual & Spoken Word Artist | Blogger | Soul Purpose Tribe Leader ✨️

Please share my work on your social media and with friends and family!

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  1. Wow! Happy, healthy & a beautiful Solar return Cez. You are incredible, talented & so inspiring. Stay lovedup, living & evolving

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