Halo Festival Review (Halloween) 💀🪘🎶

If you were following my Black His-story Month vlog series and was wondering what happened to the rest, I decided that it’s okay to carry on the series after October since OUR story is 365 days of the year!

I took some time out towards the end of October to attend the Halo Festival, an African alternative to Halloween. 🎃

In fact I’ve been informed (by Kesheni, organizer of the Halo Festival) that Halo isn’t an alternative to Halloween – Halloween is a desecration of the primordial energies of the cosmos that we align to at this time.

It’s the time of year when the veil between this physical world and the spiritual world is the thinnest, making it the best time to make contact with your ancestors. 💀 This is the real reason they use the skull as a representation of Halloween!

Here’s my review of the Halo Festival:

If you missed it, be sure to attend next year!

During the Festival, two people mentioned a book to me, titled ‘The Sibyls’ (The First Prophetess’ of Mami Wata)‘:

Book blurb:

‘African women are the only women in the world whose ancient mothers were not born under the yoke of patriarchy. During ancient times, for the first 6,000 years, Africa was ruled by a powerful order of matriarchs. Considering the current status of African women around the world today, one can hardly be convinced that her matriarchal presence and the enormous influence she welded in the ancient world, had far exceeded the limited physical, cultural geographical and political designations of which Africa and her religions are confined today. During her reign, African religions had reached very high levels of theological and ritual development. And were the original spiritual home of the worlds first great oracles, prophetess and prophets. Under the rising tide of African patriarchy, the sacerdotal order of Sibyls were sold as slaves to build and work the powerful oracles they established in Ancient Greece, Rome, Turkey and Babylon. What is now currently the ‘holy seat of the Vatican’ in Italy, was originally the sacerdotal seat of these ancient black Sibyl Queen Mothers. Centuries before Christ, they were known to heal the sick, restore dignity and strength to the weak, and restore sight to the blind. They were famous for curing lameness, epileptics, deaf mutes and lepers. They were said to ‘cast out demons’ and even to ‘raise-up the dead’ Their prophecies are the oldest and most authentic in the world. They were the basis for Greek and Roman tragedies and plays. More astonishing, their prophetic books were later collected by the Roman authorities, who needed a ‘western theological’ foundation in order to compete with the powerful levitical Jews. These Sibyl prophecies soon became the sole and undisputed precursor to the western, Christian Bible. As the first established, sacerdotal, African matriarchs, the Sibyls cultural and religious impact was arguably the most profound, on ancient civilization than modern history has ever revealed or care to admit. From Mesopotamia, to Libya, Mizarim (Kemet/Egypt), Ionia, Minoa, Peloponnese (Turkey) and Mycenae (Greece) and later Rome, the Sibyls were the primary, divine Vatican and absolute moral authority. The absence of African women’s contribution in world history as major economic, political and spiritual players, as oppose to ‘exceptions to the norm,’ or mere appendages of ‘great men’, has been problematic and disturbing at best. For the first time ever, her real history is being unearthed, revealed and told. In its telling, many shocking revelations that remained hidden for more than 2000 years, will finally be known.”

General Note: This booklet is part of a series towards the Reclamation of the Religious Heritage of the Diaspora Project. Mama Zogbé is the pseudonym of Vivian Hunter-Hindrew.’

I’ll be reviewing this book in a couple of week’s time!

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