BHM Vlog Day 11: The Unprotected Black Woman

I attended the African Spiritual Practices event on Friday and Saturday, here’s my Review:

And here’s Day 11 of my BHM Vlog series, titled The Unprotected Black Woman:

It was a bit much doing a video every day because they take about 10 hours to produce, whereas when I was writing the blogs last year I was finished by 10am!

I love getting downloads but turning them into videos is another thing! Some of the blogs have been consolidated into one video, for example, ‘Why Did Jesus CURSE the Fig Tree?‘ was in two parts but I managed to get them both into one video. Also, ‘Who is the Black Woman?‘ and ‘The Dark-skinned Black Womban’ were put into one video. So the aim is to turn all the blogs into video by the end of the month, even if I only do two or three a week!

My next video will be titled Ancestral Trauma and Our Relationships. Go to the playlist on the Journey of a Sister YouTube channel to watch the rest of the videos in this series!

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